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This board allows members to report the accounts of spammers and others who abuse the forums in order to give other members the chance to vote to close the offending account.

GeneralRe: Spam article (POKER ONLINE) by Daftar Main Poker - Gone Pin
Richard Deeming23-Mar-20 0:09
mveRichard Deeming23-Mar-20 0:09 
GeneralSpammer from moderation - Member 14778931 Pin
Richard MacCutchan21-Mar-20 2:41
mveRichard MacCutchan21-Mar-20 2:41 
GeneralSAOTD Pin
phil.o21-Mar-20 1:47
mvephil.o21-Mar-20 1:47 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (ketopureschweizch) Pin
OriginalGriff21-Mar-20 1:21
mveOriginalGriff21-Mar-20 1:21 
GeneralSpammer from moderation - vitalalca98 Pin
Richard MacCutchan20-Mar-20 22:32
mveRichard MacCutchan20-Mar-20 22:32 
GeneralSpam article, What is Data Appending Pin
Wendelius20-Mar-20 22:25
mveWendelius20-Mar-20 22:25 
GeneralRe: Spam article, What is Data Appending - Gone Pin
Richard Deeming23-Mar-20 0:07
mveRichard Deeming23-Mar-20 0:07 
GeneralInappropriate use of the lounge Pin
lopatir20-Mar-20 19:03
Memberlopatir20-Mar-20 19:03 
The Lounge[^]

why does "naming and shaming" apply to the lounge?
the lounge is international, yet this guy wants to report ebay scammers in UK
if all lounge posters posted their local scammers what does that make the forum into?

"name and shame" as a general topic fine,
but individual cases belongs elsewhere - rather the platform where the abuse is happening
(it's not as if the person was advertising their product in the lounge.)
pestilence [ pes-tl-uh ns ] noun
1. a deadly or virulent epidemic disease. especially bubonic plague.
2. something that is considered harmful, destructive, or evil.
Synonyms: pest, plague, people

GeneralRe: Inappropriate use of the lounge - not really reportable Pin
OriginalGriff20-Mar-20 21:07
mveOriginalGriff20-Mar-20 21:07 
GeneralRe: Inappropriate use of the lounge Pin
Werewolf220-Mar-20 22:36
MemberWerewolf220-Mar-20 22:36 
GeneralRe: Inappropriate use of the lounge Pin
Nelek21-Mar-20 8:47
protectorNelek21-Mar-20 8:47 
GeneralKorean spammers are back :( - Gone Pin
phil.o20-Mar-20 3:36
mvephil.o20-Mar-20 3:36 
GeneralSAOTD Pin
phil.o20-Mar-20 1:58
mvephil.o20-Mar-20 1:58 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (keto360slimpeperu) - Gone Pin
OriginalGriff19-Mar-20 23:53
mveOriginalGriff19-Mar-20 23:53 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 14777986) Pin
OriginalGriff19-Mar-20 23:52
mveOriginalGriff19-Mar-20 23:52 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 14777726) Pin
OriginalGriff19-Mar-20 20:49
mveOriginalGriff19-Mar-20 20:49 
GeneralRe: Spammer from moderation queue (Member 14777726) - Gone Pin
jeron120-Mar-20 6:46
Memberjeron120-Mar-20 6:46 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (THPT Chuyên Lam Sơn) Pin
OriginalGriff19-Mar-20 20:49
mveOriginalGriff19-Mar-20 20:49 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 14777614) - Gone Pin
OriginalGriff19-Mar-20 12:20
mveOriginalGriff19-Mar-20 12:20 
GeneralSpammer from moderation - Member 14777308 - Gone Pin
Richard MacCutchan19-Mar-20 4:33
mveRichard MacCutchan19-Mar-20 4:33 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (ritikasingh0019) - Gone Pin
OriginalGriff19-Mar-20 4:05
mveOriginalGriff19-Mar-20 4:05 
GeneralSpam would-be article (Escorts | Member 14777180) Pin
Richard Deeming19-Mar-20 1:45
mveRichard Deeming19-Mar-20 1:45 
GeneralRe: Spam would-be article (Escorts | Member 14777180) - Gone Pin
jeron119-Mar-20 12:05
Memberjeron119-Mar-20 12:05 
GeneralSAOTD Pin
phil.o19-Mar-20 1:44
mvephil.o19-Mar-20 1:44 
GeneralSpam Article(Why responsive websites are must need?,Member 14777154) Pin
Deepu S Nair19-Mar-20 1:40
professionalDeepu S Nair19-Mar-20 1:40 

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