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Newsletter - 19 Aug 2013

Most popular new articles
144 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from The Code Project.
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Site News

Congratulations to our D&B Developer Challenge Winners

The D&B Developer Challenge recently wrapped up and we were amazed with the number of excellent entries. It was a tight competition and D&B was ecstatic with your ideas and the passion you showed in this contest. In the end there was only one $15,000 grand prize to award. A big congratulations to our first place grand prize winner Ranjan.D and his through the D&B Developer Sandbox on Windows Azure to create his DNB Business Lookup and Analytics App.  

Congrats also goes out to Umar Siddiqui and his entry Phalanx Linq - Traverse Healthcare's Business Development Labyrinth for winning the second place $10,000 prize and to Tim Corey and his entry Fundraiser Focus - A D&B Project for claiming the $5,000 third place spot. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Only three days left to submit your app idea for a shot at $2,500 in early bird cash prizes

Register and enter your app idea in the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 before 11:59 pm EDT this Wednesday August 21 to be eligible for $2,500 in early bird cash prizes. Our favourite entry in each of the six categories (Entertainment, Games, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Retail) will receive a $300 prize and fourteen other app ideas will receive a $50 Honourable Mention prize.

The final Round 1 deadline to submit app idea entries is September 4. 125 CodeProject finalists will move on to Round 2 where they will receive a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 or Lenovo Horizon All-In-One tabletop PC to help code their app idea into reality for a shot at the $100,000 in cash prizes. Enter now for your chance to win

Chris Maunder

Click here The Intel Haswell Ultrabook™ Review
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Weekly Poll Results

What Operating Systems do you plan on developing against?

Survey period: 12 Aug 2013 to 19 Aug 2013

A quick straw poll. So many choices, so few hours in the day.

Android 4.X90538.59905 votes, 38.59%
Blackberry 10 / 10.11466.23146 votes, 6.23%
Chrome OS1124.78112 votes, 4.78%
Firefox OS1124.78112 votes, 4.78%
iOS 6 / 738416.38384 votes, 16.38%
Linux / Unix (any)59325.29593 votes, 25.29%
MacOS 10.8 / 10.91777.55177 votes, 7.55%
Windows 8 / 8.1119651.001196 votes, 51.00%
Windows Phone 8 51822.09518 votes, 22.09%
Other48220.55482 votes, 20.55%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

View optional text answers (587 answers)

This week's survey: Would you prefer to work in one programming language only, or many languages?

Most popular new articles

12 Aug 2013 - 18 Aug 2013


    Protecting Your Brand Against Malware Threats With Code Signing

    Today malware is big business for cyber criminals. The availability of exploitation kits, malware-as-a-service, rogue anti-malware software (AKA “scareware”), and other tools have made it too easy for unscrupulous individuals and criminal groups to infiltrate home and business computers and networks. Faced with the increasing sophistication of these threats, even the savviest computer users are getting infected. Code signing is an industry-recommended and widely-used defense against tampering, corruption, or malware infection in software...

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Latest Additions

144 articles overall. 58 new, 86 updated.

New articles added

Algorithms & Recipes


Client side scripting



  • A Coder Interview With Kunal Chowdhury - CodeProject, _ Kunal Chowdhury _
    Welcome to our continuing series of Code Project interviews in which we talk to developers about their backgrounds, projects, interests and pet peeves. In this installment we talk to Kunal Chowdhury, Microsoft MVP in Silverlight, a Telerik MVP and a Nokia Developer Champion. Oh yes, and a two-time C

  • CodeProject Interviews Microsoft's Unni Ravindranathan - Jeff Hadfield
    CodeProject's conversation with Unni Ravindranathan, Microsoft Senior Program Manager Lead, at Microsoft's Build 2013 conference.

  • CodeProject Interviews Microsoft's Habib Heydarian - Jeff Hadfield
    CodeProject's interview with Habib Heydarian, Microsoft Principal Group Program Mananger, at Build 2013.

Tablets and All-in-Ones

  • Blocked Out - Aditya Rajendra Patil
    The game in which have to remove stucked up block outside the board

  • Shopping List - Prerit Kapadia
    A simple way to buy things in super market without carrying physical cart.

  • LifeLine - Prerit Kapadia
    An app which connects Dr and patients

  • Sign2Speech - tanquist
    A multi-touch gesture language adapted from American Sign Language (ASL) that enables ASL users to communicate with hearing people.

