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QuestionIs it possible to do event handling in the ViewModel? Pin
Code4Ever16-Jul-22 6:39
Code4Ever16-Jul-22 6:39 
AnswerRe: Is it possible to do event handling in the ViewModel? Pin
Gerry Schmitz17-Jul-22 6:06
mveGerry Schmitz17-Jul-22 6:06 
QuestionDICOM TAGS Pin
harol espinosa26-Jun-22 5:20
harol espinosa26-Jun-22 5:20 
AnswerRe: DICOM TAGS Pin
Dave Kreskowiak26-Jun-22 6:13
mveDave Kreskowiak26-Jun-22 6:13 
QuestionDevelopment Pin
User 156237373-Jun-22 10:46
User 156237373-Jun-22 10:46 
AnswerRe: Development Pin
Gerry Schmitz4-Jun-22 10:35
mveGerry Schmitz4-Jun-22 10:35 
GeneralRe: Development Pin
User 156237376-Jun-22 4:22
User 156237376-Jun-22 4:22 
QuestionTreeView in ControlTemplate - Handling Item Expanded Pin
Kevin Marois27-Apr-22 9:46
professionalKevin Marois27-Apr-22 9:46 
I am creating a Custom Control and in the control template I have a TreeView class in it.
<Style TargetType="{x:Type local:MyControl}">

    <Setter Property="Template">


            <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type local:MyControl}">

                <Border Background="{TemplateBinding Background}"
                    BorderBrush="{TemplateBinding BorderBrush}"
                    BorderThickness="{TemplateBinding BorderThickness}">

                    <TreeView ItemsSource="{Binding TreeDataItems, RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}}">

                            <HierarchicalDataTemplate DataType="{x:Type local:TreeItem}" ItemsSource="{Binding Children}">
                                <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Caption}" />

                            <i:EventTrigger EventName="TreeViewItem.Expanded">
                                <i:InvokeCommandAction Command="{Binding TreeItemExpandedCommand, RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}}"






In the code behind I have
private ICommand _TreeItemExpandedCommand;
public ICommand TreeItemExpandedCommand
        if (_TreeItemExpandedCommand == null)
            _TreeItemExpandedCommand = new RelayCommand<object>(p => TreeItemExpandedExecuted(p));
        return _TreeItemExpandedCommand;

private void TreeItemExpandedExecuted(object args)

When I expand a node nothing happens. There are no binding errors, and the Command's getter fires when it starts, but the TreeItemExpandedExecuted never fires.

I tried using the event itself:
<TreeView TreeViewItem.Expanded="TreeViewItem_Expanded">


 private void TreeViewItem_Expanded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        TreeViewItem tvi = e.OriginalSource as TreeViewItem;
        if (tvi != null)
          // Do something
But still nothing.

I'm guessing this has something to do with this all being in a ControlTemplate. Anyone see what's wrong here?
If it's not broken, fix it until it is.
Everything makes sense in someone's mind.
Ya can't fix stupid.

QuestionWPF DataGridCell Binding Problem Pin
Kevin Marois7-Apr-22 14:39
professionalKevin Marois7-Apr-22 14:39 
AnswerRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Richard Deeming7-Apr-22 21:36
mveRichard Deeming7-Apr-22 21:36 
GeneralRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Kevin Marois8-Apr-22 5:38
professionalKevin Marois8-Apr-22 5:38 
GeneralRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Kevin Marois13-Apr-22 7:59
professionalKevin Marois13-Apr-22 7:59 
GeneralRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Richard Deeming18-Apr-22 21:45
mveRichard Deeming18-Apr-22 21:45 
QuestionCode Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Kevin Marois6-Apr-22 15:01
professionalKevin Marois6-Apr-22 15:01 
SuggestionRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Richard Deeming6-Apr-22 22:37
mveRichard Deeming6-Apr-22 22:37 
GeneralRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Kevin Marois7-Apr-22 5:25
professionalKevin Marois7-Apr-22 5:25 
AnswerRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Gerry Schmitz7-Apr-22 6:42
mveGerry Schmitz7-Apr-22 6:42 
GeneralRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Kevin Marois7-Apr-22 14:34
professionalKevin Marois7-Apr-22 14:34 
Questiontrack active split view Pin
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 13:47
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 13:47 
QuestionViewModel Locator Pin
Kevin Marois5-Apr-22 7:48
professionalKevin Marois5-Apr-22 7:48 
AnswerRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 13:56
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 13:56 
SuggestionRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Richard Deeming5-Apr-22 21:27
mveRichard Deeming5-Apr-22 21:27 
AnswerRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Richard Deeming5-Apr-22 21:42
mveRichard Deeming5-Apr-22 21:42 
GeneralRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Kevin Marois6-Apr-22 6:11
professionalKevin Marois6-Apr-22 6:11 
QuestionIs it possible to share SQL Server database between WPF application and Ionic application Pin
Alex Dunlop28-Mar-22 7:03
Alex Dunlop28-Mar-22 7:03 

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