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GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Thanks787216-Jul-19 22:39
protectorThanks787216-Jul-19 22:39 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Amarnath S17-Jul-19 18:50
professionalAmarnath S17-Jul-19 18:50 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Amit Jadli16-Jul-19 19:11
professionalAmit Jadli16-Jul-19 19:11 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
GKP199217-Jul-19 7:36
professionalGKP199217-Jul-19 7:36 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian17-Jul-19 14:24
professionalRajesh R Subramanian17-Jul-19 14:24 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Thanks787217-Jul-19 21:28
protectorThanks787217-Jul-19 21:28 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian18-Jul-19 15:43
professionalRajesh R Subramanian18-Jul-19 15:43 
GeneralRe: Secular judgement Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian16-Jul-19 19:15
professionalRajesh R Subramanian16-Jul-19 19:15 
This girl has been made to distribute a book that calls for murdering those who do not share the same views as those who believe in that book. The judge seems to think that this is a fair thing to do. Smile | :)

The fundamental problem here is not that this girl was asked to distribute Quoran, but that a framework seems to have the power to determine what is "objectionable content", and that worries me. If someone does not like [insert religion here], they should be free to criticise it. But then I suppose there's a long way to go for that.

Please note that I wouldn't have liked it one bit even if if the roles were reversed (a non-Hindu asked to distribute some Hindu text). It serves no purpose but to shame that person. A court's rulings should seek to reform individuals who do wrong, but not to merely punish them.

PS: The notion that there's a "holy book" that drives Hinduism is inane, because Hinduism well predates Gita itself. It doesn't matter that some people perceive the Gita as "the Hinduism equivalent" of things like Quoran or Bible, and they simply cannot comprehend the idea that there's no one single text that prescribes "da rulez", or even how the Hindus must live.
GeneralGuess the movie(Hint Added)(Winner @gkp1992) Pin
Rakshith Kumar9-Jul-19 23:02
memberRakshith Kumar9-Jul-19 23:02 
GeneralRe: Guess the movie(Hint Added) Pin
GKP199216-Jul-19 1:07
professionalGKP199216-Jul-19 1:07 
JokeBudget 2019 PinPopular
Gandalf_TheWhite5-Jul-19 4:35
professionalGandalf_TheWhite5-Jul-19 4:35 
GeneralRe: Budget 2019 Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian9-Jul-19 19:02
professionalRajesh R Subramanian9-Jul-19 19:02 
GeneralRe: Budget 2019 Pin
Rakshith Kumar9-Jul-19 22:56
memberRakshith Kumar9-Jul-19 22:56 
GeneralRe: Budget 2019 Pin
Gandalf_TheWhite10-Jul-19 2:38
professionalGandalf_TheWhite10-Jul-19 2:38 
JokeRe: Budget 2019 Pin
Thanks787210-Jul-19 21:04
protectorThanks787210-Jul-19 21:04 
JokeRe: Budget 2019 Pin
Gandalf_TheWhite11-Jul-19 22:38
professionalGandalf_TheWhite11-Jul-19 22:38 
GeneralGuess the movie(Hint Added)(Winner @gkp1992) Pin
Rakshith Kumar3-Jul-19 21:01
memberRakshith Kumar3-Jul-19 21:01 
GeneralRe: Guess the movie(Hint Added) Pin
GKP19928-Jul-19 17:50
professionalGKP19928-Jul-19 17:50 
GeneralGuess the Movie(winners Amit and Arun) Pin
Rakshith Kumar2-Jul-19 22:28
memberRakshith Kumar2-Jul-19 22:28 
GeneralRe: Guess the Movie Pin
saini arun3-Jul-19 2:33
membersaini arun3-Jul-19 2:33 
GeneralRe: Guess the Movie Pin
Amit Jadli3-Jul-19 20:12
professionalAmit Jadli3-Jul-19 20:12 
RantChandani Chowk Terror Attack Pin
Gandalf_TheWhite2-Jul-19 1:06
professionalGandalf_TheWhite2-Jul-19 1:06 
GeneralRe: Chandani Chowk Terror Attack Pin
Thanks78723-Jul-19 7:48
protectorThanks78723-Jul-19 7:48 
GeneralRe: Chandani Chowk Terror Attack Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian3-Jul-19 14:36
professionalRajesh R Subramanian3-Jul-19 14:36 
GeneralRe: Chandani Chowk Terror Attack Pin
Thanks78724-Jul-19 3:34
protectorThanks78724-Jul-19 3:34 

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