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Newsletter - 09 Jun 2014

Contour Analysis for Image Recognition in C#
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The Internet of Things is getting interesting.

Pretty much everyone is talking about the Internet of Things these days and we're watching the rumour mills eagerly to see the latest and greatest Things that we can start programming against. The Big Guys are, in turn, eagerly watching us developers to see what we can turn out and Samsung is no exception with their Gear App Challenge with it's insane $1.25 Million in prizes.

Our very own Pete O’Hanlon has put together this great article on programming with the Gear 2 with lots of great screenshots, code snippets and examples. We love seeing our members win ridiculously big prize pools so to give you an extra edge in Samsung’s Gear App Challenge we're giving away 5 Gear 2 Neo smart watches. Two are already spoken for, with congratulations to Rumnha for snagging the second. There are just three watches left so register for the Gear 2 Giveaway now for your chance to win one!

Chris Maunder

Weekly Poll Results

Will you buy a smartwatch or pair of smartglasses this year?

Survey period: 2 Jun 2014 to 9 Jun 2014

They are coming out of the woodwork. The question is, though: do you want one.

Yes684.2468 votes, 4.24%
Probably865.3686 votes, 5.36%
Not sure1227.61122 votes, 7.61%
Probably not26216.34262 votes, 16.34%
No106566.441065 votes, 66.44%

This week's survey: What source code control system do you use?

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2 Jun 2014 - 8 Jun 2014


Latest Additions

160 articles overall. 115 new, 45 updated.

New articles added

.NET Framework


Algorithms & Recipes



C / C++ Language


Client side scripting

Combo & List Boxes

  • ExCB - Extended Multi Column ComboBox - Avelino Ferreira
    Presenting an easy-to-use, flexible, filterable ComboBox, managing various data types (including images), also sortable, resizable and reordable columns

Design and Architecture

  • Yet Another Lesson about Design Patterns - Bilel Msekni
    When should you switch from factory pattern to decorator pattern?

  • DOP and DVMH - Paulo Zemek
    This article talks about Distributable Observable POCOs and an MVVM-like design pattern built to take full advantage of them.

Dialogs and Windows

Hardware & System

Hardware Reviews





Product Showcase

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

SharePoint Server

Static & Panel Controls

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

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Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Powershell

Windows Workflow Foundation

Articles updated

.NET Framework



Audio and Video

C / C++ Language


Cryptography & Security


Design and Architecture

Game Development

General Graphics



Internet / Network

Office Development


Selection Controls

Third Party Products and Tools

Threads, Processes & IPC

Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Phone 7/8

  • Blood Pressure Tracker, Win 8 Phone Based HealthVault App - Ranjan.D
    Blood Pressure Tracker is a Win 8 Phone application for tracking the blood pressure , interacts with HealthVault for storing and fetching the blood pressure information

  • Updating App Tile using Background Agent in Windows Phone 8 App - Madhur Kapoor
    Background Agents and Scheduled Tasks allows your application to execute to code in the background even when the application is not running in the foreground. This is quite useful in various type of scenarios where you want to update the Live Tile frequently, show a toast notification on getting som

New Tips and Tricks added


Algorithms & Recipes



Bugs & Workarounds


Client side scripting



Office Development


SharePoint Server


Tips and Tricks updated

Programming Tips

New Technical Blogs added


  • Write less do more with ASP.NET MVC Templates - Ankesh Dave MVC 5 has a host of awesome features that can be leveraged to make a good and maintainable website. One of these features is the templating system. MVC offers two types of templates for views, namely: Display Templates: Used for displaying data. Editor templates : Used for creating an editor

ASP.NET Controls

C / C++ Language

Code Generation

  • What is IL code, CLR, CTS, CLS & JIT? - Akash Ashok Jain
    IL/MSIL/CIL- IL code is a CPU independent partially compiled code. It’s partially compiled because we do not know in what kind of environment .Net code will run and on runtime IL Code will compile to machine code using the environmental properties (CPU, OS, machine configuration etc). ILDASM- this i

