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Newsletter - 24 Mar 2014

Most popular new articles
125 articles this week.
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Site News

Help us write the Beginners Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 and win a Nexus 7

Want a brand spanking new Google Nexus 7 tablet? It's been awhile since we hosted a good old-fashioned developer showdown, so this week we're launching a new article competition to help us complete a 12-part Beginners Guide to HTML5 and CSS3.

Each Monday for the next six weeks we'll release two article titles and corresponding descriptions of the subjects that should be covered in each. You have until the following Sunday to write the best tutorial you can on one of those given subjects for your shot at some great prizes. Full details and descriptions of this week's article tutorials you've been tasked to write can be found on the contest page.

Speaking of contests, here are February's monthly article competition winners. Congrats to all!

C# Winner OriginalGriff Using struct and class - what's that all about?
  Runner-up Pranay Rana Dependency Injection For Beginner - I
C++: Winner shailesh91082 Part 4: Windows Debugging Techniques - Debugging Memory Leaks (Perfmon)
  Runner-up Elmue vmime.NET - Smtp, Pop3, Imap Library (for C++ and .NET)
Database: Winner Paulo Zemek DbReaderGenerator Library
  Runner-up Sandeep Singh Shekhawat A Simple MVC Application using LINQ to SQL
Web Dev: Winner Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days - Day 5
  Runner-up Mahsa Hassankashi Real Time Web Solution for Chat by MVC SignalR Hub
Mobile: Winner Joel Ivory Johnson Controlling a R.C. Car with Windows Phone and Bluetooth
  Runner-up Paul Lawitzki Android Sensor Fusion Tutorial
VB.NET: Winner Sacha Barber A Look At NServiceBus Sagas
  Runner-up Duncan Edwards Jones Test driven development example - CUSIP validation
"Everything Else"  Winner Dan Thyer Home Automation with Microsoft Kinect Point Cloud and Speech Recognition
  Runner-up Chris Boss Smaller, Faster, with Windows programming

Chris Maunder

Weekly Poll Results

What's better: Coding solo or as part of a team?

Survey period: 17 Mar 2014 to 24 Mar 2014

A team means you have to fix someone else's bugs. Coding solo means you have to write all the bugs yourself.

I prefer Solo always43820.59438 votes, 20.59%
Solo for small projects, a team for big projects82738.88827 votes, 38.88%
Solo for big projects, a team for smaller projects80.388 votes, 0.38%
I prefer working in a Team always23411.00234 votes, 11.00%
I have no preference914.2891 votes, 4.28%
It depends on the team, the project, the weather, my mood...52924.87529 votes, 24.87%

This week's survey: Has working at a computer all day caused health issues?

Most popular new articles

17 Mar 2014 - 23 Mar 2014


    Agile at the Team Level (Companion Guide to “Insider Secrets for Agile: A Survival Guide for Project Managers)

    The benefits of Agile are multi-dimensional. But the most important change is that it focuses the entire organization on meaningful delivery to the customer. This guide, which is meant as a companion resource to “Insider Secrets for Agile: A Survival Guide for Project Managers in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands” (also available in the CodeProject Research Library), is packed with proven planning techniques, agendas, and real-world advice from experts and peers to help you quickly grasp and apply the principles of Agile.

    Download Now

Latest Additions

125 articles overall. 88 new, 37 updated.

New articles added





ASP.NET Controls

C / C++ Language

  • O(1) Object Pool in C++ - Paulo Zemek
    A C++ memory/object pool that's always O(1) for allocations and deallocations.



Grid & Data Controls





Parallel Programming

Product Showcase

Uncategorised Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 Design

  • Redesign Your iPad* App for Windows* 8 - Jorge_Toro
    The following case study is intended to help you understand the anatomy of a Windows* Store app as well as the design challenges involved in the migration of an existing iOS iPad app to a Windows 8 app.

  • Porting iOS* Apps to Windows* 8 - Overview - Jorge_Toro
    This article will serve as a foundation for other articles that delve into more advanced topics in porting iOS apps to Windows 8.

  • Handling touch input in Windows* 8 Applications - Xavier_H
    With the growing number of devices supporting touch, handling the touch interaction method in your applications is more and more important.

Windows API

Windows Runtime

Articles updated

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes



C / C++ Language

  • Video Capture using OpenCV with VC++ - SOHAM GANDHI
    It is simple video capture application using Windows form with VC++. This project demonstrate, Configuration VC++ for Opencv as well as create windows form application.


  • m.Facebook with C# - dot net tech
    Performs basic function on your Facebook Profile from C# code without use of Facebook API


Design and Architecture


  • Ultimate Tower Defense - Florian Rappl
    Creating a tower defense game from scratch with web technologies.

