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Spam and Abuse Watch

This board allows members to report the accounts of spammers and others who abuse the forums in order to give other members the chance to vote to close the offending account.

GeneralSpam would be article by ذا النون Pin
Richard MacCutchan7-Sep-18 2:45
mveRichard MacCutchan7-Sep-18 2:45 
GeneralGone Pin
Bryian Tan7-Sep-18 5:26
professionalBryian Tan7-Sep-18 5:26 
GeneralSpam would be article ("Want to look like a diva for a night? Hire our beauty services.", Member 13976471) Pin
OriginalGriff7-Sep-18 0:57
mveOriginalGriff7-Sep-18 0:57 
GeneralGone Pin
Bryian Tan7-Sep-18 5:26
professionalBryian Tan7-Sep-18 5:26 
GeneralSpam in the lounge? ("Eyebrow Waxing Eastbourne", Member 13976471) Pin
OriginalGriff7-Sep-18 0:55
mveOriginalGriff7-Sep-18 0:55 
GeneralGone Pin
Bryian Tan7-Sep-18 5:24
professionalBryian Tan7-Sep-18 5:24 
GeneralSpammer from moderation (Member 13976387) - gone Pin
Richard MacCutchan6-Sep-18 23:39
mveRichard MacCutchan6-Sep-18 23:39 
GeneralSpam would be article (Cybersecurity: The five main lessons for all, Cyberops Infosec) - gone Pin
Jochen Arndt6-Sep-18 22:17
professionalJochen Arndt6-Sep-18 22:17 
Article: Cybersecurity: The five main lessons for all[^]
User: Cyberops Infosec - Professional Profile[^]

modified 8-Sep-18 15:23pm.

GeneralRe: Spam would be article (Cybersecurity: The five main lessons for all, Cyberops Infosec) Pin
OriginalGriff6-Sep-18 22:28
mveOriginalGriff6-Sep-18 22:28 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Maulana Aasaf Ali) - gone Pin
OriginalGriff6-Sep-18 21:39
mveOriginalGriff6-Sep-18 21:39 
GeneralSpammer in Poll Pin
den2k886-Sep-18 21:32
professionalden2k886-Sep-18 21:32 
GeneralRe: Spammer in Poll - Gone Pin
Richard Deeming7-Sep-18 0:25
mveRichard Deeming7-Sep-18 0:25 
Generalmoderated spammer (Member 13874197) Pin
Nelek6-Sep-18 19:50
protectorNelek6-Sep-18 19:50 
GeneralRe: moderated spammer (Member 13874197) - Gone Pin
jeron17-Sep-18 4:36
Memberjeron17-Sep-18 4:36 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 13974292) - gone Pin
OriginalGriff6-Sep-18 19:13
mveOriginalGriff6-Sep-18 19:13 
GeneralMember 13974292 is a spammer - gone Pin
PIEBALDconsult6-Sep-18 19:13
professionalPIEBALDconsult6-Sep-18 19:13 
GeneralSTILL ALIVES - all gone Pin
Nelek6-Sep-18 10:12
protectorNelek6-Sep-18 10:12 
User 110609796-Sep-18 10:56
MemberUser 110609796-Sep-18 10:56 
Nelek6-Sep-18 19:59
protectorNelek6-Sep-18 19:59 
Generalold spam - gone Pin
Nelek6-Sep-18 9:58
protectorNelek6-Sep-18 9:58 
GeneralRe: old spam Pin
Wendelius6-Sep-18 10:12
mveWendelius6-Sep-18 10:12 
GeneralRe: old spam Pin
Nelek6-Sep-18 10:32
protectorNelek6-Sep-18 10:32 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 13975403) - gone Pin
OriginalGriff6-Sep-18 4:32
mveOriginalGriff6-Sep-18 4:32 
GeneralSpam would be article ("Hоw to Chооѕе the Bеѕt Mоbilе Aрр Dеvеlорmеnt Company fоr Your Business?", AppWebStudios) - gone Pin
OriginalGriff6-Sep-18 2:13
mveOriginalGriff6-Sep-18 2:13 
GeneralSpammer in QA (Aftab Anxari) - gone Pin
OriginalGriff6-Sep-18 0:39
mveOriginalGriff6-Sep-18 0:39 

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