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GeneralFast question Pin
Oriocat22-Jul-04 10:50
MemberOriocat22-Jul-04 10:50 
GeneralRe: Fast question Pin
Daniel Turini22-Jul-04 10:57
MemberDaniel Turini22-Jul-04 10:57 
Generalneed doctor to check this pice of code Pin
Oriocat22-Jul-04 9:58
MemberOriocat22-Jul-04 9:58 
GeneralProblem... Pin
Pazzuzu22-Jul-04 5:13
MemberPazzuzu22-Jul-04 5:13 
GeneralRe: Problem... Pin
palbano25-Jul-04 18:05
Memberpalbano25-Jul-04 18:05 
GeneralConverting ... Pin
User 91483322-Jul-04 3:59
MemberUser 91483322-Jul-04 3:59 
GeneralRe: Converting ... Pin
palbano25-Jul-04 18:04
Memberpalbano25-Jul-04 18:04 
GeneralWebService without ASP and IIS Pin
MyPaq22-Jul-04 2:08
MemberMyPaq22-Jul-04 2:08 
This may be the wrong place to ask but where else should I go?

I'm new to .Net and WebServices. However, I'm old in programming MFC/C++ and Java.

I would like to write a WebService (Server) which is NOT running within a IIS (ASP). All I need is a normal managed Windows Service which is listening on a spec. port to publish it's WebService interface. However, there are lots of examples on how to write WebServices using ASP.Net but it seams tobe impossible to accomplish the same with a 'normal' EXE.

Please don't ignore me, let me know your opinion.... Wink | ;)


GeneralGoing mad with this Pin
Pazzuzu21-Jul-04 6:11
MemberPazzuzu21-Jul-04 6:11 
GeneralRe: Going mad with this Pin
palbano21-Jul-04 17:28
Memberpalbano21-Jul-04 17:28 
GeneralRe: Going mad with this Pin
Pazzuzu22-Jul-04 0:07
MemberPazzuzu22-Jul-04 0:07 
QuestionHow to convert....... Pin
Pazzuzu21-Jul-04 4:09
MemberPazzuzu21-Jul-04 4:09 
GeneralVritual functions wapping Pin
Mostafa Mohamed20-Jul-04 2:12
MemberMostafa Mohamed20-Jul-04 2:12 
GeneralSystem::IO::File::Copy errors Pin
Chris Korzeniowski19-Jul-04 10:21
MemberChris Korzeniowski19-Jul-04 10:21 
GeneralRe: System::IO::File::Copy errors Pin
Chris Korzeniowski19-Jul-04 11:36
MemberChris Korzeniowski19-Jul-04 11:36 
GeneralMFC & .NET Serialization Compatibility Pin
alexatn19-Jul-04 9:47
Memberalexatn19-Jul-04 9:47 
QuestionHow to setup hotkey in my application to control vobsub Pin
lakeman200015-Jul-04 21:39
Memberlakeman200015-Jul-04 21:39 
GeneralDebugging Unmanaged Code called from Managed C++ in .NET Pin
Anonymous14-Jul-04 19:32
MemberAnonymous14-Jul-04 19:32 
GeneralMFC and Windows.Forms in .NET Pin
EinarJon14-Jul-04 6:30
MemberEinarJon14-Jul-04 6:30 
GeneralRe: MFC and Windows.Forms in .NET Pin
Anonymous15-Jul-04 9:32
MemberAnonymous15-Jul-04 9:32 
GeneralRe: MFC and Windows.Forms in .NET Pin
sunhui15-Dec-04 15:18
Membersunhui15-Dec-04 15:18 
GeneralRe: MFC and Windows.Forms in .NET Pin
sunhui15-Dec-04 15:20
Membersunhui15-Dec-04 15:20 
Generalcalling managed function from unmanged class Pin
3green13-Jul-04 4:12
Member3green13-Jul-04 4:12 
GeneralRe: calling managed function from unmanged class Pin
palbano13-Jul-04 7:52
Memberpalbano13-Jul-04 7:52 
GeneralBackp/Restore HardDisk Image Pin
trustable13-Jul-04 1:21
Membertrustable13-Jul-04 1:21 

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