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Newsletter - 06 Apr 2020

Weekly Newsletter (6 Apr 2020)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

How will you be spending your time keeping up or getting ahead during social distancing?

Survey period: 30 Mar 2020 to 6 Apr 2020

Obligatory XKCD.

Reading online technical content on developer community sites11616.41
Reading online technical content on vendor websites162.26
Attending virtual tech events172.40
Taking online classes, eg. Pluralsight, LearnNow649.05
My habits won't change, I've always practiced social distancing47266.76
I'm not currently practicing social distancing223.11

This week's survey: What programming skills will be important for developers over the next 3 years?

Latest Additions

New articles added

.NET Framework

  (3 votes) by Fredrik Rudberg (updated 2 days ago)
A Windows service that removes files older than a specific date from a configurable set of folders


  (0 votes) by Venkatesh Subbarao (updated yesterday)
How to copy tables with Stored procedure data from one database to another in AZURE SQL.

Boards / Embedded devices

  (5 votes) by JorgeLuisOrejel (updated 3 days ago)
Implementation of Fredkin gates using standard TTL ICs, and their testing with an Arduino Uno microcontroller board

C / C++ Language

  (2 votes) by Mircea Neacsu (updated 14 hours ago)
An AWK interpreter converted to a C-callable library

Client side scripting

  (0 votes) by Volodymyr Kopytin (updated yesterday)
How to make databind in pure JavaScript and not get lost with the complexity of the task


  (1 votes) by #realJSOP (updated 13 hours ago)
A rewrite of a previous article with more liquid nitrogen and bacon

Edit Controls

  (7 votes) by Peter Huber SG (updated 6 days ago)
A WPF TextBox which can validate email addresses depending on your needs, plus detailed description of the many ways a valid email address may look like.

Product Showcase

  (0 votes) by Intel Corporation (updated 5 days ago)
Optimizing Performance for an Autonomous Driving Application

Windows Presentation Foundation

  (2 votes) by Rudolf Jan (updated 3 days ago)
Explains how to set up and use colours, fonts and dimensions for re-usability in WPF applications

Articles updated

C / C++ Language

  (52 votes) by David Lafreniere (updated 4 days ago)
A C++ standards compliant delegate library capable of targeting any callable function synchronously or asynchronously


  (198 votes) by Akram El Assas (updated 12 hours ago)
A high-performance, extensible, modular and cross-platform workflow engine and automation platform.

General Graphics

  (58 votes) by wqaxs36 (updated 3 days ago)
Math explanation and game engine coding.
  (37 votes) by Vasily Tserekh (updated 6 days ago)
Collision algorithms aren't rocket science and this article proves this idea.


  (69 votes) by Cinchoo (updated yesterday)
Simple CSV file reader for .NET
  (8 votes) by Cinchoo (updated 2 days ago)
Simple CSV file writer for .NET


  (41 votes) by Michael Haephrati (updated 3 days ago)
How keyboard capturing is implemented as part of Target Eye


  (4 votes) by Foma Tuturov (updated 19 hours ago)
MVC Framework

Product Showcase

  (0 votes) by Intel Corporation, Henry Gabb (updated 3 days ago)
It’s important to measure performance in a comprehensive, objective, and reproducible way.

Programming Languages

  (9 votes) by Vincent Radio (updated 5 days ago)
VRCalc++ Engine is embeddable in any Delphi Application using Dynamic Packages

New Tips and Tricks added

Algorithms & Recipes

  (0 votes) by siliconvideo (updated 2 days ago)
A class to convert fixed point numbers to/from doubles

C / C++ Language

  (4 votes) by Mircea Neacsu (updated 3 days ago)
How to handle UTF-8 in Windows INI files


  (0 votes) by DiponRoy (updated 16 hours ago)
Select data as DataTable object for a database using Entity Framework

Grid & Data Controls

  (1 votes) by Vassili Kravtchenko-Berejnoi (updated 4 days ago)
A generic workaround for auto-generating multiple custom columns in a WPF DataGrid in case where the data class has multiple properties of the same type


  (2 votes) by ferdo (updated 6 days ago)
How to compile MFC sources with VS 2019


  (4 votes) by Padanian (updated 3 days ago)
A panel switch replica, resembling electro-mechanical toggle of a switchboard box

Windows Powershell

  (0 votes) by Niccata (updated 2 days ago)
Small script to SEND messages on Windows machines using cmd.exe command

Tips and Tricks updated


  (24 votes) by Vasily Tserekh (updated 6 days ago)
A simple straightforward car race game with minimum LOC.

New Technical Blogs added

Content Management Server

  (0 votes) by James A. Brannan (updated 16 hours ago)
Exploring AWS KMS to encrypt and decrypt data via the AWS Java 2 SDK

Blogs updated

Windows Presentation Foundation

  (61 votes) by Rahman Masudur (updated 3 days ago)
Few tricks about using a Resource Dictionary in WPF

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