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Questionneed help on creating tiff file Pin
Kiran Pinjala7-Aug-06 21:48
MemberKiran Pinjala7-Aug-06 21:48 
AnswerRe: need help on creating tiff file Pin
kakan7-Aug-06 22:04
professionalkakan7-Aug-06 22:04 
GeneralRe: need help on creating tiff file Pin
Kiran Pinjala7-Aug-06 22:48
MemberKiran Pinjala7-Aug-06 22:48 
GeneralRe: need help on creating tiff file Pin
kakan7-Aug-06 22:57
professionalkakan7-Aug-06 22:57 
Questionclick and see function? Pin
NicolNghia7-Aug-06 21:30
MemberNicolNghia7-Aug-06 21:30 
AnswerRe: click and see function? Pin
_AnsHUMAN_ 7-Aug-06 21:39
Member_AnsHUMAN_ 7-Aug-06 21:39 
AnswerRe: click and see function? Pin
Naveen7-Aug-06 21:50
MemberNaveen7-Aug-06 21:50 
QuestionCListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20067-Aug-06 20:54
MemberBravoone_20067-Aug-06 20:54 
ok the msdn library don t help me so mutch i need an example on how to find an item and subitems in CListCtrl from CEdit ! And when is find it i whant the list to be scrolled to see the rezults and the rezults must be fill in another CEdit !

Thank you ! and good luck in the future ! ... to all !


AnswerRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT7-Aug-06 21:17
MemberHamid_RT7-Aug-06 21:17 
QuestionRe: CListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20067-Aug-06 21:23
MemberBravoone_20067-Aug-06 21:23 
AnswerRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT7-Aug-06 21:35
MemberHamid_RT7-Aug-06 21:35 
GeneralRe: CListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20067-Aug-06 22:01
MemberBravoone_20067-Aug-06 22:01 
GeneralRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT7-Aug-06 22:38
MemberHamid_RT7-Aug-06 22:38 
GeneralRe: CListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20068-Aug-06 0:00
MemberBravoone_20068-Aug-06 0:00 
QuestionRe: CListCtrl [modified] Pin
Bravoone_20068-Aug-06 1:29
MemberBravoone_20068-Aug-06 1:29 
QuestionRe: CListCtrl Pin
David Crow8-Aug-06 3:09
MemberDavid Crow8-Aug-06 3:09 
AnswerRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT8-Aug-06 7:53
MemberHamid_RT8-Aug-06 7:53 
QuestionRe: CListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20068-Aug-06 19:44
MemberBravoone_20068-Aug-06 19:44 
AnswerRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT8-Aug-06 21:29
MemberHamid_RT8-Aug-06 21:29 
GeneralRe: CListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20068-Aug-06 21:49
MemberBravoone_20068-Aug-06 21:49 
GeneralRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT8-Aug-06 22:44
MemberHamid_RT8-Aug-06 22:44 
QuestionRe: CListCtrl Pin
Bravoone_20069-Aug-06 2:23
MemberBravoone_20069-Aug-06 2:23 
AnswerRe: CListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT9-Aug-06 3:04
MemberHamid_RT9-Aug-06 3:04 
QuestionDisable an Item in CListBox By Double Clicking on it Pin
georgekjolly7-Aug-06 20:25
Membergeorgekjolly7-Aug-06 20:25 
AnswerRe: Disable an Item in CListBox By Double Clicking on it Pin
Naveen7-Aug-06 20:38
MemberNaveen7-Aug-06 20:38 

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