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Newsletter - 30 Dec 2013

Most popular new articles
110 articles this week.
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Site News

2013 is almost feature-complete and we're now preparing for a very, very big 2014. Some of you have already been invited to take a sneak peak but even that is merely the tip of the iceberg. Let me know if you want to join the beta program.

There is one item for 2013 that does need to be completed and that's our CodeProject MVP awards. The top members will be determined January 1 and the announcements made January 2nd in the Daily Build and January the 6th in the weekly newsletter.

Speaking of top members we're proud to announce the best articles for November 2013:

Android: César de Souza,
Diego Catalano
Catalano Framework
C#: Marla Sukesh Visual studio 2012 Fakes
C++: David MacDermot Simple Grid - A Win32 message based grid control
Database: Aydin Ebrahimi Homay Build Your Own Generic Data Access Layer: Part II
Web: Colin Eberhardt Understanding JavaScript Object Creation Patterns
Mobile: Yildirim Kocdag Beyond Mobile Gestures
VB.NET: _Plutonix Selecting Form's Controls at Design Time
Overall: Marla Sukesh Visual studio 2012 Fakes

In the meantime have a safe (but maybe slightly messy) New Years and we'll see you in the New Year.

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Survey period: 23 Dec 2013 to 30 Dec 2013

Assuming you're on the Nice list.

A new smartphone or tablet 32425.27324 votes, 25.27%
A wearable computer (Google Glass, Pebble, Gear etc)1017.88101 votes, 7.88%
Consumer electronics: TV, camera, game console etc24118.80241 votes, 18.80%
A payrise and/or a promotion47436.97474 votes, 36.97%
Better work / life balance52140.64521 votes, 40.64%
More say in the decisions at work17913.96179 votes, 13.96%
A job16612.95166 votes, 12.95%
The chance to use a different or more modern programming language25219.66252 votes, 19.66%
Health and fitness gear25419.81254 votes, 19.81%
Books / eBooks36628.55366 votes, 28.55%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

This week's survey: Will next year be better than this year?

Most popular new articles

23 Dec 2013 - 29 Dec 2013


    The Essential Guide to Mobile App Testing: Tips for Developers in USA & Canada

    Despite the ever-changing mobile landscape, there are some constants in the realm of mobile app quality – and many of them can be found in the following pages. Designed to help orgs of all sizes – from ten-person startups to dev agencies to in-house teams at global brands – this eBook will dispel some common myths about mobile app testing and outline several proven strategies to help you deal with mobile’s exhaustive test matrix.

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Latest Additions

110 articles overall. 79 new, 31 updated.

New articles added

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes



Audio and Video

  • Camera_Net Library - free5lot
    Camera in .NET application using .NET library (DirectShow).


Charts, Graphs and Images

Client side scripting


Design and Architecture


SharePoint Server

Smart Client

Static & Panel Controls

Web Services

Articles updated

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes




Design and Architecture

Edit Controls

Files and Folders



Tablets and All-in-Ones

  • Augmented World - Grasshopper.iics
    Augmented World is an animation app that allows you to create animation movies by augmenting yourself into the scene

  • Datafly - Grasshopper.iics
    Is your business getting hampered due to documentation load? Switch to Datafly


Windows Presentation Foundation

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework


Algorithms & Recipes



Cross Platform


Desktop Gadgets



  • Quick Tip: Java Stored Procedures in Oracle – Reading Content - Sam Varadarajan
    This post is about how to get the contents of a resource file that is loaded into Oracle as part of Java Stored Procedures package. I’ve recently posted about Java Stored Procedures in general here. While working on enhancing some Java procedures, I added a simple Java logger class, fashioned




Office Development

Programming Tips

Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Runtime

Windows Security

Tips and Tricks updated

.NET Framework


ASP.NET Controls

Desktop Gadgets


Internet / Network

Windows Presentation Foundation

New Technical Blogs added

.NET Framework

  • Injecting code into .NET applications - Sebastian Solnica
    In this post I will present you my MDbg plugin (includes a command: inject) that adopts the funceval API and an example diagnostics case in which I used it.

Applications & Tools


C / C++ Language

  • Template Meta-Programming - Paul Watt
    Template meta-programming is the practice of using templates to generate types and functions to perform computations at compile-time and generate programs.


  • Yield! Reconsidering APIs with Collections - Nick Cosentino
    In this article, I’d like to go over a couple of different approaches for an API and then explain why the yield keyword might be something you consider next time around.


