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Newsletter - 17 Mar 2014

Most popular new articles
129 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Site News

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! May your day be green, lightly hopped and free from snakes.

This week we'll be releasing more changes to ::Workspaces to opening up some of our own internal workspaces so you can play around with it a little more.

As a quick recap: source code for all articles is now being stored in a Git repository, 1 per article, and each article now also has a dedicated Task tracking page where users can post their bugs and suggestions for articles. These two applications (and a third app coming this week) are a "workspace", and allow authors to manage articles outside of the traditional CodeProject UI using their favourite Git client.

The task tracker is simply brilliant (but hey, I'm biased), and we're using it internally and also publicly for CodeProject's Bugs and Suggestions.

The fun bit is you can create your own Workspaces outside of an article, and have as many Git repositories and Task lists as you wish.

We would love your feedback, ideas, things that bug you, things you need - anything. Post your thoughts.

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

Do you fix co-workers' bugs?

Survey period: 10 Mar 2014 to 17 Mar 2014

Someone else's bug can either be a relief or a serious impediment to your day.

No. You broke it you fix it.593.4059 votes, 3.40%
No, fixing it won't help them learn301.7330 votes, 1.73%
Not unless I'm told to1126.46112 votes, 6.46%
Sometimes - Depends on my mood905.1990 votes, 5.19%
Sometimes - depends whose bug it is704.0470 votes, 4.04%
Sometimes.27015.58270 votes, 15.58%
Yes if the bug is stopping my own progress29517.02295 votes, 17.02%
Yes if the bug is stopping someone else's progress1468.42146 votes, 8.42%
Yes66138.14661 votes, 38.14%

This week's survey: What's better: Coding solo or as part of a team?

Most popular new articles

10 Mar 2014 - 16 Mar 2014


    Insider Secrets for Agile: A Survival Guide for Project Managers in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands

    More and more organizations in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands are adopting Agile methods to help manage complex work and improve project delivery. Whether you’re a Project or Product Manager, Team Leader, Technical Lead, CTO, President or CEO, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on this guide that is packed with everything you need to understand about how to work in Agile environments. This guide provides tips for using Agile approaches to plan, manage, and deliver high-value work. You'll learn more about the differences...

    Download Now

Latest Additions

129 articles overall. 95 new, 34 updated.

New articles added

.NET Framework


Bugs & Workarounds

  • What is F#? - EastBancTech
    The ability of F# to describe business problems more accurately than C# makes it an ideal candidate for server side applications.

C / C++ Language

  • Video Capture using OpenCV with VC++ - SOHAM GANDHI
    It is simple video capture application using Windows form with VC++. This project demonstrate, Configuration VC++ for Opencv as well as create windows form application.



Design and Architecture

Hardware & System


Other .NET Languages

Product Showcase

  • Displaying an Organisation Chart from AD in SharePoint - TeamImprover
    Using AD as a source for your organisation chart is useful if you have deployed the foundation version of SharePoint but wish to maintain a centralised organisation chart with other applications. This article tells you how.

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

Windows Presentation Foundation

Articles updated

Algorithms & Recipes


C / C++ Language


Custom Controls


Design and Architecture

Files and Folders

Hardware & System


String handling

Tools and IDE

  • Sharpening Notepad++ - Oleg Shilo
    This article describes the CS-Script C# Intellisense plugin for Notepad++ (CSScriptNpp).

VB6 Interop

Windows Presentation Foundation

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework


Algorithms & Recipes


C / C++ Language


Client side scripting


Edit Controls

Exception Handling

Files and Folders

Grid & Data Controls




Programming Tips

Tablets and All-in-Ones


  • WPF - Multiple Validation on Single Control - Rohit Dot net
    Validation control with a single validation rule is easy, but what if we need to validate a control using different validation rules. This article tells how to achieve multiple validation on single control in an easy and systematic way.

Web Services

Windows Powershell

Windows Runtime

  • Animated Splash Screen in Windows Store - Malak Zia Nasir, Hana Ali Pacha
    Windows Store Apps have a boring image as splash screen by default. This article show you how to override the default splash sreen with an animated one.

