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GeneralHexadecimal Pin
dex_ter1126-Jan-05 23:31
Memberdex_ter1126-Jan-05 23:31 
GeneralRe: Hexadecimal Pin
toxcct27-Jan-05 0:38
Membertoxcct27-Jan-05 0:38 
GeneralCreating xml file in vc++ Pin
imajit26-Jan-05 23:14
Memberimajit26-Jan-05 23:14 
GeneralCreating xml file in vc++ Pin
Anonymous26-Jan-05 23:13
MemberAnonymous26-Jan-05 23:13 
GeneralRe: Creating xml file in vc++ Pin
RicoH27-Jan-05 1:44
MemberRicoH27-Jan-05 1:44 
Generalraw sockets Pin
2000ram26-Jan-05 23:05
Member2000ram26-Jan-05 23:05 
GeneralRe: raw sockets Pin
Antony M Kancidrowski27-Jan-05 2:04
MemberAntony M Kancidrowski27-Jan-05 2:04 
QuestionFunctions? Pin
javad_200526-Jan-05 21:41
Memberjavad_200526-Jan-05 21:41 
Hi all,
I want to create a function that returns for each
element in something...
For example like an enum and callback function(for example:
EnumWindows and etc.) for each section in an INI file I want
my function call a callback function...OK?

And I have another question:
What is SDK?(Any article for beginners?)

Best Wishes,
AnswerRe: Functions? Pin
kedar.dave27-Jan-05 1:23
Memberkedar.dave27-Jan-05 1:23 
AnswerRe: Functions? Pin
Antony M Kancidrowski27-Jan-05 2:21
MemberAntony M Kancidrowski27-Jan-05 2:21 
Generalconnecting to a database using just DSN in c/c++ Pin
D.Venkatesh26-Jan-05 20:46
MemberD.Venkatesh26-Jan-05 20:46 
GeneralRe: connecting to a database using just DSN in c/c++ Pin
David Crow27-Jan-05 4:19
MemberDavid Crow27-Jan-05 4:19 
Generalusing stdin/stdout... Pin
includeh1026-Jan-05 20:36
Memberincludeh1026-Jan-05 20:36 
QuestionHow to delete a directory including its sub-dir and files? Pin
Monisankar26-Jan-05 19:41
MemberMonisankar26-Jan-05 19:41 
AnswerRe: How to delete a directory including its sub-dir and files? Pin
geo_m26-Jan-05 21:08
Membergeo_m26-Jan-05 21:08 
AnswerRe: How to delete a directory including its sub-dir and files? Pin
David Crow27-Jan-05 4:22
MemberDavid Crow27-Jan-05 4:22 
AnswerRe: How to delete a directory including its sub-dir and files? Pin
ThatsAlok27-Jan-05 20:10
MemberThatsAlok27-Jan-05 20:10 
QuestionFunctions? Pin
dSolariuM26-Jan-05 18:49
MemberdSolariuM26-Jan-05 18:49 
AnswerRe: Functions? Pin
22491726-Jan-05 20:15
Member22491726-Jan-05 20:15 
GeneralRe: Functions? Pin
javad_200526-Jan-05 21:55
Memberjavad_200526-Jan-05 21:55 
GeneralRe: Functions? Pin
22491726-Jan-05 22:40
Member22491726-Jan-05 22:40 
GeneralDelete subdirectories and files... Pin
Monisankar26-Jan-05 18:49
MemberMonisankar26-Jan-05 18:49 
GeneralRe: Delete subdirectories and files... Pin
22491726-Jan-05 19:35
Member22491726-Jan-05 19:35 
GeneralStrange CtreeCtrl Pin
LiYS26-Jan-05 18:21
MemberLiYS26-Jan-05 18:21 
Generalprob with dns query Pin
Ankit Aneja26-Jan-05 18:18
MemberAnkit Aneja26-Jan-05 18:18 

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