Grid & Data Controls

  • Data Optimization Using Data Request Objects Implementing IEquatable - newkie
    Anyone who has written enterprise software often knows an ideal design and a linear code path are not too common. Even if you are the architect of your application that doesn’t save you from the hoops you must jump through to connect and interact with other systems in your enterprise’s e

Hardware & System

  • Ubuntu in action… – NDAS - Sam Varadarajan
    Last week, my Windows PC stopped working. (I have to look into it later). At the moment, I am working with my taxes and I needed some files from the old machine, desperately. Luckily, I’ve been backing up. For this, I use IOCell Networks (also Ximeta)1, NetDisk. NetDisk is a Network Direct Att


Parallel Programming

    ABSTRACT This article comprises a detailed overview of the various multicore and parallel programming options available within the C# programming language.  In addition, other programming languages and libraries which support multicore programming such as OpenMp, Thread Building Block, Message Passi

SharePoint Server

SQL Reporting Services

  • Oracle SQL*PLUS: How to silence SQL*Plus - Sam Varadarajan
    While researching about Oracle Command Line parameters, stumbled on the following question. The OP is asking how to silence SQL*Plus, so he/she could turn off all the prompts coming out in the log. The simple answer is, using command line option -S, like thi

  • Oracle: Forward Slash in SQL*Plus – Take 2 - Sam Varadarajan
    Take 2? I posted about Forward slash in Oracle SQL before. I even went back and updated it a few times based on the traffic. Believe it or not, I still get a lot of traffic to this blog site solely based on this one little topic!! So, I thought I would spend a little […]

Uncategorised Quick Answers

  • Quick Tip: tnsping - Sam Varadarajan
    Tnsping is a nice little utility that comes with Oracle. Lot of developers don’t know about this. If you have SQL*Plus available on your machine, chances are you also have tnsping. You can use this tool to troubleshoot Oracle connectivity issues, sort of like ping for TCP/IP. To use it, just t

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • Arrays and Pointers - Eric Z (Jing)
    I list various array-and-pointer-problems I heard or I met by myself. They’re so basic and important that they worth a detailed discussion. Can a const be an array bound? It depends. Just like C89, C++ requires that the number of … Continue reading →

  • C Struct Hack - Eric Z (Jing)
    This blog introduces struct hack and compares it with several implementation alternatives. A typical C struct hack is a struct whose last element is an array of size one. The trick is to allocate more memory than sizeof (Foo), and … Continue reading →

  • Sign extension of C++ pointer: the cause of NIC’s failure to send packets - Eric Z (Jing)
    I’ve been working on a NIC driver project on Pharlap. Due to some cause, it can’t send out any packets. I took some time troubleshooting the problem and finally it turned out to be the incorrect setting of the following … Continue reading →

  • Netgear Router issue - Sam Varadarajan
    I’ve been having issue with the router on and off. It’s a decent router: Netgear WNDR3400. It used to work fine with Charter earlier. Since we recently moved and started using Time Warner cable service, we have had a strange issue. The computer would connect to Internet fine, if I connec

  • HW: Salvage a smoked hard disk - Sam Varadarajan
    I admit. I have old PCs hanging around. I know it’s hoarding, but you may need something from it, some day! Like the one with Windows 2000. I recently decided to get rid of it. But, I wanted to move the programs and data from the hard disk to a new one, so I can […]

  • (a |= b) Is Not Equal to (a = a | b) ? - Eric Z (Jing)
    I’m trouble-shooting a driver of Intel network interface card(NIC) on pharlap which can’t send Ethernet packets out successfully. I track it down to the following code. If the following code is used instead, the problem is gone. Frankly, I can’t … Continue reading →

  • Oracle: Commit and Forward Slash - Sam Varadarajan
    Further to my post earlier about DDL and Forward Slash, I would like to explain Forward slash’s role (or lack thereof) in other scenarios. One such scenario people seem to get confused with is COMMIT. They seem to want to find some type of connection between the two. Let me say it upfront, the

  • Oracle: DDL and Forward Slash - Sam Varadarajan
    In this blog,  I write about various technologies I come across. Only a few topics seem to get a lot of attention. One of them happens to be Forward slash in (Oracle) SQL. I’ve already posted about this here and here. When I look at the search terms that lead to my site, I sense a lack […

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery For GitHub With TeamCity - Mehdi Khalili
    This is an end to end tutorial for setting up Continuous Integration (AKA CI) and Continuous Delivery (AKA CD) for a GitHub project using TeamCity.This is the technology stack I am using in the project, Humanizer, for which I am setting up the TeamCity project:.Net: the programming language used for

Web Services

  • Performing CRUD operations using ASP.NET Web API - Part 1 - Imran Abdul Ghani
    In one of my previous articles, I explained 3 simple steps to create your first ASP.NET Web API service. In this article, I'll try to perform all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations using Microsoft ASP.NET Web API.I already has discussed that ASP.NET Web API is a framework that simplifies

Windows Presentation Foundation

Technical Blogs updated



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