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QuestionSetup for remote working Pin
jp-sw3-Feb-22 23:41
Memberjp-sw3-Feb-22 23:41 
QuestionE platform Pin
riamanon29-Jul-21 3:53
Memberriamanon29-Jul-21 3:53 
QuestionAzure DevOps pricing question Pin
Member 1447460710-Nov-20 6:52
MemberMember 1447460710-Nov-20 6:52 
QuestionMy project Pin
Janus Project7-Nov-20 0:58
MemberJanus Project7-Nov-20 0:58 
GeneralHello wondering if we can test Australian project RapidChat on public IP Pin
Member 1389561522-Oct-20 3:26
MemberMember 1389561522-Oct-20 3:26 
GeneralRe: Hello wondering if we can test Australian project RapidChat on public IP Pin
Mycroft Holmes22-Oct-20 12:22
professionalMycroft Holmes22-Oct-20 12:22 
QuestionLooking for Azure ImageStorm Service Beta-Testers Pin Pin
jlongo1-Sep-20 9:06
Memberjlongo1-Sep-20 9:06 
If you have to manage VM images in Azure, this idea may save you alot of work. I have been developing ImageStorm, an Azure Marketplace service for creating/managing Azure VM images. The idea is to automatically create images from a Template VM reducing the work required by Azure admins. To make it palatable to corporate customers, it installs as PaaS inside the customers subscription.

VM Scale Sets are an Azure Compute resource you can use to deploy and manage a collection of virtual machines as a set. Scale sets are well suited for building large-scale services targeting big compute, big data, and containerized workloads - all of which are increasing in significance as cloud computing continues to evolve. Scale set VMs are configured identically, you just choose how many you need, which enables them to scale out and in rapidly and automatically. The elastic nature of VM Scale Sets makes them ideal for supporting scale-out workloads like stateless web front ends and container orchestration or microservices clusters. The main real-world problem with Scale Sets is "staleness" of the source Image.

I have documentation here: Manual - ImageStorm[^]

If you would like to participate, please reach out and I will make the Azure Marketplace Beta available to your subscription.

I have gotten two kinds of feedback:
a: Game changing idea
b: Why ?

I would appreciate any comments and you can't hurt my feelings. If this is a stupid idea, I want to hear it.
QuestionTrying to build a team quickly for a project Pin
zeekie2219-Jun-20 6:20
Memberzeekie2219-Jun-20 6:20 
AnswerRe: Trying to build a team quickly for a project Pin
OriginalGriff19-Jun-20 6:22
mveOriginalGriff19-Jun-20 6:22 
AnswerRe: Trying to build a team quickly for a project Pin
_Flaviu17-Jul-20 2:54
Member_Flaviu17-Jul-20 2:54 
QuestionAnyone (or their companies) looking for ASP.Net work? Pin
DerekT-P18-Nov-19 0:03
professionalDerekT-P18-Nov-19 0:03 
AnswerRe: Anyone (or their companies) looking for ASP.Net work? Pin
Richard MacCutchan18-Nov-19 5:14
mveRichard MacCutchan18-Nov-19 5:14 
QuestionWould somebody like to collaborate on a rhythm game? Pin
Member 1465054810-Nov-19 3:15
MemberMember 1465054810-Nov-19 3:15 
GeneralI need someone to test this code I wrote (fallout hacking minigame) Pin
BeardedPC4-Dec-18 6:21
MemberBeardedPC4-Dec-18 6:21 
Questionbeta testing Pin
smitapawar61022-Nov-18 19:04
Membersmitapawar61022-Nov-18 19:04 
AnswerRe: beta testing Pin
Richard MacCutchan22-Nov-18 22:35
mveRichard MacCutchan22-Nov-18 22:35 
QuestionSoftware Testing Pin
smitapawar61019-Nov-18 19:09
Membersmitapawar61019-Nov-18 19:09 
AnswerRe: Software Testing Pin
Mycroft Holmes20-Nov-18 11:23
professionalMycroft Holmes20-Nov-18 11:23 
QuestionHow to achieve this using WinForm or WPF? Pin
AmitSahoo26-Jun-18 20:19
MemberAmitSahoo26-Jun-18 20:19 
QuestionCollaborators for UpScaley project. Pin
alan2here11-Apr-18 5:29
Memberalan2here11-Apr-18 5:29 
QuestionI need assistance with a website for my organisation. Pin
Member 1368856720-Feb-18 22:44
MemberMember 1368856720-Feb-18 22:44 
AnswerRe: I need assistance with a website for my organisation. Pin
Member 121411021-Apr-20 23:57
MemberMember 121411021-Apr-20 23:57 
GeneralRe: I need assistance with a website for my organisation. Pin
Richard MacCutchan1-Apr-20 23:59
mveRichard MacCutchan1-Apr-20 23:59 
QuestionPLEASE test my environment Pin
compcanada201731-Aug-17 5:04
Membercompcanada201731-Aug-17 5:04 
AnswerRe: PLEASE test my environment Pin
benjaminemanuel1317-Feb-18 11:18
professionalbenjaminemanuel1317-Feb-18 11:18 

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