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Newsletter - 06 Jan 2020

Weekly Newsletter (6 Jan 2020)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

What are your New Year resolutions?

Survey period: 30 Dec 2019 to 6 Jan 2020

Another decade has arrived? Again? Given this, what changes will you be promising yourself?

To work less (or at least achieve a better work/life balance)577.42
To stop procrastinating688.85
To look after myself better (sleep, nutrition, fitness etc)22228.91
To rewrite that piece of code I've been putting off rewriting202.60
To ditch my current job253.26
To learn to budget (my finances, my time, my delivery promises...)121.56
To start investing in me (learn new skills, explore new opportunities, and grab life by the horns)11414.84
5120 × 2880384.95
No resolutions this coming year.21227.60

This week's survey: You've been tasked with writing a Mobile App. What frameworks do you use?

Latest Additions

New articles added

.NET Framework

  (10 votes) by The Ænema (updated 3 days ago)
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.

Algorithms & Recipes

  (9 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 5 days ago)
Use the Parsley compositional parser generator to parse a complicated grammar with backtracking.


  (0 votes) by syed shanu (updated 2 days ago)
In this article we will see in detail on how to draw our own bar chart for ASP.NET Core Blazor Web Application using HTML5 Canvas Blazor Extensions.


  (2 votes) by Eduard Keilholz (updated 5 days ago)
Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services, see what it's capable of and start recognizing images within 10 minutes

C / C++ Language

  (2 votes) by goranorsander (updated 2 days ago)
A class template for specializing fundamental types


  (1 votes) by Dr. Song Li (updated 2 days ago)
This is a note on Hibernate many to many mappings.
  (0 votes) by Fedor Dzjuba (updated 2 hours ago)
Client and a WebAPI to execute MDX query against SSAS and display a resulted cellset in a pivoted grid form with Axis neatly arranged in a hierarchical and grouped manner.

Dialogs and Windows

  (6 votes) by Daniel Ziegelmiller (updated 3 days ago)
A simplified approach to maintaining the WPF MVVM layers when the ViewModel needs to show a form dialog

Document / View

  (3 votes) by _Flaviu (updated 21 hours ago)
Switching between open documents in multi-document interface application

Internet / Network

  (7 votes) by Mehdi Gholam (updated 4 days ago)
Tiny, fast, standard compliant CSV reader writer


  (1 votes) by Paulo Zemek (updated 3 hours ago)
I partially agree with the basic idea, aside from the fact we were dealing with an issue no unit-test caught and the good developers and code-reviewers simply couldn't understand.


  (4 votes) by R.A.Dain (updated 6 days ago)
Change the title bar color, or anything else in the Windows chrome of a WPF application


  (7 votes) by Mehdi Gholam (updated 2 days ago)
Using list of objects, LINQ and SQL like string query instead of a database with fastJSON serializer

Tools and IDE

  (1 votes) by Eric D Schmidt (updated 3 days ago)
CSV Analyzer is a simple scriptable python tool for plotting comma separated value data (CSV).
  (0 votes) by Ri Xu (updated 6 days ago)
This post shows you how to import and export Excel XLSX in Go language.
  (0 votes) by Ri Xu (updated 6 days ago)
Golang library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel™ (XLSX) files.

Uncategorised Articles

  (2 votes) by heilokchow (updated yesterday)
benchmark tool to test whether your math library is set up properly

Uncategorised References

  (13 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 4 days ago)
Floating Point Format For C++ and C# Programmers

Web Security

  (0 votes) by Matthew Casperson (updated 6 days ago)
Learn how to call API Gateway with Cognito credentials from a JavaScript client application

Articles updated

.NET Framework

  (43 votes) by Ehsan.MA (updated 22 hours ago)
How to use BriefFiniteElement.NET to analyse solids and structures

Algorithms & Recipes

  (3 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 4 days ago)
Lee Algorithm Mazesolver in MFC and Direct2D



  (71 votes) by Ashwin. Shetty (updated 5 days ago)
.NET Delegates & its 5 different features (Func, Action, Predicate, Converter, Comparison)
  (33 votes) by Marijan Nikic (updated 6 days ago)
Faster and better alternative to System.IO.Directory IEnumerable methods EnumerateDirectories, EnumerateFiles and EnumerateFileSystemEntries


  (3 votes) by Dathuraj Pasarge (updated 5 days ago)
Database mirroring setup without any DBA effort - on every new database creation

Dialogs and Windows

  (8 votes) by The Ænema (updated yesterday)
Here's the Best , Beauty and Easiest way to create a animated and & smooth sliding scroll viewer in WPF Platform ( Windows Presentation Foundation )

Internet / Network

  (22 votes) by Mehdi Gholam (updated 6 days ago)
WinForms RSS Reader similar to FeedReader


  (45 votes) by Alexandre Bencz (updated 3 days ago)
DotNetPELib is a library which abstracts managed information such as namespaces, classes, fields, methods, and instructions. The information can then be used to generate assembly language source files, or PE executables or DLLs.


  (4 votes) by Foma Tuturov (updated 3 days ago)
MVC Framework

Programming Languages

  (4 votes) by sickfile (updated 3 days ago)
Solid JavaScript from facts to rules

New Tips and Tricks added


  (3 votes) by Siddharth Gajbhiye (updated 3 days ago)
In this tip, you will learn how to create dynamic Row with Custom MultiSelect Dropdowns in Angular 8.
  (0 votes) by Chamila Nishantha (updated 3 days ago)

C / C++ Language

  (6 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 4 days ago)
Heterogeneous lookup with char* and string_view without temporary string instantiation in ordered and unordered containers.


  (14 votes) by Marc Clifton (updated 5 days ago)
Please don't do this!


  (2 votes) by Tiago Cavalcante Trindade (updated 5 days ago)
In this article I teaching to put color in C++, Python and batch in the Windows

Tips and Tricks updated

Web Services

  (7 votes) by Amol M. Khandagale (updated 2 days ago)
How to call and consume Web Services programmatically using C#.NET

New Technical Blogs added


  (0 votes) by Ahmed Bouchefra (updated 2 days ago)
HttpClientModule configures the dependency injector for HttpClient with supporting services for XSRF. In this example, we’ll see how to import HttpclientModule in Angular and use HttpClient to send an http Ajax GET request to JSON REST API servers.

Client side scripting

  (0 votes) by Ahmed Bouchefra (updated 2 days ago)
In this tutorial, we’ll build by example a modal popup using Angular 9 Material.. Angular Material provides modern UI components for building user interfaces based on the material design specification that works across the web, mobile, and desktop.. Step 1: Creating an Angular 9 Project.

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  (3 votes) by Rion Williams (updated 3 days ago)
As one of my languages du jour, I've always had a fondness for C#. It was one of the first high-level languages that I learned in college and it's been part of my daily professional life for the better part of ten years. One of the things that's always been.
  (0 votes) by Petru Faurescu (updated 3 days ago)
What is the best way (performance wise) to paginate results in MongoDB ? Especially when you also want to get the total number of results ? Project running with .NET Core 2.0 Where to start ?

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