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Newsletter - 26 Aug 2013

Most popular new articles
156 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from The Code Project.
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Site News

The top articles of last month have been voted and given their ribbons. Well done guys - excellent stuff!

However, we've been having some serious internal (and external) debates on what makes a good competition and what's fair, and frankly, what's fun. To solve this issue - or maybe just muddy the water completely - we're having a quick straw poll to get your ideas. Please take a moment to vote and comment.

And without further ado, the winners:

Best Database article of July 2013
Espen Harlinn - DBTool – Part 2: Harlinn.Oracle
Prizes: CodeProject Mug; CodeProject Mousepad;
Best C++ article of July 2013
Nish Sivakumar - C++ 11 features in Visual C++ 2013 Preview
Prizes: Codejock Xtreme ToolkitPro; SmartOutline 2010; CryptoLicensing For MFC - Enterprise Edition; The latest C++ ebooks from informIT;
Best C# article of July 2013
Rahul Rajat Singh - An Absolute Beginner's Tutorial on Dependency Inversion Principle, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
Prizes: Shell MegaPack.Net; SmartOutline 2010; Crypto Obfuscator For .Net - Enterprise Edition; The latest C# ebooks from informIT; ActiveReports 7;
Best VB.NET article of July 2013
Kenneth Haugland - High precision native Gaussian Elimination
Prizes: Shell MegaPack.Net; SmartOutline 2010; Crypto Logger For .Net; The latest VB.NET ebooks from informIT;
Best Mobile article of July 2013
Shakeel Iqbal - Learn How to Develop Android Application
Prizes: CodeProject Mug; CodeProject Mousepad; The latest Mobile ebooks from informIT; ComponentOne Studio Enterprise;
Best Web Dev article of July 2013
Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib - Why(s) and How(s) of ASP.NET MVC: Part 2
Prizes: SmartOutline 2010; The latest Web Dev ebooks from informIT; Spread WPF-Silverlight; JArchitect;
Best overall article of July 2013
Rahul Rajat Singh - An Absolute Beginner's Tutorial on Dependency Inversion Principle, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
Prizes: CodeProject Mug; Hyper Build; Spread .NET;

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

Would you prefer to work in one programming language only, or many languages?

Survey period: 19 Aug 2013 to 26 Aug 2013

Suppose your favourite language was made available everywhere: it creates client apps, mobile apps, it powers web pages, does the database calls, handle UI layouts, or embedded development. Everything. And it was fast and efficient. Would you want just one language?

Yes, I would prefer to do everything in the same language everywhere88644.08886 votes, 44.08%
No, I prefer to use the language that best suits the specific task102551.001025 votes, 51.00%
Undecided994.9399 votes, 4.93%

This week's survey: What format for the monthly competition would you prefer?

Most popular new articles

19 Aug 2013 - 25 Aug 2013


    Protecting Your Brand Against Malware Threats With Code Signing

    Today malware is big business for cyber criminals. The availability of exploitation kits, malware-as-a-service, rogue anti-malware software (AKA “scareware”), and other tools have made it too easy for unscrupulous individuals and criminal groups to infiltrate home and business computers and networks. Faced with the increasing sophistication of these threats, even the savviest computer users are getting infected. Code signing is an industry-recommended and widely-used defense against tampering, corruption, or malware infection in software...

    Download Now

Latest Additions

156 articles overall. 47 new, 109 updated.

New articles added

.NET Framework



General Graphics

Hardware & System

Macros and Add-ins


  • SmartJob - Hamed Mosavi
    Automate tailored cover letter creation and job application.

Product Showcase

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

Tablets and All-in-Ones

Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation

Articles updated

.NET Framework

  • PVS.AVPlayer - Peter Vegter
    MCI wrapper class library for .NET developers

  • Protobuf-net: the unofficial manual - Qwertie
    Protobuf-net is a fast and complete .NET library for serialization based on Google's Protocol Buffers. And this is a really short manual.


