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AnswerRe: Read text file and split the string to specific column in datagridview Pin
Eddy Vluggen15-Nov-18 14:00
professionalEddy Vluggen15-Nov-18 14:00 
QuestionHow to create a property in class that list the forms of the main application Pin
Hisham Shaaban12-Oct-18 3:02
MemberHisham Shaaban12-Oct-18 3:02 
AnswerRe: How to create a property in class that list the forms of the main application Pin
Dave Kreskowiak12-Oct-18 3:23
mveDave Kreskowiak12-Oct-18 3:23 
QuestionCreating single MSI installer. Pin
Koundinya9-Oct-18 12:04
MemberKoundinya9-Oct-18 12:04 
AnswerRe: Creating single MSI installer. Pin
Dave Kreskowiak9-Oct-18 17:24
mveDave Kreskowiak9-Oct-18 17:24 
QuestionBeginner question...regarding garbage collection Pin
NolansPapa4-Oct-18 3:55
MemberNolansPapa4-Oct-18 3:55 
AnswerRe: Beginner question...regarding garbage collection Pin
Dave Kreskowiak4-Oct-18 5:34
mveDave Kreskowiak4-Oct-18 5:34 
QuestionVSTO questions about the Outlook Notes (Sticky Notes) part Pin
Dan Sutton29-Sep-18 12:29
MemberDan Sutton29-Sep-18 12:29 

I'm trying to do something about Notes in Outlook, in that they're pretty much crap. With an Exchange server you can share notes with an iPhone, but if you write one in Outlook, the fonts are all weird on the phone, and so on - I have a feeling that they're getting stored on the server in RTF, but of course, Outlook has no real editor for these things, thus it's crying out for an upgrade.

I tried creating a new Form Region to edit the things, but notes don't seem to be a proper message class in Outlook, thus I can't find a way to replace the existing "Form" (if it can be called such a thing) with my own; I already know how to do this for something like a message, or a contact, or whatever, but the class for a Note doesn't seem to exist.

Also, you can create subfolders for notes if you view everything as a tree in the Navigation pane, but they don't show as subfolders in the Notes bit, but rather one under the other, which is also annoying. So:

1. Does anyone know how to write a form region which replaces the existing Note editor?
2. Does anyone know how to replace whatever the Notes Navigation Pane is?

QuestionHow to undo excluded changes in Visual Studio 2017? Pin
rookiecg28-Sep-18 8:10
Memberrookiecg28-Sep-18 8:10 
AnswerRe: How to undo excluded changes in Visual Studio 2017? Pin
Dave Kreskowiak28-Sep-18 11:07
mveDave Kreskowiak28-Sep-18 11:07 
Generalplz Pin
Member 1398528114-Sep-18 22:44
MemberMember 1398528114-Sep-18 22:44 
GeneralRe: plz Pin
Eddy Vluggen15-Sep-18 0:20
professionalEddy Vluggen15-Sep-18 0:20 
QuestionRESTful transfers Pin
Member 1396792930-Aug-18 14:40
MemberMember 1396792930-Aug-18 14:40 
AnswerRe: RESTful transfers Pin
jkirkerx9-Sep-18 18:05
professionaljkirkerx9-Sep-18 18:05 
QuestionAPI Pin
Member 1187951310-Aug-18 4:00
MemberMember 1187951310-Aug-18 4:00 
AnswerRe: API Pin
Richard MacCutchan10-Aug-18 5:18
mveRichard MacCutchan10-Aug-18 5:18 
AnswerRe: API Pin
Dave Kreskowiak10-Aug-18 5:19
mveDave Kreskowiak10-Aug-18 5:19 
GeneralRe: API Pin
Dinarys20-Aug-18 11:32
professionalDinarys20-Aug-18 11:32 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
6-Aug-18 22:47
professionalsamzare6-Aug-18 22:47 
QuestionDisplaying different SET of data on button click Pin
cloudenv4-Aug-18 1:24
Membercloudenv4-Aug-18 1:24 
AnswerRe: Displaying different SET of data on button click Pin
Eddy Vluggen4-Aug-18 1:48
professionalEddy Vluggen4-Aug-18 1:48 
AnswerRe: Displaying different SET of data on button click Pin
Dave Kreskowiak4-Aug-18 9:24
mveDave Kreskowiak4-Aug-18 9:24 
Question.Net treenode Pin
Member 139370483-Aug-18 19:51
MemberMember 139370483-Aug-18 19:51 
AnswerRe: .Net treenode Pin
Richard MacCutchan3-Aug-18 21:53
mveRichard MacCutchan3-Aug-18 21:53 
Questionhow to get all assemblyinfo.cs associate in visual studio solution Pin
a.mohamedyasin30-Jul-18 2:12
Membera.mohamedyasin30-Jul-18 2:12 

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