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Newsletter - 09 Sep 2019

Weekly Newsletter (9 Sep 2019)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

A vendor makes a breaking change to an API you use. How should they let you know?

Survey period: 2 Sep 2019 to 9 Sep 2019

The more things change the more things stay the same. At least that's what we wish when it comes to critical APIs.

By email52655.49
By tweet656.86
By a post on their social media page(s)939.81
By a notice in their documentation41243.46
By a prominent notice on their website / dev portal36037.97
Through a well-publicised and always up to date change-log40843.04
By a message returned by the API when an attempt is made to use affected functionality37739.77
APIs should never make breaking changes.39942.09
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

This week's survey: How old is your main development machine?

Latest Additions

New articles added

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  (3 votes) by Adrian Pirvu (updated 3 days ago)
Creation of sentient agents
  (0 votes) by Sau002 (updated 4 days ago)


  (0 votes) by Igor Krupitsky (updated 3 days ago)
This application shows how to search Windows Index in ASP.NET.

C / C++ Language

  (2 votes) by Greg Utas (updated 5 days ago)
Recovering from memory leaks


  (35 votes) by Andreoli Carlo (updated 3 days ago)
Matrix digital rain, Matrix code or sometimes green rain, is the computer code featured in the Matrix movies

Code Generation

  (1 votes) by User-14483287 (updated 4 days ago)
Hello ! I’m Xavier Jouvenot and here is the ninth part of a long series on Advent Of Code. You can find the previous part here. For this new post, we are going to solve the problem from the 9th December 2015, named "All in a Single Night".


  (2 votes) by Shameel (updated yesterday)
This article describes a way to create a Facade Database to provide restricted access to specific tables in your databases to specific users without granting direct access to any of the underlying databases/tables.

Internet / Network

  (1 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 6 hours ago)
A Tiny Dynamic Home Webserver in .NET that runs on Core and DNF both (Take 2)


  (2 votes) by Jaxon7 (updated 3 days ago)
Least frequent character offset exact match algorithm used in GUI keyword search

Programming Tips

  (15 votes) by omeecode (updated 4 days ago)
Becoming a 'Real' developer is the number 1 goal in a developer's life. But the main roadblock is impostor syndrome. This guide will help you fight impostor syndrome.
  (5 votes) by Lộc Nguyễn (updated 4 days ago)
Revisiting Event Aggregator/Message Bus/Broker in C#.NET

SAP HANA and Amazon SageMaker Challenge Ideas

  (0 votes) by Arthur V. Ratz (updated 18 hours ago)
In this article, we will thoroughly discuss how to properly install and configure SAP-HANA and TensorFlow Model Server to predict the S&P 500 Index.

Threads, Processes & IPC

  (1 votes) by Code Artist (updated 16 hours ago)
TCP Application Protocol is an IPC (Inter-process Communication) created to provide common remote interface for between applications.

Tools and IDE

  (0 votes) by Shun Huang (updated 12 hours ago)
A tutorial for using Visual Studio Code for Python Development on various environments.

Uncategorised Articles

  (0 votes) by Greg Utas (updated 2 days ago)
Robust applications framework in C++. Includes a static analysis tool. See
  (0 votes) by Duncan Edwards Jones (updated 7 hours ago)
A library to demonstrate doing Event Sourcing as a data persistence mechanism for Azure Functions

Web Services

  (8 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 3 days ago)
Use JsonPath, and builtin RPC support to easily communicate with all the JSON / REST services out there, or otherwise manipulate JSON with this little library.
  (3 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 3 days ago)
Easily and efficiently query using this wrapper
  (3 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 14 hours ago)
A walkthrough of building a JSON based transparent caching entity framework with branch reuse that intelligently minimizes the amount of server requests, against the use case scenario of accessing TMDb's API

Articles updated

.NET Framework

  (66 votes) by Alexandre Bencz (updated 12 hours ago)
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET

Applications & Tools

  (11 votes) by Kalvin Lawrence Ernst (updated 2 days ago)
Generate a multi-layered web app instantly, directly from a database (SQL Server). Only uses jQuery & vanilla javascript, and does NOT use JavaScript libraries/frameworks, such as AngularJS, React, Vue, etc.

C / C++ Language

  (12 votes) by Greg Utas (updated 2 days ago)
How to keep a C++ program running after nasty things happen


  (184 votes) by Akram El Assas (updated yesterday)
A high-performance, extensible, modular and cross-platform workflow engine. Built for automation.


  (56 votes) by Sergey Syrovatchenko (updated 20 hours ago)
Open source index maintenance tool for SQL Server and Azure

New Tips and Tricks added


  (0 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 17 hours ago)
Static Webpage Loading and Displaying Local Image Without Postback to Server

Tips and Tricks updated


  (3 votes) by Alen Toma (updated yesterday)
Communicate with REST API using interface and expression instead of URL

New Technical Blogs added


  (0 votes) by Lee P Richardson (updated yesterday)
This blog post lists 3 days to refactor EF Linq queries without killing Perf

Other .NET Languages

  (6 votes) by Chris Boss (updated 3 days ago)
Visual Basic 6.0 just doesn’t want to disappear. Why ? Likely many have written vital applications using VB 6.0 and Visual Basic is so different that it is not a viable option.

Programming Languages

  (0 votes) by Alexander Gutev (updated 3 days ago)
This post provides an overview of the new features version 0.5 of the Tridash programming language brings.

Shell and IE programming

  (0 votes) by DotnetShtien (updated 20 hours ago)
In the 2 previous articles Boost Your Xamarin App Development With Meta Programming and Async Command A Modern Implementation of ICommand we have introduced the concept of meta programming in xamarin development and how it can enhance your application code maintainability while cutting the

Blogs updated

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  (0 votes) by DotnetShtien (updated 2 days ago)
With the increased amount of data a lazy loading mechanism is required in this article, we will explain how to build a lazy loaded list view easily.

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