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Insider 05Oct10

Daily News - 10+ ways to screw up your database design
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 View online Comments? Questions? Tips?
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Click here How does he write SQL so fast?
Some developers write SQL amazingly fast. Do you want to know their secret? It’s Red Gate SQL Prompt. "This is a must-have tool for all T-SQL developers." Brian Brewder, Brian Online. Download your copy here.
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Click HereOptimizing your client and server
Jonathan Evans was working on a C# server and a command-line client, but the results were taking 3 or 4 minutes to display, instead of 1 second! This was an absolute show-stopper. Read more.

Industry News

Nothin’ but blues and Elvis, and somebody else's SSID.
Source: lifehacker
Declaration of data independence.
Source: Dave Weinreb
Debunking the myth that programmers screw up usability.
Source: Shedding Bikes
You have been warned.
Source: TechRepublic
Work on what you like, when you like.
Source: Shalin Says...
Click hereThe Cloud Zone on The Code Project – Explores the uses of cloud computing. Take a look at the key players and delve into specifics like Data Services, SaaS, and Azure. Learn More!

Developer News

Is jQuery the future of client-side ASP.NET development?
Source: MIX Online
Fine-tuning the best editor since Emacs.
Embracing intentional feature creep.
Source: CodeBetter
Lies, damn lies, and type systems.
Source: Fabulous Adventures In Coding
Benchmarking performance across implementations and browsers.
Source: United Coders
Click Here /n software Red Carpet Subscriptions
Components for every major Internet protocol from SFTP to IMAP to SNMP, SSL & SSH, S/MIME, Credit Cards, Compression, Messaging, Shipping, and more. .NET, COM, C++, Java, Pocket PC, Delphi, Mac OS X, iPhone

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Every coder should know...
Source: The Code Project
Which ones do you recommend?
Source: The Code Project
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