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The Insider - 16 Sep 2013

Why your software development process is broken
Your morning update: Daily News - Why your software development process is broken
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Industry News
It's not MySQL, it's *their*SQL
Source: ReadWrite
Seeing as how most of them are "default", it's not surprising
Source: Computerworld
Sink all your data
Source: Ed Andersen
"Trust everyone, but always cut the cards" (and buy them before the deal the wrong hand)
Source: The Verge
"One things fixed, another falls apart"
Source: ZDNet
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Developer News
I'm thinking Java's got bigger problems to worry about
Source: Infoworld
"Bless your soul, you've got you're head in the clouds. You made a fool out of you."
Source: Infoworld
It may (or may not) support programming in C#
Source: New Scientist
"It's good to be king"
Source: Information Week
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Code Project Discussions - Your say!
"On with the show, this is it"
Source: CodeProject
Hundreds of videos for your delight and edutainment
Source: CodeProject

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