  • HTML5 Event Calendar/Scheduler - Dan Letecky
    Weekly HTML5 event calendar with CSS themes, drag and drop support, date navigator. PHP/AJAX and ASP.NET MVC backends.

Internet / Network

  • fastJSON - Mehdi Gholam
    Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4 and MonoDroid support)

  • Google Translator - Ravi Bhavnani
    An object that harnesses the power of Google's online natural language translation tools.

  • UniversalSerializer - Christophe Bertrand
    A universal and easy serializer for .NET.

  • fastBinaryJSON - Mehdi Gholam
    A binary JSON serializer based on fastJSON (support for MonoDroid)


  • g2log: An efficient asynchronous logger using C++11 -
    Don't let slow disk access bog your logger down. By using the g2log asynchronous logger you will remove the wait bottlenecks while it has the reliability of a *traditional* logging library.

Parallel Programming


Tools and IDE

  • Sharpening Notepad++ - Oleg Shilo
    This article describes the CS-Script C# Intellisense plugin for Notepad++ (CSScriptNpp).

Tree Controls

Windows API

Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation

Work Issues

  • Minimalist Coding Guidelines - gggustafson
    This article presents a set of language agnostic coding guidelines; code produced using these guidelines will be more maintainable than code written without using these guidelines.


  • XMLFoundation - Brian Aberle
    XMLFoundation is the fastest approach to dealing with XML and it also delivers a simple and easy to manage pattern of software development into your application.

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework



Audio and Video

Book Reviews


Client side scripting


General Graphics

List Controls


Windows Phone 7/8

Tips and Tricks updated


Office Development

Programming Tips

New Technical Blogs added

.NET Framework



Book Reviews


  • Working with Visual Basic database connection - Sharjeel_Ahmad
    It is pretty fun to work with Visual Basic database programming.  You can incorporate database contents in your application with the help of easy to use Wizard in Microsoft Visual …The post Working with Visual Basic database connection appeared first on Bubble Blog.

Dialogs and Windows

  • Windows :xRDP to Ubuntu - Vidyasagar MSC
    In my technical journey,my next goal is to master BIG DATA and NoSQL. With the support of my manager and a colleague, we received 5 Linux  Virtual Machines from the IT Team (3 of them running CENTOS 6.5  and  2 running UBUNTU). Our personal/official Laptops run on Windows 8/8.1.So our pre-requisite

  • Getting started with Nodejitsu on Windows by deploying a MEN framework - Nikola Breznjak
    Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Nodejitsu or any of the frameworks that I listed below in the post. I’m just documenting my experience with them – problems (and solutions) I’ve faced while trying these new technologies on a Windows machine. MEN – MongoDB, Express, Node.js, and if you

  • Kinect for Windows version 2: Hand tracking - Vangos Pterneas
    NOTE: This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change. Kinect is awesome for body tracking, but Kinect version 2 is more than finding the human joints positions. Today we’ll see how we can track hands and thumbs and specify the hands’ state. In

Game Development

  • An Interesting List of Development Stuff (March 2014) - Rion Williams
    In this St. Patrick’s day installment of an Interesting List of Development Stuff, we dive into a more .NET-centric approach (with a majority of the topics at least being in the realm of .NET) but as usual, there should be something for everyone. The Roslyn compiler continues to make waves and

Grid & Data Controls

  • Cancel GridView Edit on Escape Key Press - Tadit Dash
    This is one interesting research resulting a Trick to Cancel the GridView Editing Mode, when you press the Escape Key. Many guys asked this question in forums and those are still unanswered.


  • Javascript and CSS file versioning - Bibhu Dutta
    Lately, I was in conversation with our QA lead, which made us realize of an issue that, certainly will cause inconvenience to the end users of the web application on which we are working on. Although the issue is very … Continue reading →

Other .NET Languages

  • Unit Test Frameworks - Paul Watt
    If you ask a group of 10 software engineers to develop unit tests for the same object, you will end up with 10 unique approaches to testing that object. Now imagine each engineer was given a different object. This was my experience with unit testing before I discovered how useful and how much more v

Programming Tips

  • Advice for those just starting out in Software Development - TerranceSmith
    CodeProject So this is a question that a friend asked me in an email. I though it was worth sharing.Hey, how are you? I hope everything is going well for you. Im writing for advice or suggestions. I started taking classes for programming. I was wondering if there is anything languages I should reall

Progress Controls

  • Visual Basic Progress Bar control - Sharjeel_Ahmad
    Visual Basic Progress Bar control provides the coolest way to show the progress of any background activity. It is good idea to show the progress to the end user when …The post Visual Basic Progress Bar control appeared first on Bubble Blog.

