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Silverlight / WPF

QuestionGrid Pin
ehsan ebne ali28-Nov-12 1:01
memberehsan ebne ali28-Nov-12 1:01 
QuestionSet Backgroundcolor when CheckBox in TreeView is checked Pin
Member 963452828-Nov-12 0:43
memberMember 963452828-Nov-12 0:43 
QuestionWPF Grid Splitter Problem Pin
Kevin Marois27-Nov-12 17:27
memberKevin Marois27-Nov-12 17:27 
QuestionWPF Dispatch.Invoke/BeginInvoke deadlock? Pin
devvvy26-Nov-12 20:30
memberdevvvy26-Nov-12 20:30 
Answer[SOLN FOUND] - it is NOT that Dispatcher.Invoke buggy! Pin
devvvy29-Nov-12 15:15
memberdevvvy29-Nov-12 15:15 
GeneralRe: [SOLN FOUND] - it is NOT that Dispatcher.Invoke buggy! Pin
Paulo Zemek23-Jan-13 7:41
memberPaulo Zemek23-Jan-13 7:41 
QuestionChange [EnableClientAccess(RequiresSecureEndpoint = true)] based on config Pin
UCLAdam20-Nov-12 23:34
memberUCLAdam20-Nov-12 23:34 
QuestionCommand Binding Pin
Andy_L_J19-Nov-12 11:51
memberAndy_L_J19-Nov-12 11:51 
I have the following set-up:

1. ViewModel:
public ICommand LoadSomeViewCommand;

public SomeViewModel(IRegionManager regionManager, IUnityContainer container)

  this._regionManager = regioinManager;
  this._container = container;

  LoadCommand = new RelayCommand(new Action<object>(LoadSomeViewExecute), new Predicate<object>(CanLoadExecute));

private void LoadSomeViewExecute(object obj)
  IRegion mainRegion = _regionManager.Regions[RegionNames.MainRegion];
  foreach (var v in mainRegion.Views)
  _regionManager.RegisterViewWithRegion(RegionNames.MainRegion, typeof(SomeNewView));


private bool CanLoadExecute(object obj)
  return true;

in the View.cs:
public SomeView(IRegionManager regionManager, IUnityContainer container)
  this.DataContext = new SomeViewModel(regionManager, container);

public SomeViewModel ViewModel
  get { return (SomeViewModel)this.DataContext; }

and in xaml:
<StackPanel grid.Row="2">
  <Button Content="Load"
          Command="{Binding LoadCommand}"/>

When I click the button to load another component, the LoadCommand has been set in the constructor but never seems to be called on the button click.
I have been converting a VB project to C# to try and learn the language and maybe I have missed something in the translation.

I have other containers injecting into the shell that don't use Command calls that are working fine.
I don't speak Idiot - please talk slowly and clearly

"I have sexdaily. I mean dyslexia. Fcuk!"

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AnswerRe: Command Binding Pin
SledgeHammer0119-Nov-12 12:14
memberSledgeHammer0119-Nov-12 12:14 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Andy_L_J19-Nov-12 12:36
memberAndy_L_J19-Nov-12 12:36 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Mycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 12:51
memberMycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 12:51 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Andy_L_J19-Nov-12 13:14
memberAndy_L_J19-Nov-12 13:14 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Mycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 14:22
memberMycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 14:22 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
SledgeHammer0119-Nov-12 13:14
memberSledgeHammer0119-Nov-12 13:14 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Mycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 14:26
memberMycroft Holmes19-Nov-12 14:26 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Wayne Gaylard20-Nov-12 4:29
mentorWayne Gaylard20-Nov-12 4:29 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
SledgeHammer0120-Nov-12 7:42
memberSledgeHammer0120-Nov-12 7:42 
AnswerRe: Command Binding Pin
Pete O'Hanlon22-Nov-12 23:41
protectorPete O'Hanlon22-Nov-12 23:41 
GeneralRe: Command Binding Pin
Andy_L_J23-Nov-12 2:48
memberAndy_L_J23-Nov-12 2:48 
QuestionWPF Components For WinForm Pin
alirezamansoori13-Nov-12 6:26
memberalirezamansoori13-Nov-12 6:26 
AnswerRe: WPF Components For WinForm Pin
Pete O'Hanlon13-Nov-12 8:56
protectorPete O'Hanlon13-Nov-12 8:56 
AnswerRe: WPF Components For WinForm Pin
Abhinav S13-Nov-12 22:17
mvpAbhinav S13-Nov-12 22:17 
GeneralRe: WPF Components For WinForm Pin
alirezamansoori14-Nov-12 21:40
memberalirezamansoori14-Nov-12 21:40 
QuestionCan anyone suggest any good books or tutorials on WPF-MVVM please? Pin
Vijay Kanda11-Nov-12 20:22
memberVijay Kanda11-Nov-12 20:22 
AnswerRe: Can anyone suggest any good books or tutorials on WPF-MVVM please? Pin
Rags151213-Nov-12 8:22
memberRags151213-Nov-12 8:22 

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