  • What is CAS, evidence, permission set & code groups? - Akash Ashok Jain
    CAS-Code Access Security is a security model which grants or deny permissions to your Assemblies depending on Evidences (like from where the code comes from. Is the code come from internet or has it comes from valid publisher or other source) How CAS works- Before executing any assembly CAS collects

Date and Time

  • Types of JIT(Just In Time) Compilers & What is NGEN.exe? - Akash Ashok Jain
    There are 3 types of JIT Compilers- Normal JIT (Default) – Normal JIT compiles only those methods that are called at runtime and it will cache the compiled methods. Econo JIT- Econo JIT compiles only those methods that are called at runtime, and it will not cache the compiled methods. Pre JIT-

Grid & Data Controls

  • First Look at Xamarin.Forms - A Round Tuit
    Included in last week’s Xamarin 3 release is Xamarin.Forms. What is Xamarin.Forms? “A cross-platform natively backed UI toolkit abstraction that allows developers to easily create user interfaces that can be shared across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone” (emphasis mine). Other good

  • Fill Bean Data from HashMap using Reflection - Debopam Pal
    Introduction: This example shows how to fill the values in a bean from a HashMap using Reflection. In the HashMap, key is the field name & value is the value of that field. Quick Start: Sample Bean Class: How to Call: If you've any doubt, please post your questions. If you really like this article,


  • Secret Covert Hush-Hush White Space in the DOM…EXPOSED! - Steve Wellens
    Lurking in the shadows of the Stack Overflow website, selling aerosol cans of Bug-No-More to the rubes, I came across a question I thought I could answer. The OP (original poster) was using JavaScript to select and modify HTML elements without success.The HTML was simple:    Prev    Middle    NextF

  • CSS3 box-shadow and Visual Studio Features - Steve Wellens
    A few years ago, while creating an ASP.NET web site, I decided to add a gradient border to "sex up" the look of the site. Using a sophisticated image editing program, I created a small gradient image. I made sure the ending color of the gradient matched the color of the body in the target page. H

  • Cool CSS 4 Feature: pointer-events - Steve Wellens
    CSS 4? Really? CSS 3 isn't fully released yet! What on earth is going on here?It all started when I was fooling around with GIMP, the extremely powerful free graphics editor. I took a public domain image, re-sized it, gave it a transparent background and then added a perspective shadow. It is be

  • HTML 5 and jQuery – A Match Made in Heaven - Steve Wellens
    I recently attended an ASP.NET MVC seminar hosted by the Twin Cities .Net User Group. The speaker was K. Scott Allen. Scott is a charismatic, gifted speaker and did a great job. You can always pick up useful items when watching an expert write a program from scratch. When I saw what he did with jQue

Internet / Network

Other .NET Languages

  • ASP.Net MVC – Hyperlinks – Open the page in a new browser window - Arun Ramachandran India
    CodeProject In the last blog post, we have discussed about DataType & DisplayColumn attributes in ASP.Net MVC. You can read that article here. In this article we will look at how to open the page in a new browser window while clicking on a hyperlink. Let’s understand this with an example. We w

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

  • How we have reduced CPU usage on our front web servers - Betclic Tech
    Despite all our awareness on web performance and load testing, we recently encountered a few performance issues caused by high CPU usage on some front end web servers. At Betclic, we use Structuremap (2.6.4) as main IoC container in an…Read more ›

Smart Client

  • Client people picker on a custom SharePoint form - Dmitriy Kozlov
    CodeProjectToday I'm going to show how to put the client people picker that has become available in SharePoint 2013 onto a custom form with help of the latest version of Forms Designer 2.8.9. I'm going to pay the most attention to JavaScript framework that allows to assign and retrieve values of the

SQL Reporting Services

  • How to Make an SQL From Clojure or My Macros Kata: Part 2 - Alex Turok
    In a recent post I showed some strange things that one can do with macros to be able to write SQL-like queries right in Clojure. Several weeks ago we enabled selecting fields from records as well as filtering them with where clause. In the end of the first post I promised you that we will soon add s

Static & Panel Controls

  • Defining MessageDialogs in XAML - Samuel Cragg
    I’m a fan of the MVVM pattern and recently needed to present a dialog (actually a MessageDialog in WinRT) to the user if they were about to leave the data entry window but hadn’t saved their changes. I initially thought that the view model would need to create a dialog, however, I though

