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Silverlight / WPF

Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:09
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:09 
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Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:05
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:05 
QuestionAvalonDock using AvalonDock.ManagedContent not present in Dirkster.AvalonDock package Pin
sinagot4-Mar-21 2:24
Membersinagot4-Mar-21 2:24 
AnswerRe: AvalonDock using AvalonDock.ManagedContent not present in Dirkster.AvalonDock package Pin
Gerry Schmitz4-Mar-21 9:24
mveGerry Schmitz4-Mar-21 9:24 
GeneralRe: AvalonDock using AvalonDock.ManagedContent not present in Dirkster.AvalonDock package Pin
sinagot4-Mar-21 11:50
Membersinagot4-Mar-21 11:50 
QuestionDataGrid Columnm Header Style Pin
Kevin Marois16-Feb-21 15:44
professionalKevin Marois16-Feb-21 15:44 
AnswerRe: DataGrid Columnm Header Style Pin
Gerry Schmitz17-Feb-21 7:14
mveGerry Schmitz17-Feb-21 7:14 
QuestionGridView CellTemplate Pin
#realJSOP13-Feb-21 11:42
mva#realJSOP13-Feb-21 11:42 
AnswerRe: GridView CellTemplate Pin
Gerry Schmitz13-Feb-21 13:50
mveGerry Schmitz13-Feb-21 13:50 
GeneralRe: GridView CellTemplate Pin
#realJSOP13-Feb-21 14:13
mva#realJSOP13-Feb-21 14:13 
AnswerRe: GridView CellTemplate Pin
#realJSOP14-Feb-21 5:49
mva#realJSOP14-Feb-21 5:49 
GeneralRe: GridView CellTemplate Pin
Gerry Schmitz14-Feb-21 6:53
mveGerry Schmitz14-Feb-21 6:53 
GeneralRe: GridView CellTemplate Pin
#realJSOP14-Feb-21 9:41
mva#realJSOP14-Feb-21 9:41 
GeneralRe: GridView CellTemplate Pin
Gerry Schmitz14-Feb-21 11:48
mveGerry Schmitz14-Feb-21 11:48 
QuestionIcon Strangeness Pin
#realJSOP3-Feb-21 0:36
mva#realJSOP3-Feb-21 0:36 
AnswerRe: Icon Strangeness Pin
Richard Deeming3-Feb-21 1:12
mveRichard Deeming3-Feb-21 1:12 
GeneralRe: Icon Strangeness Pin
#realJSOP3-Feb-21 2:25
mva#realJSOP3-Feb-21 2:25 
AnswerRe: Icon Strangeness Pin
Gerry Schmitz3-Feb-21 8:25
mveGerry Schmitz3-Feb-21 8:25 
QuestionDispatcherTimer Pin
michaelbarb14-Jan-21 7:29
Membermichaelbarb14-Jan-21 7:29 
AnswerRe: DispatcherTimer Pin
Mycroft Holmes14-Jan-21 12:06
professionalMycroft Holmes14-Jan-21 12:06 
You have the sequence wrong!
Stop the timer
process the tick routine
restart the timer.

If your process is longer than the timer interval it clags up the system.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity -
I'm old. I know stuff - JSOP

GeneralRe: DispatcherTimer Pin
michaelbarb14-Jan-21 12:52
Membermichaelbarb14-Jan-21 12:52 
GeneralRe: DispatcherTimer Pin
Mycroft Holmes14-Jan-21 13:15
professionalMycroft Holmes14-Jan-21 13:15 
GeneralRe: DispatcherTimer Pin
michaelbarb14-Jan-21 14:23
Membermichaelbarb14-Jan-21 14:23 
AnswerRe: DispatcherTimer Pin
Gerry Schmitz15-Jan-21 3:31
mveGerry Schmitz15-Jan-21 3:31 
QuestionBetter way to access ViewModels Pin
Mc_Topaz5-Jan-21 5:11
MemberMc_Topaz5-Jan-21 5:11 

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