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AnswerDatetime Pin
Manish_Kumar_Nayak6-Mar-10 0:46
MemberManish_Kumar_Nayak6-Mar-10 0:46 
AnswerRe: Datetime Pin
carlecomm7-Mar-10 14:48
Membercarlecomm7-Mar-10 14:48 
QuestionGraph/Chart control Pin
Tufail Ahmad4-Mar-10 18:08
MemberTufail Ahmad4-Mar-10 18:08 
AnswerRe: Graph/Chart control Pin
Pranay Rana4-Mar-10 19:00
professionalPranay Rana4-Mar-10 19:00 
GeneralRe: Graph/Chart control Pin
Tufail Ahmad4-Mar-10 19:11
MemberTufail Ahmad4-Mar-10 19:11 
GeneralRe: Graph/Chart control Pin
Pranay Rana4-Mar-10 19:30
professionalPranay Rana4-Mar-10 19:30 
AnswerRe: Graph/Chart control Pin
carlecomm7-Mar-10 14:50
Membercarlecomm7-Mar-10 14:50 
QuestionUser Written Functions Pin
asdrog4-Mar-10 13:37
Memberasdrog4-Mar-10 13:37 
I have a series of functions for manipulating strings, doing route distance calculations......
In ASP I wuold have placed them in an include file, linked the file and that was it.

Can anyone help me do the same in Where do I store them and how do I attach them so I can call them, idealy as a strongly typed item?

Many thanks
AnswerRe: User Written Functions Pin
FyreWyrm4-Mar-10 14:44
MemberFyreWyrm4-Mar-10 14:44 
AnswerRe: User Written Functions Pin
Abhijit Jana4-Mar-10 16:59
professionalAbhijit Jana4-Mar-10 16:59 
AnswerRe: User Written Functions Pin
Pranay Rana4-Mar-10 19:05
professionalPranay Rana4-Mar-10 19:05 
GeneralRe: User Written Functions Pin
asdrog5-Mar-10 4:09
Memberasdrog5-Mar-10 4:09 
QuestionCompare Validator Pin
FEMDEV4-Mar-10 5:23
MemberFEMDEV4-Mar-10 5:23 
AnswerRe: Compare Validator Pin
Brij4-Mar-10 5:51
mentorBrij4-Mar-10 5:51 
AnswerRe: Compare Validator Pin
Pranay Rana4-Mar-10 6:16
professionalPranay Rana4-Mar-10 6:16 
AnswerRe: Compare Validator Pin
Dinesh Mani4-Mar-10 18:08
MemberDinesh Mani4-Mar-10 18:08 
GeneralRe: Compare Validator Pin
FEMDEV4-Mar-10 23:20
MemberFEMDEV4-Mar-10 23:20 
AnswerRe: Compare Validator Pin
4anusha44-Mar-10 18:37
Member4anusha44-Mar-10 18:37 
QuestionStyling the Ajax ComboBox Pin
paper674-Mar-10 4:47
Memberpaper674-Mar-10 4:47 
AnswerRe: Styling the Ajax ComboBox Pin
Arindam Tewary4-Mar-10 22:07
professionalArindam Tewary4-Mar-10 22:07 
GeneralRe: Styling the Ajax ComboBox Pin
paper675-Mar-10 3:42
Memberpaper675-Mar-10 3:42 
Questionif/else condition in a repeater item Pin
benams4-Mar-10 2:56
Memberbenams4-Mar-10 2:56 
AnswerRe: if/else condition in a repeater item Pin
Not Active4-Mar-10 3:00
mentorNot Active4-Mar-10 3:00 
AnswerRe: if/else condition in a repeater item Pin
T M Gray4-Mar-10 5:14
MemberT M Gray4-Mar-10 5:14 
AnswerRe: if/else condition in a repeater item Pin
PunkIsNotDead4-Mar-10 11:56
MemberPunkIsNotDead4-Mar-10 11:56 

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