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Newsletter - 11 Jun 2012

Learning from our mobile past: Apple's Newton
156 articles this week
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Welcome to this week's newsletter from The Code Project.

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Site News

I have just landed back in my second home in Toronto after spending a couple of weeks in home #1 in Australia. I plan on being spectacularly jetlagged for at least a week, and may even continue the moaning into next week. To all those that I blithely say "the plane trip is nothing", please slap me next time I say such a foolish thing.

This week, a bunch of the non-timezone-challenged CodeProject team members will be at TechEd 2012 enjoying all the goodness that Orlando in high Summer has to offer. We'll have a booth on the main floor so please drop by and say hi..

Don't forget that Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2012) also starts tomorrow as well. I know we're meant to be focussing on the Developer tools and services, but I'll admit that we in the office just want to see the new thinner, lighter toys.

Need SysAdmin Help?

So do we somedays, so we've launched RootAdmin. The same format as CodeProject but dedicated to those guys and girls keeping the hardware humming and the servers safe. Sign in using your CodeProject details.

Chris Maunder

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Latest Additions

156 articles overall. 82 new, 74 updated.

New articles added


  • Walkers Mapped Gps - carl morey
    Complete description of an Android gps application with links to Android code.



Design and Architecture

Hardware & System

  • Install and boot Windows 8 from vhd - marcofranssen
    In a previous blog post I explained to you how to install Windows 8 in a virtual machine in VirtualBox. In VirtualBox I used 1 gig of memory and 2 of my cores and it performed quite good. However in the metro interface I had some issues with my mouse (scrolling, delays etc.) So yesterday [...]

Product Showcase

  • HTML5 Zero Footprint Viewer for DICOM and PACS - LEADTOOLS Support
    LEAD’s HTML5 and JavaScript viewer control provides unparalleled speed and features in a cross-platform, zero footprint DICOM viewing solution that can run on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

SharePoint Server

Solutions Center

Windows Presentation Foundation

Articles updated

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes


Applications & Tools


ASP.NET Controls

Audio and Video

  • nVLC - Roman Ginzburg
    A .NET API for the libVLC interface so the vast majority of VLC functionality could be utilized in managed applications.

C / C++ Language


Charts, Graphs and Images

  • ASP .NET Plotter (HTML5, C# and Plot'N'Roll) - Akram El Assas
    Nowadays, There are a plenty of Javascript charting libraries used in organizations such as NASA, Eutelsat, MongoDB, Google. Justly, this article aims to show you how you can easily integrate Javascript charting libraries in ASP .NET and build your own charting controls depending on your needs.

  • ASP .NET Image Slider with fancy thumbnail hover effect - Akram El Assas
    This article aims to show that ASP .NET combined with jQuery/Ajax/Javascript produces user friendly and attractive websites.

  • Processing4Net - Espen Harlinn
    Release the random artist inside you


Cross Platform


  • RaptorDB - the Document Store - Mehdi Gholam
    NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore)

  • Encapsulating ADO.NET Core Components - A C# Class Library - Marlon Hizole
    This article will explain the class library I created and how you can use it in your code. The aim of this class library is to simplify coding of data access and/or manipulation by encapsulating the core components of ADO.NET.

  • Infobright/MySQL Statistics Utility - Ryan Krage
    Display Infobright/MySQL Database Statistics in Java

Design and Architecture

  • Agile Case Study - Cayen Systems - boconnell, rcarlson-cayen, Cayen Systems
    Information and observations from an Agile transformation at a small software company in Milwaukee, WI.

Edit Controls


  • Outline Text - Wong Shao Voon
    How to draw a text with an outline

General Graphics


  • Html5 Jigsaw Puzzle - Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
    An online jigsaw puzzle using the stunning features of the Paper.js framework

  • Mario5 - Florian Rappl
    Recreating a famous jump and run game for playing and creating own levels in the webbrowser.

Internet / Network




Mobile Development

SharePoint Server

Social Network APIs

String handling

Testing and QA

User Controls


Windows Communication Foundation

  • OData Services - Jovan Popovic
    In this article is shown what are OData services, how you can create them using the WCF Data Services, and how you can use them

Windows Presentation Foundation

New Tips and Tricks added


  • A simple code snippet to add an event - OriginalGriff
    Adding an event to your class is simple, but it needs a bit of typing. I'm lazy, so I'd rather Visual studio did the work. This snippet works in the same way as the "prop" snippet.

  • As, Is and Reflection - Rahul.KumarSharma
    Difference and simple implementation of as, is and reflection.