  • AJAX DLL - Mehul M Thakkar
    .NET library to call server side method from JavaScript.

Algorithms & Recipes


Applications & Tools


C / C++ Language


  • Bulk SMS Sender - Fahad Rafiq
    Sending multiple / bulk SMS through Excel file to multiple recipients using GSM phone or GSM modem

  • My first collision algorithm - Vasily Tserekh
    Collission algorithms aren't rocket science and this article proves this idea.


Client side scripting

  • Full calendar – A complete web diary system for jQuery and C# MVC - AJSON
    Using FullCalendar, jQuery, and MVC to give your web-app ready-to-go appointment diary functionality.

  • JavaScript Design Patterns - NitinSingh
    JavaScript has now emerged as the obvious language of client side web development. Right from start, browsers have introduced various features of support for accessing and modifying Document Object Model components. jQuery has abstracted most of native functionality into newer constructs and now pro

Code Generation



  • OeLibrary 1.0 - ThatsAlok
    Opensource Outlook Express automation library


Design and Architecture

Desktop Gadgets

Game Development

General Graphics

Internet / Network


  • A Framework in C# for Fingerprint Verification - Octavio Loyola González, Miguel Angel Medina Pérez, Andres Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Milton García Borroto
    In this article, we introduce a framework in C# for fingerprint verification, we briefly explain how to perform fingerprint verification experiments and how to integrate your algorithms to the framework.


  • RaptorDB - the Document Store - Mehdi Gholam
    NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support, HQ-Branch Replication)

Tablets and All-in-Ones

  • MixUp Puzzle - Arpan Rank
    MixUp Puzzle! Is a Memory Power Game. It can be played by anybody especially kids.

  • NetExpresso - sunder.tinwar
    A browser which let you express yourself

  • Blocked Out - Aditya Rajendra Patil
    The game in which have to remove stucked up block outside the board

  • Payroll Tax Calculator - DrABELL
    US Fed, NY State, NY City and Yonkers Employment (Payroll) Tax management app

  • Shatter Ball - Sudhanshu SP Gupta
    A multilevel puzzle game to apply some arrangement through touch and click to destroy every target under given tap chances !!

  • Virtual Try On Jewellery and Place order - Aditya Rajendra Patil
    With the help of Face recognition concept added in the app Customer can try the Jewellaries like products virtually and according to their like they will place order.

  • My First Train Set - Yvan Rodrigues
    A (virtual) wooden train set for kids of all ages

  • Finance Tracker - amulya349
    Interactive finance tracking system.

  • Karaoke Star - Kfir M. From Israel
    Karaoke Star will make users rock stars by immersing them in a video clip while they sing to their favorite tune! Karaoke Star is the guitar hero of singers.

  • RUXX - Saif Al Falah
    A very novel, fun and fast paced game optimized for AIO!

  • The Maze (All-In-One Game) - ZdenekV
    The Maze - simple objective, addictive gameplay

  • Rural First - Kshitij Marwah 1
    An App for Changing the Rural India's Health

  • eHealthCare - Ranjan.D
    An application developed for patients , providers and hospitals use to provide a better facility for hospitals , providers and patients.

  • Snow Ninja - Ranjan.D
    Snow ninja is a full fledged desktop application targeted to run on multiple devices

  • Remote blackbox - Pablo Gimenez
    Remote Blackbox is an app to control and monitorize your ThinkPad while you are away.

  • MarbleStash - Anchal_Gupta
    MarbleStash is a strategy game with the objective is to capture more marbles than your opponent.

  • CoolPhone™- 8: number-to-text converter and Semaphon™ sweepstakes engine - DrABELL
    App performs bi-idirectional phone number-to-digit conversion and could serve as a novel "CoolPhone" Lottery engine

  • Detective Denzel - Hungai Kevin
    Denzel is a detective kid who helps other kids figure out and solve problems in maths, science, languages and social studies through fun games.