  • See And Track your Loved Ones - yash.vakharia87
    Family member can track the ambulance and can also see their loved one with live camera setup

  • Smart Order App - Moses Pandi
    Allows customers to order food via a system rather than waiting for a waiter

  • Seismic - A Stock News App - Akshay Surve
    Seismic App is a refreshing take on consuming financial news tailored to ones investment portfolio and sectors of interest.

  • Heart Monitor App - varsha_holla
    it maintains your hearrt beat and helps you to be healthy

  • The Mothernode - Ched1980
    Four player sci-fi maze game with traps and looting and that

  • Third eye - Abhinav Mukherjee
    Braille keyboard and speech recognition app for the blind to use a tablet.

  • Hospital finder - Member 10158885

  • Ultralocal Radar & Weather Forecast - Tablet - Erik Putrycz
    Radar and ultralocal weather forecast app

  • The Parallel Universe - Abhinav Mukherjee
    MMORPG game using real world GPS coordinates

  • Financial Planner - Prerit Kapadia
    App that helps you plan you short and long term financial goals

  • Real Time Machine Translation - Moses Pandi
    Real time machine translation software intended to overcome the language barrier to communication

  • Learning Mathematic With Traditional Game 'Dakon' Indonesia - Adi Wirawan
    In this article we will describe application Dakon to learn mathematic that will embedded in Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

  • Instant Body Checkup - pallavi choudhary
    Application for instant body checkup

  • Space Jumper - Pushkar Singh
    Touch based endless running game on the Unity engine for the AIO(All-In-One) PC

  • VowExams (Education-Tablet) - Rishi Jiwrajka
    An app that would revolutionize exam writing

  • The Gym Coach - toltec77
    A gym training planner built with the personal trainer in mind

  • Portfolio Analysis Risk Tool - Member 10144101
    Portfolio Analysis Risk Tool

  • Dots and Boxes - dhaval.upadhyay
    Multi user classical Pencil and Paper game for Windows 8

  • Portal Pinball - Dave Gannon
    Portal Pinball Intel AppUp competition article

Articles updated

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes


Applications & Tools



ASP.NET Controls


  • Windows Azure Storage Extensions - Dmitry Tretyakov
    .NET library aimed for managing and querying entities from Windows Azure Storage. Contains LINQ to Azure Table provider.


Client side scripting

  • JavaScript Design Patterns - NitinSingh
    JavaScript has now emerged as the obvious language of client side web development. Right from start, browsers have introduced various features of support for accessing and modifying Document Object Model components. jQuery has abstracted most of native functionality into newer constructs and now pro

  • JavaScript Objects - Rakesh Krishna Bhatt
    Creating Objects in JavaScript

Code Generation



Design and Architecture

Game Development


  • Persian Gulf in 3D Anaglyph - Mohammad Reza Khosravi
    This application uses some simple 2D methods to make 3D scenes which can be seen with Red/Cyan Anaglyph glasses.

Grid & Data Controls



Internet / Network


List Controls

  • ListView Column Sorter - Sven So.
    A column sorter that sorts columns with strings and numbers, but also the first column on image and then on string.



  • Enhanced Scrollbar - Adam Zgagacz
    WinForms Scrollbar with enhanced properties, graphical bookmarks and value tooltips.

SQL Reporting Services

Tablets and All-in-Ones

  • NetExpresso - sunder.tinwar
    A browser which let you express yourself

  • ChronoZooms v2.1-Rise of the Big Bang Theory - Wilson PS
    How do you see time? Or better yet how do you visualize time when explaining to students about the concepts of the Big Bang theory from 13 Billion years ago? Now not only can help your students understand what 13B years ago looks like you can experience Big History in a fascinating new way.

  • Slitastic - Florian Rappl
    Creating a highly extensible presentation app with multi-user and device integration for tablets.

  • US Payroll Tax Calculator - DrABELL
    US Fed, NY State, NY City and Yonkers Employment (Payroll) Tax management system

  • MixUp Puzzle - Arpan Rank
    MixUp Puzzle! Is a Memory Power Game. It can be played by anybody especially kids.

  • eHealthCare - Ranjan.D
    An application developed for patients , providers and hospitals use to provide a better facility for hospitals , providers and patients.

