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Newsletter - 08 Jul 2019

Weekly Newsletter (8 Jul 2019)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

JavaScript, TypeScript, or something else?

Survey period: 1 Jul 2019 to 8 Jul 2019

Assuming you need to write JavaScript, do you prefer plain JavaScript or one of the typed alternatives?

Javascript all the way34238.64
TypeScript for me18420.79
CoffeeScript please20.23
Something else222.49
I don't write JavaScript32736.95

This week's survey: Which software development methodologies do you use?

Latest Additions

New articles added


  (3 votes) by anuj vohra (updated 2 days ago)
Create ASP.NET Core Web API with Entity Framework & Code First Approach and run through Swagger & Postman

Applications & Tools

  (6 votes) by Anurag Gandhi (updated yesterday)
A general purpose quiz application in React that can be used to run quizzes, mock tests, surveys, etc. This is an alternate version of my another article: "Quiz Application in Angular".

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  (2 votes) by Arthur V. Ratz (updated 4 days ago)
The audience of this article's readers will find out how to perform association rules learning (ARL) by using the scalable optimized Apriori algorithm, discussed.


  (4 votes) by Mustafa Kok (updated 4 days ago)
Developing a very simple Web API architecture using ASP.NET Web API2 whose operations can be extended by just adding new operation types

Audio and Video

  (9 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 3 days ago)
How to bring your animations to H264/HEVC video

C / C++ Language

  (4 votes) by CPallini (updated 4 days ago)
Using the Gauss Newton method (non linear least squares) for computing the parameters of the exponential model of a Zener diode


  (12 votes) by Mangesh_Gaherwar (updated 5 days ago)
C# 8.0 Interface and default methods


  (6 votes) by DiponRoy (updated 5 days ago)
Creating CLR in SQL Server
  (4 votes) by Niemand25 (updated 5 days ago)
Designing a simple yet functional database for financial accounting application


  (2 votes) by Cloudster (updated 3 days ago)
Deploy a 360 image gallery with Django, Bootstrap, Python, A-Frame, and PostgreSQL

Image Classification

  (1 votes) by Allister Beharry (updated 6 days ago)
OLAF is a digital forensics tool designed for public-facing PCs or corporate desktops which can classify in near real-time images a user downloads while browsing to help enforce computer use policies regarding intellectual property, inappropriate content, and incitements to violence.

Internet / Network

  (2 votes) by Rousset de Pina (updated 5 days ago)
An application to view UPnP services and also to view UPnP DLNA services


  (3 votes) by Mahsa Hassankashi (updated 6 days ago)
This article explains almost the whole story about Scala and its functionality with an example.


  (1 votes) by Minh Tuan Do (updated 9 hours ago)
In this article, I will show you how to create a customized command button in CKEditor, go along with an example project to help you understand and imagine what can we do with CKEditor.

Product Showcase

  (0 votes) by Xiao Ling (updated 5 days ago)
In this post, we discuss how to control your scanners and acquired images easily and efficiently using JSON objects. The article is also a guide for beginners to get started with Dynamic Web TWAIN programming.

Uncategorised Articles

  (1 votes) by storyicon (updated 3 days ago)
grbac is a fast, elegant and concise RBAC(role-based access control) framework

Web Security

  (2 votes) by rtybase (updated 3 days ago)
The problem of what HTTP codes to use inevitably comes when designing RESTful services. There is a bit of subtlety, however, with regards to the 401 and 403 status codes. Here and there you will read advices suggesting to use: 401 for when an access token isn’t provided, or is invalid..

Articles updated

.NET Framework

  (5 votes) by Peter Vegter (updated 5 days ago)
A brief guide for creating a sound recorder with the PVS.AVPlayer library

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  (8 votes) by Adrian Pirvu (updated yesterday)
A Roadmap to Intelligence
  (5 votes) by danc1elion (updated 3 days ago)
Easy to implement machine learning


  (9 votes) by Joseph Rozario (updated 2 days ago)
This article explains how to implement Token Authentication and Authorization using JWT in ASP.NET CORE.
  (9 votes) by anuj vohra (updated 4 days ago)
To create ASP.NET MVC5 with Entity Framework 6 and Code First Approach

Edit Controls

  (47 votes) by Jovibor (updated 6 days ago)
HEX control for MFC apps
  (23 votes) by Edwyn Amador (updated 6 days ago)
Handles and validates input typing and pressed keys in TextBox, RichTextBox and ComboBox, displaying custom balloon tips messages

Internet / Network

  (25 votes) by FrankNight (updated 4 days ago)
This is just another web scraper written fully in .NET but finally without the use of mshtml!

New Tips and Tricks added

Applications & Tools

  (0 votes) by coded007 (updated 5 days ago)
This tip gives a perfect alternate way for direct queries.


  (1 votes) by Prakash Singh (updated 4 days ago)
Resolution of Security rule has invalid Port range issue.

Client side scripting

  (2 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 5 days ago)
Continuous beep on webpage with SoundManager 2


  (1 votes) by FauzulHossain (updated 5 days ago)
Create, Column Order, Display Caption Data table Generic

Tips and Tricks updated

Applications & Tools

  (1 votes) by rohitsies (updated 4 days ago)
This article describes an advanced technique and configuration to automatically transform and run your all or selected T4 templates when a project is build.

Files and Folders

  (5 votes) by Lance Roberts (updated 5 days ago)
A tray utility for monitoring log files and popping up error messages

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