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

  • Deploying MongoDB and Node.js application on OpenShift - Nikola Breznjak
    This is a post about getting started with OpenShift Online on a Windows machine by deploying a MongoDB, Node.js and RockMongo application for free. The reason why this wasn’t a title is that it’s just too darn long . Cool, with getting that off my chest, we can now start… OpenShift

Shell and IE programming

  • StackOverflow is the Wikipedia of Programming -
    Yesterday, I saw some unusual behavior in IE. I had a window.onbeforeunload set and added href=”javascript:void(0);” to an anchor tag. This works fine in Chrome, but in Internet Explorer the onbeforeunload message gets triggered. The only way I could accomplish what I needed was by addin

Social Network APIs

  • Introduction to Network Alchemy - Paul Watt
    While many of the principles of developing robust software are easy to explain, it is much more difficult to know how and when to apply these principles. Practice and learning from mistakes is generally the most productive way to understand these principles. However, it is much more desirable to und

Testing and QA

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • Nourishing Innovation -
    Nourishing innovation

  • F#10 : Lists - Sacha Barber
    Any serious programming you do in any language will always involve lists. As such you will be pleased to know that F# has very very good support for Lists, by way of its List module. A list in F# is an ordered, immutable series of elements of the same type.   Creating Lists In F# […]

  • My Performance Budget -
    I’m a big fan of Brad Frost. He has tremendously great ideas that I try to incorporate to my daily tasks. One of his best is the idea that performance is an essential part of a product’s design. I read a lot, and I like to look for patterns in the things that I read. […]The post My

  • #javascript Require.js vs CommonJS / AMD modules and #angularjs - aetheon
    #javascript Require.js vs CommonJS / AMD modules and #angularjs

  • How to create Visual Basic Context Menu Strip - Sharjeel_Ahmad
    Today we will have a look at Visual Basic Context Menu design. Context Menus always come handy for providing quickly accessible options to the end user. Follow the simple steps …The post How to create Visual Basic Context Menu Strip appeared first on Bubble Blog.

  • Visual Basic NotifyIcon for Taskbar Notification - Sharjeel_Ahmad
    Taskbar notifications give nice touch to user interface design. Visual Basic NotifyIcon is the right control to implement taskbar notifications. To begin with, Place a NotifyIcon control on your Form1 …The post Visual Basic NotifyIcon for Taskbar Notification appeared first on Bubble Blog.

  • ComboBox DataSource Binding in Visual Basic - Sharjeel_Ahmad
    ComboBox DataSource Binding in Visual Basic

  • My Performance Budget Continued -
    In my previous post, I talked about the performance budget for my website. My goal is to load from a cold cache in two seconds. From a primed cache, just one second. Before optimizations, I was at seven seconds. I haven’t been working with WordPress for very long, but I have a gut feeling that

  • Nourising Innovation Continued -
    In my previous post, I talked about how creating order from chaos can lend itself towards innovation. It was inspired by this quote from a book I’m currently reading: “Careful planning was, indeed, the water that nourished innovation.” Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, page 412 The patte

  • The Accidental Standard - Zac Gery
    The accidental standard is a pervasive issue in software development circles. As groups and products grow in size and complexity, it's common for people to use their best judgment when making decisions. This trust is a vital olive branch in team building and group dynamics. But as time marches on, a

  • Have your foot in the door with Delegate and Events - RizviHasan
    Delegate and events are one of the most used techniques in a program. To my opinion people use them most but writes them the least. Recently one of my junior asked me about an explanation about delegate and event and this is the reason why I am here sitting and writing for the next generation [̷


Windows Communication Foundation

  • WCF 3.5 Vs WCF 4.0 Vs WCF 4.5 - Imran Abdul Ghani
    In this WCF tutorial, we will see the new and important features introduced in different versions of Windows Communication Foundation starting from WCF 3.5, 4.0 to WCF 4.5.What's New in WCF v3.5WCF support for REST Style Services by introducing Web programming model using rich features of HTTP inste

  • What's new in WCF v4.5 - Imran Abdul Ghani
    In part-1 of this WCF Tutorial series, we have gone through new features introduced in Windows Communication Foundation v3.5 and v4.0. In this part, we will highlight new features of WCF 4.5.New Features in WCF v4.5Simplified Generated Configuration files, generated configuration file on client will

Windows Phone 7/8

Windows Runtime

  • Deploying to Nodejitsu from Windows machine - Nikola Breznjak
    Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Nodejitsu or I’m just documenting my experience with them – problems (and solutions) I’ve faced while trying these new technologies on a Windows machine. Great, with that off my chest, we can now start. This is a successor po

Windows Security

  • Windows Server 2012 RDS and Windows Mobile: connection error - hjgode
    For whatever reason MS decided to make Windows 2012 RDS (former Terminal Services, now Remote Desktop Services) not compatible with Windows Mobile 6.x and other Windows CE 5.0 based handheld devices. Fortunately, if you activated Remote Desktop License Server using ‘Web Browser’ method,

Technical Blogs updated

SharePoint Server

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