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by joyjjjz at 6-Jan-10 16:18  
at Article "Introduction to RPC - Part 1"
by joyjjjz at 20-Apr-09 19:15  
at Article "Article "Cool! Semi-transparent and shaped dialog with standard controls""
by joyjjjz at 5-Mar-09 5:59  
at Article "Best Open Source Project's in VC++ & MFC"
by joyjjjz at 17-Feb-09 5:26  
at Article "Tabs and Accelerators in ATL Modeless Dialogs"
by joyjjjz at 17-Feb-09 1:44  
at Article "Simple ATL dialog based exe"
by joyjjjz at 4-Oct-08 20:50  
at Article "Bitmap Basics - A GDI tutorial"
by joyjjjz at 25-Sep-08 23:06  
at Article "ListCtrl - A WTL list control with Windows Vista style item selection"
by joyjjjz at 25-Sep-08 23:00  
at Article "Some Mix-in classes that give your ATL/WTL program a better appearance"
by joyjjjz at 25-Sep-08 21:42  
at Article "CBitmapSlider"
by joyjjjz at 25-Sep-08 18:20  
at Article "A cool GDI pattern brush tool with C++ source code"
by joyjjjz at 24-Sep-08 0:36  
at Article "Customizing the Appearance of CSliderCtrl Using Custom Draw"
by joyjjjz at 23-Sep-08 23:44  
at Article "Customizing the Appearance of CSliderCtrl Using Custom Draw"
by joyjjjz at 23-Sep-08 23:17   Score: 2.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Changing the Colors of a WTL Dialog (The Easy Way)"
by joyjjjz at 23-Sep-08 0:27   Score: 2.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Using WTL's Built-in Dialog Resizing Class"
by joyjjjz at 22-Sep-08 23:30   Score: 1.00 (1 vote).
at Article "CSliderCtrlEx - A slider with background colors to indicate ranges"
by joyjjjz at 22-Sep-08 22:14  
at Article "CDialogRegionT - Skinning a WTL Dialog"
by joyjjjz at 18-Sep-08 21:16  
at Article "Copy, Move and Delete files and directories without using SHFileOperation"
by joyjjjz at 11-Sep-08 22:59  
at Article "2Find Toolbar for IE - Yet Another Sample"
by joyjjjz at 3-Sep-08 2:06  
at Article "Embeded Media Player with hot key Controls & Adding Play List capability(ASX FILE)"
by joyjjjz at 26-Aug-08 6:15  
at Article "Article "Style Toolkit - Use advanced graphics techniques to create a custom user interface.""
by joyjjjz at 10-Aug-08 16:59  
at Article "ATL Under the Hood Part 3"
by joyjjjz at 23-Dec-07 22:44  
at Article "A Guided Tour of WPF – Part 5 (Styles)"
by joyjjjz at 1-Nov-07 16:27  
at Article "Writing Your First AJAX application"
by joyjjjz at 22-Oct-07 22:47  
at Article "Microsoft Personal Web Site Starter Kit – Random Image Web User Control"
by joyjjjz at 11-Oct-07 0:37  
at Article "Adding automation to MFC applications"
by joyjjjz at 8-Oct-07 22:57   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Advanced customization of WebBrowser Control in Dialog based app."