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • How fast is .NET Garbage Collector? Part 1. - morzel
    .NET GC is very fast! Well... I hope you need more than this reassuring statement, if so, read on :) I will show you some test results to prove that I’m not lying but first I will give you a quick reminder about what GC is:Garbage Collector is fundamental component of .NET CLR. It takes care o

  • What is Garbage Collector, Gen 0, 1 & 2? - Akash Ashok Jain
    About Garbage collector - Gen 0, 1 and 2

  • Five Phases of Developer Maturity - Steve Wellens
    I generally don't post stuff like this but…what the hell…Are you a good developer? A great developer? A World Class developer? Perhaps you only think you are a good developer. Maybe you are a terrible developer and don't even know it. The only way to know for sure is to get feedback from other

  • #nodejs ghost init.d service with forever.js - aetheon
    This post is a continuation of the last post where the migration from Blogger to Ghost was described.After getting the ghost files on the hosting Linux machine you can run ghost by typing:node index.jsThis will run node on the port 2368.The next step is to install ghost as a 'service' so that it can

  • How to resolve “Circular dependency” in Project Plan - pranavsingh
    I was recently working on a low level plan  created in Microsoft Project (.mpp) which was designed for tracking activities, time & resources for a critical project activity. We need input from multiple teams for time & resource estimation and thus multiple people were updating the plan. Every thing

  • The Last Line Effect -
    IntroductionLast line effectExamplesSource Engine SDKChromiumReactOSMulti Theft AutoSource Engine SDKTrans-Proteomic PipelineSeqAnSlimDXQtReactOSMozilla FirefoxQuake-III-ArenaClangMongoDBUnreal Engine 4QtOpenSSLConclusionI have studied numbers of errors caused by using the Copy-Paste method and can

  • The uncatchable exceptions in WCF clients - Leonardo Paneque
    Did you ever have a problem with a WCF client throwing exceptions you can't catch?If you have used WCF clients from Windows Phone, Silverlight or Xamarin.iOS, you might have noticed that it is not possible to create Synchronous or Task-Based operations; the functionality is reduced to the Event-base

  • Goodby jQuery Templates, Hello JsRender - Steve Wellens
    A funny thing happened on my way to the jQuery website, I blinked and a feature was dropped: jQuery Templates have been discontinued. The new pretender to the throne is JsRender.jQuery Templates looked pretty useful when they first came out. Several articles were written about them but I stayed a

  • Kinect cursor for hand tracking - Vangos Pterneas
    Navigating through a Natural User Interface using your palm is quite common – after all, it’s the primary navigation mechanism XBOX uses. Many Windows Kinect applications implement hand tracking for similar purposes. Today, I would like to share a Kinect hand cursor control I developed a

Web Security

  • What are the changes in .NET 4.0 security model & What is sandboxing? - Akash Ashok Jain
    CAS is completely deprecated in .NET 4.0 and there are 2 big changes done in .Net 4.0- 1. Granting of permission is dependent on the host and not the CAS Model. 2. Introduction of Security Transparent Model. In this .NET Code is divided in 3 kinds of code- I. Security Critical Code – A full [&

Web Services

  • Top New Features in ASP.NET Web API 2.1 - Imran Abdul Ghani
    In this ASP.NET Web API tutorial, we are going to discuss about the top features in ASP.NET Web API 2.1. We have already discussed about Top 5 features in ASP.NET Web API 2.0 in a separate post on this Web Development blog. ASP.NET Web API is a framework for building HTTP services for broader range

Technical Blogs updated


  • Saving data to a file in your Android application - Cindy Potvin
    This is the second post in my series about storage in Android applications. The other post is available here : This post is about saving to a file from an Android application, which is the easiest way to store dat

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

  • WebSocket libraries comparison - n.podbielski
     Web project often requires to push data to clients as fast as possible, whenever it is necessary without waiting for client request. It is perfect for website with real time communication between users, like with online communicators for example. Or document collaboration tools. Or maybe system sta

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