  • Scope of Return Statement - Joshi, Rushikesh
    Scope of Return Statement, Reachable Code and Behavior in Finally Block

Office Development

SharePoint Server

String handling

Tools and IDE

Web Services

Windows Presentation Foundation

Work Issues

  • Green IT - Automated Power Management - Sandeep Kumar Seeram
    Green IT is the practice of implementing policies and procedures that improve the efficiency of computing resources in such a way as to reduce the environmental impact of their utilization.

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) and Service Desk Implementation - Sandeep Kumar Seeram
    The aim of this paper is to extend the line of knowledge about outcomes of ITSM and Service Desk Implementation, proposing a conceptual framework for successful ITSM and Service Desk implementation, phases of implementation cycle, and different success factors.


Tips and Tricks updated


ASP.NET Controls


  • Synchronous Programming using .NET 4.5 BCL - Shweta Lodha
    I’ll show you the traditional way of converting Synchronous example to Asynchronous one and then will see how the same can be accomplished using Fx 4.5.

Date and Time

  • DateTime extensions to make some simple tasks a little more readable - OriginalGriff
    Sometimes, you want to insert a date into a database as the start of the day, or you need to work out when the last Tuesday of the month is. These aren't difficult tasks, but the code can be difficult to follow. These extensions provide an easy-to-read way to do it.

Dialogs and Windows

Files and Folders


Web Services

New Technical Blogs added

.NET Framework



C / C++ Language



  • PHP, Global.asax, and Output caching - Jakub Míšek
    Global.asax file gives web developers great posibilities of handling the life-cycle of their web app. It is a common practice to take advantage of this file in ASP.NET applications. Now you can make use of it in a PHP web … Continue reading →

Client side scripting

  • How to access the input control’s data at Server side during Client Callback : A useful trick - Brij
    Client callback is one way to update the webpage without performing the full page postback. It maintains the Client state while updating the Webpage. During Client callback the webpage runs through modifies version of Page Life Cycle. The LifeCycle of a page in Client Call Back is  as If you want to

  • Fixing the jQueryUI dialog height in IE, the Quirks way - Artem Smirnov
    codeproject Today I had some fun trying to figure out how to fix the height of the jQueryUI dialog. The client wanted it to be exactly 500px. Or something that resembled 500px. Anyway, it definitely shouldn't have been from the top to the bottom of the screen. Although I sure set it to 500.The f

  • A (somewhat) new jQuery plug-in: Wizard - James Curran
    A new jQuery plug-in called Wizard.

  • PHP as a scripting language for C# - Jakub Míšek
    When creating .NET applications (including desktop and web applications), it may be useful to allow extending the application using some scripting language. The users of the application can write simple scripts to configure the application, modify how data is presented or … Continue reading &#


Design and Architecture

  • Is definition of done no longer needed? -
    A while ago now there was a discussion about “definition of done” (DoD) with critics and supporters alike commenting on how they saw DoD and need or lack of. The critics seemed to fall into 2 categories: those that believe work isn’t done until its actually deployed to production and those that did

Dialogs and Windows

  • Windows Events going with Metro UI - gnikolaropoulos
    Windows events in Mtero UI.

  • Kinect for Windows: Find user height accurately - Vangos Pterneas
    Some people ask me if there is a way to determine the height of a user standing in front of a Kinect device. The answer is defintely positive: We can detect the user's height regardless of her distance from the sensor! We only need some very basic Maths knowledge. Let's find out more...Download the

Files and Folders


  • Getting DRY With Sass - AlexTatiyants
    Sass is a language / framework which compiles down to CSS. The thing I like most about Sass is how it helps you apply the DRY principle to your style sheets. If you use it well, you can drastically cut down "copy-and-paste" code and actually get reasonably maintainable CSS to work with.

  • Detection of loading an iframe created in Ext JS - morzel
    Suppose that you need to execute a block of code when iframe's content is loaded. In case when iframe is created statically in HTML markup, the solution is really simple. All you have to do is to connect some JavaScript function with load event:Note: The load event (onload) is invoked when the entir


  • Passing .NET delegates into PHP - Jakub Míšek
    How to pass .NET delegates into PHP.

  • Writing compiled PHP extensions in PHP - Jakub Míšek
    How to write compiled PHP extensions in PHP.

  • Using C# in App_Code from PHP scripts - Jakub Míšek
    Implementing interoperability between C# and PHP.

  • Passing .NET delegates into PHP - Jakub Míšek
    How to pass delegates from C# into PHP, and how to use them in PHP.

