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GeneralRe: Horsemeat jokes I got in an email Pin
Mark H227-Feb-13 10:07
memberMark H227-Feb-13 10:07 
JokeRead this on my block calendar... Pin
Naerling23-Feb-13 7:01
memberNaerling23-Feb-13 7:01 
GeneralRe: Read this on my block calendar... Pin
Max_Power_Up26-Feb-13 7:46
memberMax_Power_Up26-Feb-13 7:46 
GeneralPippi Longstocking Pin
Marco Bertschi21-Feb-13 22:20
memberMarco Bertschi21-Feb-13 22:20 
GeneralMQOTD Pin
V.21-Feb-13 21:56
memberV.21-Feb-13 21:56 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Johnny J.21-Feb-13 22:20
memberJohnny J.21-Feb-13 22:20 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Marco Bertschi21-Feb-13 22:21
memberMarco Bertschi21-Feb-13 22:21 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Nagy Vilmos21-Feb-13 22:51
memberNagy Vilmos21-Feb-13 22:51 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
ChrisElston21-Feb-13 23:08
memberChrisElston21-Feb-13 23:08 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
djj5522-Feb-13 1:42
memberdjj5522-Feb-13 1:42 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Keith Barrow22-Feb-13 2:07
mentorKeith Barrow22-Feb-13 2:07 
AnswerRe: MQOTD Pin
ihoecken22-Feb-13 2:14
memberihoecken22-Feb-13 2:14 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
V.22-Feb-13 2:16
memberV.22-Feb-13 2:16 
JokeVery hi-tech! Pin
Naerling21-Feb-13 12:18
memberNaerling21-Feb-13 12:18 
Three men, two younger, and one senior citizen were sitting naked in a sauna.
Suddenly there was a beeping sound. The young man pressed his forearm and the beep stopped. The others looked at him questioningly. "That was my pager" he said "I have a microchip under the skin of my arm".
A few minutes later, a phone rang. The second young man lifted his palm to his ear. When he had finished he explained "That was my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand".
The older man felt very low tech and wasn't to be outdone, he decided he had to do something impressive. He stepped out of the sauna and went to the bathroom. When he returned, he had a piece of toilet paper hanging from his rear end.
The others raised their eyebrows and stared at him. The older man finally said "Well, will you look at that... I'm getting a fax!!"
It's an OO world.
public class Naerling : Lazy<Person>{
    public void DoWork(){ throw new NotImplementedException(); }

AnswerRe: Very hi-tech! Pin
CHill6021-Feb-13 13:21
memberCHill6021-Feb-13 13:21 
GeneralRe: Very hi-tech! Pin
Johnny J.21-Feb-13 22:32
memberJohnny J.21-Feb-13 22:32 
GeneralRe: Very hi-tech! Pin
V.21-Feb-13 22:23
memberV.21-Feb-13 22:23 
GeneralRe: Very hi-tech! Pin
Naerling22-Feb-13 12:49
memberNaerling22-Feb-13 12:49 
ihoecken21-Feb-13 3:52
memberihoecken21-Feb-13 3:52 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
Rage21-Feb-13 4:42
memberRage21-Feb-13 4:42 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
ihoecken21-Feb-13 4:49
memberihoecken21-Feb-13 4:49 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
Rage21-Feb-13 4:50
memberRage21-Feb-13 4:50 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
ChrisElston21-Feb-13 4:53
memberChrisElston21-Feb-13 4:53 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
ihoecken21-Feb-13 4:54
memberihoecken21-Feb-13 4:54 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
Deyan Georgiev21-Feb-13 9:13
memberDeyan Georgiev21-Feb-13 9:13 
GeneralRe: BBJOTD Pin
Marco Bertschi21-Feb-13 9:37
memberMarco Bertschi21-Feb-13 9:37 
JokeRe: BBJOTD Pin
etkins21-Feb-13 6:36
memberetkins21-Feb-13 6:36 
JokeHe might catch a cold! Pin
Naerling20-Feb-13 12:17
memberNaerling20-Feb-13 12:17 
GeneralRe: He might catch a cold! Pin
ihoecken20-Feb-13 22:51
memberihoecken20-Feb-13 22:51 
GeneralRe: He might catch a cold! Pin
Rage21-Feb-13 4:44
memberRage21-Feb-13 4:44 
GeneralRe: He might catch a cold! Pin
Naerling21-Feb-13 8:11
memberNaerling21-Feb-13 8:11 
GeneralRe: He might catch a cold! Pin
Johnny J.22-Feb-13 0:09
memberJohnny J.22-Feb-13 0:09 
JokeAlways good to learn something new... Pin
ihoecken20-Feb-13 2:48
memberihoecken20-Feb-13 2:48 
GeneralGetting old ain't for sissies Pin
Mike Hankey19-Feb-13 13:08
memberMike Hankey19-Feb-13 13:08 
GeneralRe: Getting old ain't for sissies Pin
loctrice20-Feb-13 2:31
memberloctrice20-Feb-13 2:31 
GeneralRe: Getting old ain't for sissies Pin
Collin Jasnoch20-Feb-13 3:18
memberCollin Jasnoch20-Feb-13 3:18 
GeneralAnd in other news Pin
Keith Barrow19-Feb-13 5:31
mentorKeith Barrow19-Feb-13 5:31 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Chris Quinn19-Feb-13 6:17
memberChris Quinn19-Feb-13 6:17 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Rage19-Feb-13 6:20
memberRage19-Feb-13 6:20 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Chris Quinn19-Feb-13 6:31
memberChris Quinn19-Feb-13 6:31 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Testing 1 2 ... uh... 7?19-Feb-13 9:18
memberTesting 1 2 ... uh... 7?19-Feb-13 9:18 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
wizardzz19-Feb-13 9:50
memberwizardzz19-Feb-13 9:50 
JokeRe: And in other news Pin
Richard Deeming19-Feb-13 9:57
memberRichard Deeming19-Feb-13 9:57 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
wizardzz19-Feb-13 10:26
memberwizardzz19-Feb-13 10:26 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Nagy Vilmos19-Feb-13 21:54
memberNagy Vilmos19-Feb-13 21:54 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Richard Deeming20-Feb-13 2:26
memberRichard Deeming20-Feb-13 2:26 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
ihoecken20-Feb-13 4:49
memberihoecken20-Feb-13 4:49 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
Keith Barrow20-Feb-13 5:34
mentorKeith Barrow20-Feb-13 5:34 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
_Damian S_19-Feb-13 19:47
member_Damian S_19-Feb-13 19:47 
GeneralRe: And in other news Pin
OriginalGriff20-Feb-13 5:58
mvpOriginalGriff20-Feb-13 5:58 

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