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Insider 24Jun10

Daily News - Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3: A Look at the New Demos
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Thursday, June 24, 2010 View online Comments? Questions? Tips?
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Industry News

The hard part is finding well-maintained DeLorean.
Source: BBC
You might have to ask HP for permission first.
Source: TiPb
It's like cockroaches and Flash: hard to kill.
Source: Read Write Web
From phone to pile of bits in 26 simple steps.
Source: iFixit
Or check it out yourself at the IE Test Drive.
Source: Channel 9
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Developer News

Introducing .NET developers to functional programming, one piece at a time.
Source: Zen and the Art of Programming
"A vast proportion of software at work today is horribly over-engineered for its task."
Source: yield thought
Maybe it's Fortran. Or maybe it just doesn't matter.
Source: ACM Queue
A rogues gallery of unkempt devs.
Source: CodeThinked
Four steps. Easy peasy.
Source: TechRepublic
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... about the DIY fusion reactor.
Source: The Code Project
You must choose... and live with the consequence.
Source: The Code Project
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