  • Outlook Enterprise Connector - Mark Babayev
    Integrates Outlook 2013 with TFS and SharePoint servers

  • Jumping Buddy - Finalhit
    Arcade game for All-In-One PC

  • CoolPhone™- 8: number-to-text converter and sweepstakes engine - DrABELL
    App performs bi-idirectional phone number-to-digit conversion and could serve as a novel "CoolPhone" Lottery engine

  • Detective Denzel - Hungai Kevin
    Denzel is a detective kid who helps other kids figure out and solve problems in maths, science, languages and social studies through fun games.

  • GetSecured ! - Muhammad Shareef
    Keeping you and your data secured..

  • Inflation Calculator - DrABELL
    Adapted for Tablet PC application allowing inflation calculation on individual/aggregated products and services

  • How to Go App for Windows 8 Devices. - rjash
    The app that let you travel cheaply and comfortably.

  • Pay Ontime - Govindk-22
    Pay Ontime organizes all the payments in one place and keep tracks of paid history. This app can be useful to avoid late payments and fees

  • AI based on doubled Genetic Algorithm - Eugene Zavidovsky
    Aha, tell me, why it will not work...

  • University Mobile - anandnswamy
    Bring the latest news from four universities in Kerala.

  • Racing The Streets Live - Member 10204284
    A racing game...comes live.!!!

  • Mobile Payroll - wizardXXI
    Mexican payroll explained to American, Canadian and other foreign companies that have interests in Mexico

  • Educational Weather Application - Tablet - Erik Putrycz
    Educational Weather Application for AIC Contest - Tablet target

  • Complex Color - Grasshopper.iics
    Make your world more colorful with Fractals, Particle Drawing and Symmetric Drawing

  • PeNeLope™, Real-Time Investment Portfolio Management System - DrABELL
    Financial/investment IS to calculate P&L and multiple performance metrics: includes novel TabletPC UI


  • Engineering Calculator VOLTA-2013 - DrABELL
    Productivity software package VOLTA-2013 developed as HTML5 web application and converted into desktop installable one using Intel’s AppUp encapsulator. Application extension Jobrica-2013 utilizes geolocation/GPS service and Bing map technology to find Job Agencies in search area.

Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Phone 7/8

Windows Powershell

  • PowerShell 4.0 - What's new? - Oliver Kohl D.Sc.
    This article presents you the latest powershell technology like new or extended cmdlets, Desired State Configuration, Windows Management Framework 4.0 and more

Windows Presentation Foundation

Work Issues


  • XMLFoundation - Brian Aberle
    XMLFoundation is the fastest approach to dealing with XML and it also delivers a simple and easy to manage pattern of software development into your application.

  • Creating PDF documents from XML - Marco Merola
    Creating PDF documents from XML

New Tips and Tricks added



Macros and Add-ins

Web Services

Windows Presentation Foundation

  • WPF Drag&Drop Auto-scroll - Robert Köpferl
    Automatic scrolling while drag&drop operation in WPF. For this article the functionality is realized as an Attached Property.

Tips and Tricks updated

Algorithms & Recipes



ASP.NET Controls


Cryptography & Security

Custom Controls




Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Using Font Icons - Le Sourcier
    This tip helps in using font icons as ImageSource.

New Technical Blogs added


  • A Battle of Intellisense - Rion Williams
    This post will cover the necessary steps to allow Visual Studio to take over the Intellisense duties from Resharper if you encounter a situation where both of the applications (Visual Studio and Resharper) are "fighting" for control of the Intellisense within Visual Studio and this conflict renders

Book Reviews

C / C++ Language


Custom Controls

Design and Architecture

Document / View

Exception Handling

Game Development

  • Carcassonne scoring board application - Nikola Breznjak
    tl;dr: The link to the application and the link to source code on GitHub. Welcome First of all – hi all!, this is my first post so go easy on me I would like to give my thanks to James Clear, whose post pushed me to finally put this blog idea up and running. He […]

Internet / Network

Mobile Development

Programming Tips

  • API: Don’t Forget About The Non-Public API! - Nick Cosentino
    Background From an object oriented programming perspective, an application programming interface (API) is often referred to as the way other developers can interact with the public members of your class(es) and interface(s). Of course, API can be used to describe how one interacts with a web service

SharePoint Server

String handling

Technical Blogs updated


SharePoint Server

Windows Communication Foundation

  • WCF Throughput and Scalabilty => Which and When - NitinSingh
    The services should be always ready to process incoming requests and work with the expected load, while simultaneously ensuring to not overload server machine's resources.The scalability of a service describes how many instances are getting created based on the requirements throughput describes how

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