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Newsletter - 16 Mar 2020

Weekly Newsletter (16 Mar 2020)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Site News

Best Article of February 2020
Winner: Bedri Egrilmez A Dynamic Sequence Diagram Visualization Control
Winner: Vassili Kravtchenko-Berejnoi How to Code Without Thinking?
Runner-up: Greg Utas Software Techniques for Lemmings
Runner-up: Sacha Barber Setting up Prometheus and Grafana Monitoring

Chris Maunder

Weekly Poll Results

Do you get to pick and choose the projects you work on?

Survey period: 9 Mar 2020 to 16 Mar 2020

Maybe you're the boss, maybe a careful consultant, or maybe you just have a great (or awful) manager.

Yes, always10812.63
Depends on the project728.42
Depends on how hard I push465.38
No, never12714.85

This week's survey: Working from home this week?

Latest Additions

New articles added

Algorithms & Recipes

  (1 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated yesterday)
Learn how to implement recursive descent parsers, with examples for JSON and an integer expression evaluator


  (4 votes) by Member 14771870 (updated yesterday)
I use Huawei Mlkit sdk which is free to use. Advantages: real-time, more landmarks, more accurate compared to GMS mlkit

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  (2 votes) by DaveMathews (updated 5 days ago)
Using Oscova and Oryzer FBP platform, we'll build an on-device table reservation bot to understand the concepts behind today's offline bot development standards.

C / C++ Language

  (7 votes) by Volynsky Alex (updated 2 days ago)
New features of the C++17 standard
  (1 votes) by David Lafreniere (updated 9 hours ago)
Invoke remote functions over any communication medium using a C++ delegate library.


  (3 votes) by Jean-Pierre Bachmann (updated 6 days ago)
What is new in Morestachio 3.0
  (2 votes) by Mohammad Elsheimy (updated 3 days ago)
My C# implementation of linear algebra concepts (matrix elimination, multiplication, inverses, determinants, etc.)

Dialogs and Windows

  (6 votes) by Peter Huber SG (updated 6 days ago)
Controls verifying user input and reporting automatically to host window if data has been changed and if the required data is entered


  (3 votes) by R S Dodiyaa (updated 3 days ago)
This tutorial teaches beginners to create functionality for add, edit and delete record in PHP with MVC logic without Framework.

Articles updated


  (31 votes) by Dan Letecky (updated 4 days ago)
Create an AJAX monthly event calendar (with drag and drop support) displaying data from SQL Server database in just 10 minutes (including a coffee break).

Algorithms & Recipes

  (76 votes) by Peter Occil (updated yesterday)
Most apps that use random numbers care about either unpredictability, high quality, or repeatability. This article explains the three kinds of RNGs and gives recommendations on each kind.

Applications & Tools

  (29 votes) by Kalvin Lawrence Ernst (updated 3 days ago)
A sample application code which is an alternative to using libraries such as AngularJS, React, Vue, etc. Only jQuery and bootstrap are used in conjunction with vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


  (1 votes) by syed shanu (updated 3 days ago)
How to create ML.NET Application using ML.NET Model Builder and use the trained model to predict the result in ASP.NET Core.

General Graphics

  (2 votes) by wqaxs36 (updated 18 hours ago)
Device driver for VR headset/controller compatible on SteamVR

Programming Tips

  (107 votes) by Łukasz Bownik (updated 1 hour ago)
This article discusses the psychological reasons of software project failures.

Work Issues

  (14 votes) by Vassili Kravtchenko-Berejnoi (updated 4 days ago)
Use of a narrow-focus strategy in test-driven-development

New Tips and Tricks added

C / C++ Language

  (1 votes) by Daniel Petrovic (updated 2 days ago)
In this tip, I want to represent a lightweight quick-and-dirty possibility (one of many) for parsing command line arguments on the fly using C++17.

String handling

  (6 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 2 days ago)
How to provide custom formatters for string.Format() in C#

Tips and Tricks updated


  (16 votes) by Tiago Cavalcante Trindade (updated 5 days ago)
How to put color in Python, C, C++, C#, Java and batch on the Windows console

New Technical Blogs added

Best Practices

  (0 votes) by Kevin Mack (updated 2 days ago)
What kinds of things should I avoid, or remove from my applications to improve my position moving forward

Content Management Server

  (0 votes) by Benktesh Sharma (updated 4 days ago)
A demo to show reading resources in the remote server using SMB protocol


  (1 votes) by John Pili (updated 5 days ago)
A simple example of how to use SQLite in Golang

Image Classification

  (1 votes) by John Pili (updated 5 days ago)
How to use Python to generate image and add text

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