  • Writing compiled PHP extensions in PHP - Jakub Míšek
    PHP offers a lot of various extensions which add additional library functions, classes, constants and other constructs. Common extensions include for example php_mysql and php_iconv. Since extensions are implemented in C language, the performance is great. It also allows programmers to use other nat

  • Using C# in App_Code from PHP scripts - Jakub Míšek
    Phalanger 3.0 brings several cool and useful features, making interoperability between C# and PHP even easier. In this post, I will show one of them. Use cases Imagine several use cases. You have a PHP web site consisting of many … Continue reading →

  • Passing .NET delegates into PHP - Jakub Míšek
    Phalanger is the only solution allowing to seamlessly interoperate between PHP and .NET world. It allows to use e.g. .NET generics, namespaces, properties, method overloads, global variables, constants and .NET delegates in both worlds. In this post I will show … Continue reading →

  • “dynamic” keyword and PHP objects - Jakub Míšek
    We’ve already demonstrated, how to use PHP scripts from within a .NET application using Phalanger. For reference you can take a look at PHP as a scripting language for C# article or Standard mode interoperability tutorial. In this way we can take … Continue reading →

Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

Site & Server Management

  • SharePoint Site Map - matt-dot-net
    We want to provide a standardized site map across our SharePoint publishing enterprise.  We are using SharePoint to provide a content management solution for our partners, and migrating from Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. Part of the planning is defining the set of web … Continue re

Threads, Processes & IPC

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • The legend of Forever Alone guy who wrote himself a wrapper for C# to use as ActiveX. - Duc Huy Nguyen
    Wrap a .NET user control in an ActiveX class

  • Organize Everything With Org Mode - ericevenchick
    I used to use Vim exclusively, but I decided to try Emacs out recently and realized that nobody wins the editor war; they’re both good at different things. One awesome feature of Emacs is the Org Mode. Fundamentally, Org Mode is just a powerful outliner. It’s incredibly feature packed, s

  • A binder that breaks the rules - Artem Smirnov
    codeproject There are many binders in my big rusty toolchest. Some are good boys (and girls), others just like to misbehave. I mean, they do what they're destined for, and they do it really good, but in the process of doing it they break one or several Holy Laws that our Holy President wants us

  • Compiler's Optimization Techniques - Virtual Inheritance - Part 2 - Vijay Sringeri
    This post is continuation to Part -1 of this article, hence kindly skim through the first part if not already, before you  begin with part - 2 for better understanding.As mentioned in the earlier part, in this post we get more insight into object layout , implicit pointer conversions,  pointer offse

  • Faking num lock, caps lock and scroll lock leds - Giorgi Dalakishvili
    IntroductionSome time ago I came across a post where the author wanted to turn on and off num lock, cap lock and scroll lock led light without actually toggling their state. This sounded challenging and impossible but after some googling I found a piece of code in C for achieving exactly what I was

  • PropertyBagTextWriter (Stream into Dictionary) - James Curran
    An article on PropertyBagTextWriter.

  • Login Popup - jqwidgets
    In this post, we will use the jqxDropDownButton and jqxButton widgets. The DropDownButton’s content will be a simple Form with 2 input fields and 1 submit button. 1. The first step is to include the JavaScript(jQuery Framework, jQWidgets Core, jqxButton … Continue reading →

Win32/64 SDK & OS

  • BadImageFormatException, x86 i x64 - morzel
    Have you ever seen BadImageFormatException or “An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format” message?If so, maybe the program that you tried to run hasn’t been compiled with /platform:x86 option. You are probably wondering why, while writing in C# you should think

Windows Communication Foundation

  • WCF Client Performance Using ObjectDataSource - matt-dot-net
    Improving WCF client performance using ObjectDataSource.

  • A Sneak Preview of WebSocket-enabled WCF Services - Nikos Baxevanis
    A WebSocket-enabled service in .NET will be written like any other WCF service with two differences.

  • Windows and GDI-objects - Michael Banzon
    Windows uses something called the Graphics Device Interface (GDI) which is a core component in the Windows OS responsible for display and printer data/communication (according to the Wikipedia article). Recently we received some error reports from our software that contained an exception hinting tha

Windows Phone 7

  • Developing my first WP7 app -
    Back in February I learned that Nokia & Microsoft had teamed up to provide free phones to developers that could show that they were developing applications for Windows Phone 7 (WP7), so I decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss and set about creating my first application. I already ha

  • Get an ApplicationBarIconButton by name (Redux) - James Curran
    How to get an ApplicationBarIconButton by name.

  • The Loan Calculator App - Leonardo Paneque
    Few days ago I added a new App to my inventory on Windows Phone Marketplace. The Loan Calculator app was just something I needed when I was in a hunt for a car (still am). The thing is I wanted to keep it simple. Just input the numbers and see the total, how much, for how long, you know.. just the F

Technical Blogs updated

.NET Framework




  • Improved WordPress performance with Phalanger - Jakub Míšek
    Update: Latest benchmarks are depicted on Benchmarks page. One of the reasons why you may be interested in using Phalanger is that you need to run your PHP applications faster. Phalanger is a PHP language compiler for .NET. It is … Continue reading →


Web Security

Windows Presentation Foundation

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