  • Weaver - Alexander SchuIze, Felix Herbst, Paul Kirsten
    Multi-User game for AIO where players build their own spider's web

  • Learn Alphabets and Numbers. - Sudhanshu SP Gupta
    Learn alphabets and numbers is a complete package for kids and quiz for assessment with fun!!!

  • BreaknBounce - Abhishek Nandy
    Touch break and move the game objects

  • LifeLine - Prerit Kapadia
    An app which connects Dr and patients

  • How to Go app for Windows 8 devices - rjash
    The app that let you travel cheaply and comfortably.

  • Know your Representatives - Janaki.T
    This app provides an systematic approach to connect public with their elected officials

  • Hands-on DJ - Plystire
    Hands-on DJ (working title) demonstrates the power of All-In-One capabilities in a fun, interactive, and musical way by allowing music creation through touch and gesture with visualizers to enhance the experience.

  • University Mobile - anandnswamy
    Bring the latest news from four universities in Kerala.

  • Ultralocal Radar & Weather Forecast - Tablet - Erik Putrycz
    Radar and ultralocal weather forecast app

  • Real Time Machine Translation - Moses Pandi
    Real time machine translation software intended to overcome the language barrier to communication

  • Milestones By Educational Standards - Gang_Wu
    An easy-to-use application to help parents track their children's academic performance based on the educational standards.

  • Nursing assistant - requete_af
    Windows 8 app to create nursing schedule

  • We are Special - Johnsonkevinrodgers
    Educating the "mentally disabled" children using an application.

  • Desi Games - Vinayaka Mayura
    Multiple games from India.

  • BestPick - Divya_Sankar
    Pick/Share an Offer..

Third Party Products and Tools

Threads, Processes & IPC


Web Security

Windows API

Windows Communication Foundation

  • Peer to Peer File Sharing Through WCF - Amir Jalilifard
    In this article, you are going to learn about P2P Network and Windows Communication Foundation to share your files between peers through a P2P network.

Windows Presentation Foundation

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework


C / C++ Language



Grid & Data Controls



Windows Communication Foundation

Tips and Tricks updated

Algorithms & Recipes


ASP.NET Controls

Audio and Video

C / C++ Language


Charts, Graphs and Images

Client side scripting

Cryptography & Security


Internet / Network


Other .NET Languages

  • Delta Forth .NET - Valer BOCAN
    World's first Forth compiler for the .NET platform

SharePoint Server

Threads, Processes & IPC

Windows Communication Foundation

  • WCF - A Quick Review - Bhupendra Chauhan
    This article is for those who want to revise WCF in a single go.

New Technical Blogs added

Dialogs and Windows

String handling

  • Regular Express Yourself using RegExpBuilder - Rion Williams
    This post is going to cover a new library called RegExpBuilder which aims to transform very nasty looking regular expressions into human readable-formats that can easily be built and understood.

Technical Blogs updated


  • Routing Basics in ASP.NET MVC - John Atten
    This post covers the most basic and fundamental concepts of routing as applied to the ASP.NET MVC framework.


  • Fluent interfaces and Method Chaining in C# - Shivprasad koirala
    Humans are lazy and programmers are humans J . We like things which are simplified and clean. So if you see the evolution of programming, we initially started with functional programming, and evolved towards object oriented programming.So as functional programmers where we used to remember methods a


  • Oracle Big Data - GanesanSenthilvel
    Oracle big data

  • Big Data Fourth Dimension - GanesanSenthilvel
    Big data fourth dimension - Veracity

  • Ideal data scientist - GanesanSenthilvel
    FICO, a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company, today released an infographic showing the characteristics of a good data scientist — what a Harvard Business Review article called the “sexiest job of the 21st century.”The rise of Big Data has fueled demand for data scie

  • IBM Big Data training - GanesanSenthilvel
    IBM hopes to help create the next generation of “big-data” specialists through a series of partnerships with universities around the world, as well as influence the curriculum.Nine new agreements announced Wednesday involve Georgetown University, George Washington University, Rensselaer Polytechnic

String handling

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