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Web Dev Newsletter - 3 Apr 2012

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Welcome to this week's Web Development newsletter from The Code Project.

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Every week we cover the latest news, useful tools and helpful techniques that keep you on the cutting edge of HTML, CSS and related web technologies. Read on to find out what we’ve discovered for you this week.

ASP.NET MVC goes open source

Last week’s big, surprise announcement for web technologies came from Scott Guthrie: ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source. OK, it’s technically been open source since 1.0 and also includes jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Validation, Modernizr.js, NuGet, Knockout.js and JSON.NET as well, but now the source code has been released under Apache license on CodePlex.

The key point here is that ASP.NET MVC is Now Accepting Pull Requests, as noted by Phil Haack of GitHub. This means your changes are more likely to be included in future releases of ASP.NET MVC.

Want to explore the ASP.NET MVC source and, potentially, make your own changes? Jimmy Bogard of Los Techies shows you How to fork the ASP.NET Web Stack to GitHub.

More fun with ASP.NET MVC

The next obvious question is: what can you do with this ASP.NET MVC code? Well, Michael Sync took the bait and you can follow his ongoing exploration of Building the ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Web Pages source code.

Or maybe you’d like to do something more productive, like build an actual web app. Filip W at StrathWeb has some Fun with ASP.NET Web API – push-like messaging from one application to multiple subscriber applications. Grab the source files, then let Filip walk you through the project.

A new web hosting platform… from Microsoft

That’s not all the news from Microsoft this week. Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet reports on Codename Antares: A new Microsoft hosting platform for Web apps. The final product is likely to be known officially as the Microsoft Web Hosting Framework, and it’s built on Windows Azure.

A number of JavaScript tips and tricks

JavaScript is increasingly the language of choice for cutting-edge web development. It’s easy to get started, but there are still quirks that can catch out even the most experienced coders. To help, John Papa offers 3 Quick JavaScript Tips for .NET Developers. I love John’s use of embedded JSFiddle for sharing code.

jQuery is another popular tool for enabling some advanced JavaScript-based features in your apps quickly and easily. It’s highly flexible thanks to thousands of plug-ins contributed by the jQuery, and creating your own plug-in is actually quite easy. (Even I’ve done it.) SitePoint has 10 Tips for Developing Better jQuery Plugins that will make sure yours is top quality.

A few new JavaScript frameworks

We could probably fill the newsletter just with new and indispensible JavaScript frameworks. Instead, we’ll just take a minute to point out two you should know about.

Underscore.js is a handy JavaScript utility library that’s commonly used alongside jQuery and Backbone.js. Nettuts+ shows you how to use it efficiently by Getting Cozy With Underscore.js.

For a much lighter, more focused example, Rob Flaherty provides an introduction to firstImpression.js: A micro-library for detecting new visitors. Simple, but useful.

Until next week, remember to close your tags and test in all the right browsers.

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