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Newsletter - 01 Apr 2019

Weekly Newsletter (1 Apr 2019)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

Which of these technologies interest you as a developer?

Survey period: 25 Mar 2019 to 1 Apr 2019

This is similar to the survey we ran two years ago. Let's see how things have changed. Next week: Which of these tech trends terrify you as a developer?

Augmented and Virtual Reality20521.95
Blockchain and ownership verification13314.24
Big Data24626.34
Quantum Computing16117.24
The Internet of Things and connected devices39542.29
Machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation45248.39
Smart homes26728.59
Voice activated digital assistants (eg Siri, Alexa, Cortana etc)13814.78
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

This week's survey: Which programming language would you recommend to learn first?

Latest Additions

New articles added

Algorithms & Recipes

  (2 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 5 days ago)
How to write an algorithm and then create working Java code from that algorithm

Applications & Tools

  (3 votes) by Florian Rappl (updated 3 days ago)
We look at running End-To-End tests in an Azure Pipeline using the Nightwatch.js framework with TypeScript.


  (10 votes) by Daniele Fontani, keggyy (updated 6 days ago)
In this article, we explain GraphQL and show how to use it with an unstructured database (MongoDB)


  (3 votes) by Florian Rappl (updated 7 hours ago)
Want to modernize your C# codebase? Let's continue with methods.

Cross Platform

  (0 votes) by Igor Kushnarev (updated 4 days ago)
Using Vulkan API with Kotlin Native example.


  (0 votes) by setevoy4 (updated yesterday)
Redis replication setup example with a basic Master-Slave replication and Redis Sentinel

Files and Folders

  (3 votes) by Igor Krupitsky (updated 5 days ago)
This program will convert office, text and image files to PDFs.

General Graphics

  (4 votes) by Steffen Ploetz (updated 4 days ago)
A simple approach to inspect Enhanced Meta File (EMF) content and find/fix inconsistencies. Easy to adopt to your specific purpose.

Hardware & System

  (0 votes) by setevoy4 (updated 7 hours ago)
The chroot() Linux system call explanation and the chroot utility usage examples

Internet / Network

  (0 votes) by Martin Vorbrodt (updated yesterday)
How to use cURLpp (C++ wrapper around libcURL) to make a simple HTTP query to in order to retrieve geolocation information of a given host or IP address

Microsoft BizTalk Server

  (1 votes) by Rajat-Indiandotnet (updated yesterday)
Live Poll – Analysis using Microsoft Form, Microsoft Flow and Power BI Live


  (3 votes) by Daniel Vaughan (updated 2 days ago)
Create a dynamic settings screen for your UWP app. Add a setting with a single line of code.

Product Showcase

  (0 votes) by IAmJoshChang (updated 6 days ago)
In this article, we touch on common situations where you must work to update a 32-bit app, like: Having an older Android project that needs to be updated to a higher API-Level, working in a game engine like Unity, and working in an Android project that uses native libraries like Cocos2d-x
  (0 votes) by Intel Corporation (updated 2 days ago)
Boosting Performance with Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Technology
  (0 votes) by Intel Corporation (updated 2 days ago)
Dispelling the Myths with Tools to Achieve Parallelism

Programming Tips

  (22 votes) by Jeremy Hutchinson (updated 6 days ago)
Visual Studio tips - DebuggerDisplay

Articles updated

Algorithms & Recipes

  (68 votes) by Igor Ladnik (updated 3 days ago)
Article presents simple software for solving square optimal control problem for linear and nonlinear dynamic systems.
  (4 votes) by codewitch honey crisis (updated 12 hours ago)
A Non-Backtracking Regular Expression Engine for .NET (Core)

Client side scripting

  (15 votes) by Shenwei Liu (updated 6 hours ago)
Presenting an advanced Angular modal dialog service and demonstrating the dialog uses and issue resolutions (updated source code with Angular 7 and Bootstrap 4.3).


  (2 votes) by Florian Rappl, Manuel Römer (updated 3 days ago)
Supporting partial PUT (or PATCH) operations in ASP.NET Core with Newtonsoft.Json


  (11 votes) by Michael Chourdakis (updated 2 days ago)
A quick way to add UWP controls into plain Win32 apps


  (7 votes) by Steffen Ploetz (updated 4 days ago)
Check OpenGL as a basis for appealing applications, that are not necessarily games.

Testing and QA

  (14 votes) by Fred Song (Melbourne) (updated 3 days ago)
Angular 7 with .NET Core 2.2 - Global Weather

Threads, Processes & IPC

  (10 votes) by Igor Ladnik (updated 2 days ago)
This article presents a compact framework for managing operations flow in various control, simulation and testing applications.

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework

  (1 votes) by Jeremy Hutchinson (updated 3 days ago)
Few under-utilized features of breakpoints in Visual Studio that you should be aware of

Threads, Processes & IPC

  (2 votes) by Rick York (updated yesterday)
This is a simple worker thread class that allows when to use a member function as the thread function.

New Technical Blogs added

Amazon Web Services

  (2 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 5 days ago)
Spring Rest Using Spring Boot

Applications & Tools

  (2 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 5 days ago)
In this tutorial, we create a simple Rest application using POST.

C++ / CLI

  (2 votes) by thoughts-on-cpp (updated 4 days ago)
Introduction into an Automated C++ Build Setup with Jenkins and CMake

Cryptography & Security

  (1 votes) by Martin Vorbrodt (updated 7 hours ago)
The #1 rule of cryptography: Don’t invent your own! OK wiseman, now what? You want to add crypto to your program but you don’t want to code it all yourself. I’ll show you three libraries that make it possible. The choice will be yours as to which one to use.


  (0 votes) by setevoy4 (updated yesterday)
In this post – some quick overview, a brief explanation about differences in Redis data storage, topology examples. In short terms but with links to detailed documentation and other useful posts on other resources.


  (2 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 5 days ago)
How to convert a List of Strings to a List of Integers using the MapReduce programming paradigm


  (3 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 5 days ago)
What is the need for studying information technology

Web Security

  (2 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 5 days ago)
In this tutorial, we secure a simple Rest API. We begin with a simple example, progress to using a custom UserDetailsService, and finish by adding method level security.

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