Tips and Tricks updated

.NET Framework



Hardware & System

Programming Tips

New Technical Blogs added

Applications & Tools

  • Introduction to Scaling PHP Applications – Part 2 -
    This was originally posted on the Keyhole Software blog on 11/25/2013. This is the second blog in a two-part series on scaling PHP applications. The first blog in the series focused on replacing Apache+mod_php with Nginx+PHP-FPM. This blog will go into advanced topics that need consideration when mo

  • Introduction to Scaling PHP Applications – Part 1 -
    This was originally posted on the Keyhole Software blog on 11/18/2013. This is the first blog in a two-part series on scaling PHP applications. Part one will focus on replacing Apache while part two will go into more advanced topics such as Master-Master replication and session storage. Introduction


  • Model Validation in ASP.NET Web API - Imran Abdul Ghani
    In my previous articles, I discussed about MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture as well as its implementation in details. I am expecting that the reader of this article already understand about the role of Model in an ASP.NET MVC application. Model in MVC is basically a representation of our dat


Client side scripting

  • JavaScript Logging - Markus Greuel
    A simple JavaScript logger, supporting multiple appenders (console & service)

Code Generation

Custom Controls

Date and Time

  • Formatting Date, Number Data on BCS OOB Business Data List Webpart - abin jaik
    SharePointers, Recently I came across an interesting issue/requirement with our Business Data List WebPart. The issue is “Data fetched from an External datasource via  BCS (External Content Type) need to be displayed on OOB Business DataList Webpart with proper formatting and  sorting”.

Dialogs and Windows

  • Kinect for Windows version 2: Body tracking - Vangos Pterneas
    NOTE: This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change. In my previous blog post, I show you how to display the color, depth and infrared streams of Kinect version 2 by transforming the raw binary data into Windows bitmaps. This time, we’ll dive into


  • Disable Local Workspaces in TFS 2013 - Jeremy A. Wilson
    CodeProject table.customTable1 { width: 90%; border-collapse: collapse; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px; } .customTable1 thead { background-color: #e8e8e9; } .customTable1 td { border: 1px solid #979797; padding-left: 4px; padding-right: 4px; padding-bot

Other .NET Languages

  • F#8 Discriminated Unions - Sacha Barber
      OK so our F# journey continues. We have looked at some of the basic building block types such as Records/Tuples, it is now time to look at Discriminated Unions. Discriminated unions provide support for values that can be one of a number of possible values. The possible values are known as “union c

  • Advanced Debugging Techniques In JavaScript – Part 2 -
    This blog was original posted on Keyhole Software’s blog on 2/10/2014. Introduction Writing Part 2 of this series has been really exciting. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who’ve read Part 1. This post will be more hands-on than the previous, so be ready for scre

Parallel Programming

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

  • Get yer Git on - BC3Tech
    One of the more interesting aspects of moving to VisualStudio Online for my source control and builds when I did it was seeing that I now had the choice between TFS Version Control (TFSVC) and Git to use as my source control. At that time I had never used Git. However, when I saw this […]CodeP

  • Advanced Debugging Techniques in JavaScript – Part 3 -
    This blog was original posted on the Keyhole Software blog on 3/3/2014. Overview This is the third part in my series on Advanced Debugging Techniques in JavaScript. Part 1 introduced Validate Your Assumptions, Binary Search, and the debugger statement. Part 2 covered Bottom-Up debugging, Top-Down de

  • Advanced Debugging Techniques in JavaScript – Part 1 -
    This was originally published in the Keyhole Software blog on 1/6/2014. Introduction I was a terrible debugger when I first started programming. I could tell an issue was happening, but it always took me a long time to track down where and why it was happening. Even in a strongly-typed language like

SharePoint Server

  • More SharePoint 2013 Setup Tidbits - James Carr (Crashcarr)
    I have continued with my first SharePoint 2013 server setup and wanted to post some more items that worked for me to get some things configured for my environment. Check out my previous post for more tips. Changing the Favicon A little branding item that can prove to be useful in helping your ShareP

