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Newsletter - 10 Jun 2019

Weekly Newsletter (10 Jun 2019)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

Should programming languages continue to evolve indefinitely?

Survey period: 3 Jun 2019 to 10 Jun 2019

New versions of languages can be massively beneficial or merely confusing. Do you always live for the next version or is there a point where a language can be considered "done"?

Keep the new versions coming as often as they want5812.11
Release a new version only when there is a meaningful update to the syntax18638.83
I'm not fussed either way6713.99
I'd prefer languages be as stable as possible and evolve only when absolutely necessary (bugs, new hardware support etc)16334.03
Languages need a defined "final version" and any syntax changes after that should be done in a new language.51.04

This week's survey: If you know C, C++, C#, Objective C or Java do you also know Python?

Latest Additions

New articles added

.NET Framework

  (20 votes) by john_1726 (updated 6 days ago)
Two SignalR Demo Projects: Self-Hosted Windows Service and Broadcasting Application

Algorithms & Recipes

  (0 votes) by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (updated 5 days ago)
The main objective of this project is to develop a Machine Learning model that detects the objects on the road like pedestrians, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, buses, etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  (2 votes) by danc1elion (updated 6 days ago)
Easy to implement machine learning
  (0 votes) by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (updated 5 days ago)
The main objective of this project is to develop an Android Application that uses a built-in camera to capture the objects on a road and use a Machine Learning model to get the prediction and location of the respective objects.


  (1 votes) by Tom Ling (updated 2 days ago)
The code for this example can be found here. What is dependency injection. Dependency injection (DI) is a software design pattern that allows developers to write loosely coupled code.
  (0 votes) by Laci Texter (updated yesterday)
Using Azure, teach Misty to read text extracted from an image, and then return an encoded .wav file that she can save and play.


  (1 votes) by amartya mandal (updated yesterday)
Setting up 3 nodes Kubernetes cluster for Home Lab- Quick & Dirty!


  (0 votes) by evillegas1961 (updated 2 days ago)
Take Photos from a webcam or IP Camera in VB.NET


  (1 votes) by Bjørn (updated 2 days ago)
On-the-fly streaming multiple files or directories in a ZIP file without a temp file

Product Showcase

  (0 votes) by LEADTOOLS Support (updated 6 days ago)
Use LEAD'S Cloud Services while quickly leveraging the cameras on mobile devices without needing to know the native camera APIs.
  (0 votes) by Kintone Developer Program (updated 3 days ago)
This article introduces how to capture Google Form responses into a Kintone Database, instead of capturing them in a spreadsheet.

Programming Tips

  (1 votes) by Slevoaca Florin (updated yesterday)
A little helper for writing Cucumber Java tests

Articles updated

Applications & Tools

  (22 votes) by Mihai MOGA (updated 2 days ago)
An alternative Windows version to the famous HyperTerminal


  (61 votes) by HHerzl (updated 5 days ago)
Creating Web API in ASP.NET Core 2.0
  (18 votes) by Shenwei Liu (updated 3 days ago)
A full-structured data service sample application migrated from ASP.NET Web API 2.0 to ASP.NET Core (.NET Core version 2.0 - 2.2) and also describing the various issues and resolutions
  (9 votes) by Ziya Mollamahmut (updated 2 days ago)
Create multi-cultural ASP.NET Core 2.x web application with simple steps

C / C++ Language

  (38 votes) by AlexeyAB (updated 6 days ago)
We will detail the atomic operations and C++11 memory barriers and the assembler instructions generated by it on x86_64 CPUs


  (50 votes) by shunninghuang (updated 6 days ago)
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking
  (20 votes) by shunninghuang (updated 5 days ago)
C# arcade emulator, ROM hacking

Client side scripting

  (124 votes) by Sacha Barber (updated 5 days ago)
An example application using angular/Rx for JavaScript/Web Sockets/jQuery


  (6 votes) by Stefan Timovski (updated 2 hours ago)
Tutorial on how to start developing SSMS extensions

Files and Folders

  (581 votes) by Uzi Granot (updated 3 days ago)
PDF File Writer is a C# .NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Latest update is support for layers and initial document display

Game Development

  (26 votes) by Hung, Han (updated 17 hours ago)
This article is a tutorial on how to code your own Sudoku game using VB.NET

Internet / Network

  (384 votes) by Mehdi Gholam (updated yesterday)
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4, MonoDroid and .net core support)
  (13 votes) by Mehdi Gholam (updated yesterday)
WinForms RSS Reader similar to FeedReader

Macros and Add-ins

  (23 votes) by Brett Rowbotham (updated 4 days ago)
Add-in for VS2005, VS2013/2015 and VS2017/2019 that provides the time taken to build a complete solution


  (6 votes) by Издислав Издиславов (updated 6 days ago)
I have decided to make a simple solution, who somehow mimics real world application, and to change it several times, using different UI technlogies and keeping the specific logic the same.

Programming Tips

  (32 votes) by Łukasz Bownik (updated 6 days ago)
This article discusses the psychological reasons of software project failures.

New Tips and Tricks added

Algorithms & Recipes

  (3 votes) by altomaltes (updated 4 days ago)
This code calculates square root of an integer on a few assembler code lines.
  (0 votes) by Jim C Hansen (updated 18 hours ago)
Implementations of lowpass, highpass, and bandpass nth-order Butterworth filters in C#, with design documentation.

C / C++ Language

  (2 votes) by cassert24 (updated 12 hours ago)
Template code for basic reflection functionalities (e.g., dynamic casting, instance type comparison, class name) with C#-like singular inheritance rule (a.k.a, one-base-multiple-interface rule)


  (2 votes) by Prasannakumaran Sarasijanayanan (updated 4 days ago)
Load data to temporary table, make any additional update if required, create necessary indices, finally DROP live table and RENAME temporary table to production table.

Tips and Tricks updated

Amazon Web Services

  (3 votes) by YegorDovganich (updated 4 days ago)
Following 'Infrastructure as Code' rules we get a real project sample from the scratch which describes EMR cluster deploying and running Hive script there. It describes Analyze Big Data with Hadoop project from AWS 'Learn to Build' section.

C / C++ Language

  (11 votes) by cassert24 (updated 3 days ago)
For those who are searching for a quick template code for the C++ replacement of C# properties, this is it.


  (9 votes) by HHerzl (updated 6 days ago)
Scaffolding View Models with CatFactory


  (1 votes) by Łukasz Bownik (updated 6 days ago)
A fluent JDBC wrapper written in 200 lines of code

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