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General Other [^]
by lucanor at 28-Jun-20 23:20   Score: 5.00 (3 votes).
at Survey "Survey "How do you monitor the health of your applications?" (29 Jun 2020)"
by lucanor at 6-Apr-20 0:39  
at Survey "Survey "What programming skills will be important for developers over the next 3 years?" (06 Apr 2020)"
by lucanor at 16-Mar-20 1:08  
at Survey "Survey "Working from home this week?" (16 Mar 2020)"
by lucanor at 5-Aug-19 0:12   Score: 5.00 (2 votes).
at Survey "Survey "You have 3 hours spare and no one will bother you. How would you spend the time?" (05 Aug 2019)"
by lucanor at 7-Jul-19 23:53   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Survey "Survey "Which software development methodologies do you use?" (08 Jul 2019)"
by lucanor at 10-Dec-18 1:25   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Survey "Survey "Light Mode or Dark Mode when viewing code?" (10 Dec 2018)"
by lucanor at 23-Jul-18 0:49  
at Survey "Survey "Will you be working with Quantum Computing?" (23 Jul 2018)"
by lucanor at 21-May-18 0:50   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Survey "Survey "Do we, as developers, have a responsibility to ensure we maintain control of artificial intelligence based systems?" (21 May 2018)"
by lucanor at 8-Apr-18 23:30   Score: 5.00 (2 votes).
at Survey "Survey "What's the hardest part of writing an app?" (09 Apr 2018)"
General 26+ [^]
by lucanor at 5-Mar-18 1:41   Score: 5.00 (2 votes).
at Survey "Survey "How many computer languages do you know well enough that you'd be happy to use them to write production code?" (05 Mar 2018)"
by lucanor at 3-Oct-16 1:18   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Survey "Survey "Is the idea of bug-free software realistic?" (03 Oct 2016)"
by lucanor at 19-Sep-16 0:43  
at Survey "Survey "Have you suffered any of the following afflictions due to programming?" (19 Sep 2016)"
by lucanor at 25-Jul-16 2:20  
at Survey "Survey "Do you plan to create applications that employs Artificial Intelligence?" (25 Jul 2016)"
by lucanor at 23-May-16 0:10   Score: 5.00 (4 votes).
at Survey "Survey "Do you work on your days off?" (23 May 2016)"
by lucanor at 26-Oct-15 7:03  
at Article "technical blog "Should you develop to the lowest skill level in your team?""
by lucanor at 14-Apr-14 0:39   Score: 5.00 (2 votes).
at Survey "Survey "What's easier to read: Code or Text?" (14 Apr 2014)"