  • Translating Text (NOT regular files & sites) using SharePoint 2013 Machine Translation Service Application - abin jaik
    Sharepointers, Recently I came across a very simple requirement from our customer to create a ‘Plain text translation utility Webpart’ on our SharePoint 2013 portal. Presently we have components related to document translation, which is sole purpose of SP 2013 Machine Translation Service

  • Organization/Hierarchy Chart on SharePoint (using jquery, Javascipt-CSOM) - abin jaik
    Hi developers, This time I have a very interesting stuff for you guys. Few days back I got a tricky requirement from one of my customers , its about populating their organizational structure dynamically on their  SharePoint Intranet site without any server side components /Code. Means – there

Site & Server Management

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • How to Download a Large File from a WCF Service? - Imran Abdul Ghani
    How to download a large file from a WCF service

  • F#9 : Option types - Sacha Barber
    If C# there is a concept of null for reference types and Nullable class for value types (structs). For value type this can take one of the following 2 forms (for demo purposes I am using a int type here, but the type could be any value type) Nullable int?   These are both equivalent. […]

  • Virtual Keyboard in iOS - Part 2 - Leonardo Paneque
    Virtual Keyboard in iOS - Part 2

  • Word Completion Module In C# - Arpit Jain
    Introduction In this article I’ll explain how to implement word completion feature. This feature is very popular and very useful and comes with most good text editors (Don’t count the … Continue reading →

  • Three Stages of an Argument -
    Discussions at work can sometimes get heated. We’ve all been in a situation where something we’re passionate about is being discussed. Be it a project we’ve poured our hearts into, or a proposal that is being negatively received. It’s very difficult to keep a clear head when

  • Create a Simple Responsive website using Node, Express, Bootstrap and Jade Part3 - corol1234
    If you are directly landing on this page, please read my previous articles part2 CodeProject You can download the source code here for reference. okay, now we are ready with the basic folder structure in hand, here is what I want you to do. Go to the routes folder, remove the existing files in the .

  • using / namespace - Paul Watt
    using and namespace are two of the most useful C++ keywords when it comes to simplifying syntax, and clarifying your intentions with the code. You should understand the value and flexibility these constructs will add to your software and it maintenance. The benefits are realized in the form of orga

  • Negatively Helpful -
    As I get older, I become more and more aware of the mistakes I make on a daily basis. It is three or four times as frustrating when I make a mistake than when I see someone else make the same one. It’s shocking to think of how little I actually knew about the world […]The post Negatively

  • Complexity, Autonomy, and Proximity to Rewards -
    Most of the programmers I know spend their free time thinking about programming. How to code something more efficiently, when to use one algorithm versus another, and other topics are what interest them most. Thinking about programming all the time is fine for most coders, but for me I want to get b

  • Hosting Node Express Responsive website in Heroku Cloud - corol1234
    Please read my previous article Simple Website Creation using node express bootstrap jade if you are interested. CodeProject you can download the code here It was wonderful ride for me to host the site in Heroku, of course I had to little tweak my code, but over all the experience was great. Here I

  • Create a Simple Responsive website using Node, Express, Bootstrap and Jade Part2 - corol1234
    Before reading this post please read my previous article part1 . CodeProject you can download the code here Assuming you are done reading the above article, we proceed with the website creation. Time to set up the express. First create a folder called, SityRoute which our website directory, any wher

Technical Blogs updated

Other .NET Languages

  • F# 1 : Hello World - Sacha Barber
    So this is the 1st post in my F# series. So what are we going to cover then? Well as many programmers well know, it is customary to start with a “Hello World” example. So we will be doing just that. So without further ado, what does it take to create a stand alone “Hello […]

  • F#2 FSI Environment - Sacha Barber
    As most of you know I am a C# kind of guy.  So whenever I want to do a bit of mucking about where I just want to try something out I will typically just spin up an instance of LINQPad and try stuff out in there. If things grow too much and I need […]

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