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Please don't post in this forum. If you've posted in this forum it's because you've selected the first forum on the list without thinking through which forum would be best. All messages in this forum are periodically removed.

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12-Oct-18 5:13
memberAnder Mez12-Oct-18 5:13 
QuestionMessage Removed Pin
3-Oct-18 8:21
memberwww.Toss.4T.com3-Oct-18 8:21 
QuestionBash forum ? Pin
Vaclav_21-Sep-18 4:54
memberVaclav_21-Sep-18 4:54 
AnswerRe: Bash forum ? Pin
Pete O'Hanlon21-Sep-18 5:16
protectorPete O'Hanlon21-Sep-18 5:16 
AnswerRe: Bash forum ? Pin
Richard MacCutchan21-Sep-18 5:42
protectorRichard MacCutchan21-Sep-18 5:42 
GeneralRe: Bash forum ? Pin
Vaclav_21-Sep-18 10:43
memberVaclav_21-Sep-18 10:43 
GeneralRe: Bash forum ? Pin
Richard MacCutchan21-Sep-18 21:29
protectorRichard MacCutchan21-Sep-18 21:29 
Vaclav_ wrote:
my main problem has been "command substitution " and "redirection".
Both of these should be in the man pages. Alternatively there are many books available that give detailed explanations and examples.

Vaclav_ wrote:
people just cannot reply to a request without giving me a sermon - "why are you doing that? "
But that is a valid question. You may be "doing that" for a good reason, but the question does not make it clear. Or you may be doing it because someone (who does not know) has given you a bad example. So just explain why, and why you need help. Complaining to people who are actually trying to help you makes them less likely to do so in future. So post a question with as much detail as possible and be prepared to enter into a friendly discussion with anyone who responds.
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19-Sep-18 21:20
professionalgipi girls19-Sep-18 21:20 
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17-Sep-18 23:50
memberRadiantly Slim17-Sep-18 23:50 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
17-Sep-18 16:23
memberEntradasparalatorreeiffel17-Sep-18 16:23 
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5-Sep-18 2:46
member5-Sep-18 2:46 
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4-Sep-18 1:49
member4-Sep-18 1:49 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
4-Sep-18 1:45
professionalalexjana4-Sep-18 1:45 
QuestionMessage Removed Pin
14-Aug-18 13:47
memberparkinglotlighting14-Aug-18 13:47 
QuestionMessage Removed Pin
10-Jul-18 23:59
member10-Jul-18 23:59 
QuestionComputer Vision and 3D CAD Pin
IluhaPups6-Jun-18 1:11
memberIluhaPups6-Jun-18 1:11 
AnswerRe: Computer Vision and 3D CAD Pin
Jochen Arndt6-Jun-18 1:59
mvpJochen Arndt6-Jun-18 1:59 
GeneralRe: Computer Vision and 3D CAD Pin
Boxes Me13-Jun-18 7:30
memberBoxes Me13-Jun-18 7:30 
GeneralRe: Computer Vision and 3D CAD Pin
Boxes Me5-Jul-18 11:26
memberBoxes Me5-Jul-18 11:26 
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30-May-18 0:57
memberarchiches18430-May-18 0:57 
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23-May-18 16:11
memberallsupportnumber23-May-18 16:11 
QuestionMessage Removed Pin
4-May-18 21:57
groupMalwarebytesSupport4-May-18 21:57 
QuestionWhich programming language I need to learn Pin
4-May-18 3:23
member4-May-18 3:23 
AnswerRe: Which programming language I need to learn Pin
Richard MacCutchan4-May-18 6:08
protectorRichard MacCutchan4-May-18 6:08 
GeneralRe: Which programming language I need to learn Pin
4-May-18 6:22
member4-May-18 6:22 

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