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by jeffie100 at 16-Nov-21 9:20   Score: 5.00 (4 votes).
at Page "The Lounge"
by jeffie100 at 15-Nov-21 5:05   Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
at Article "article "Creating Your Very Own x64 PE Packer/Protector from Scratch using C++""
by jeffie100 at 21-Oct-21 9:46  
at Article "article "Init Threads in MFC""
by jeffie100 at 12-Oct-21 8:20  
at Article "article "Multi Level Cache That Does Up To A Billion Lookups Per Second in C++""
by jeffie100 at 27-Jul-21 6:11  
at Article "technical blog "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Fourier Transform""
by jeffie100 at 10-Jun-21 5:26  
at Article "article "Writing Compiler Front-Ends for LLVM with Lua using Mewa""
by jeffie100 at 10-Jun-21 5:34  
at Article "tip/trick "Easy Trace of Function Entry and All Exits""
by jeffie100 at 2-Nov-18 4:31  
at Article "article "The Kernel-Bridge Framework""
by jeffie100 at 18-Oct-18 4:40  
at Article "Article "Circuit Engine""
by jeffie100 at 11-Oct-18 5:17  
at Article "article "Rust vs. C++ Comparison""
by jeffie100 at 29-Mar-18 5:25  
at Article "tip/trick "Memory Dump to outstream""
by jeffie100 at 13-Feb-18 17:49  
at Article "tip/trick "[VS2017] ListView Demonstration""
by jeffie100 at 4-Mar-16 11:41  
at Article "Article "Win32 SDK Propertygrid Made Easy""
by jeffie100 at 1-Mar-16 11:02  
at Article "article "Windows dialog design in C++ without dialog templates.""
by jeffie100 at 22-May-09 10:52  
at Article "Article "FIXME - A Smart FIXME macro""
by jeffie100 at 16-Mar-09 9:35  
at Article "Article "Adding scripting support to your Application using minimalistic approach""