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Newsletter - 23 Jul 2012

Most popular new articles
105 articles this week.
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The top articles of last month have been voted on by you, and then hurridly collated by Sean as he races back from a much needed vacation. Congratulations to our monthly winners:

Best Mobile article of June 2012
Patrick Kalkman - Weekly Thai Recipe! for Windows Phone
Prizes: Code Project Mug; Code Project Mousepad; The latest Mobile books from informIT;
Best VB.NET article of June 2012
Kenneth Haugland - Create a Voronoi diagram 1 of 2
Prizes: Shell MegaPack.Net 2010; SmartOutline 2010; Crypto Logger For .Net; The latest VB.NET books from informIT;
Best C# article of June 2012
Kamran Bilgrami - Why hackers love String data type?
Prizes: Shell MegaPack.Net 2010; SmartOutline 2010; Crypto Obfuscator For .Net - Enterprise Edition; The latest C# books from informIT;
Best C++ article of June 2012
Mikhail Semenov - Move Semantics and Perfect Forwarding in C++11
Prizes: Codejock Xtreme ToolkitPro; SmartOutline 2010; CryptoLicensing For MFC - Enterprise Edition; The latest C++ books from informIT;
Best overall article of June 2012
Florian Rappl - Mario5
Prizes: Code Project Mug; Hyper Build;
Best Web Dev article of June 2012
Florian Rappl - Mario5
Prizes: SmartOutline 2010; The latest Web Dev books from informIT;

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

How many hours a day are you working?

Survey period: 16 Jul 2012 to 23 Jul 2012

Times are either great, meaning everyone works twice as hard to compete with everyone else, or times are tough so everyone works twice as hard with half the resources.

< 4hrs a day552.9555 votes, 2.95%
4 to less than 6 hours a day643.4364 votes, 3.43%
6 to less than 8 hours a day31917.11319 votes, 17.11%
8 to less than 10 hours a day91649.14916 votes, 49.14%
10 to less than 12 hours a day28115.08281 votes, 15.08%
12 to less than 14 hours a day955.1095 votes, 5.10%
14 to less than 16 hours a day382.0438 votes, 2.04%
More than 16 hrs a day341.8234 votes, 1.82%
I don't work623.3362 votes, 3.33%

This week's survey: Are you a DevOp?

Most popular new articles

16 Jul 2012 - 22 Jul 2012

Latest Additions

105 articles overall. 39 new, 66 updated.

New articles added

Algorithms & Recipes

  • Your Digital Fountain - Omar Gamil
    Reliable transmission of bulk data over lossy connection without worrying about packets loss

Audio and Video




Articles updated

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes


Applications & Tools


ASP.NET Controls

Audio and Video

C / C++ Language


Client side scripting

Cryptography & Security

  • Obtain the plain text session key using CryptoAPI - Raphael Amorim
    Generally it's very important to obtain the value of session keys. However, the Microsoft Cryptographic Providers (Base and Enhanced) do not support this feature. CryptExportKey() and CryptImportKey() require a valid key handle to encrypt and decrypt the session key, respectively.


DLLs & Assemblies

Document / View

Files and Folders

Game Development


GPU Programming

Hardware & System

Internet / Network

  • Remote Control PCs - Andy Bantly
    Two projects that work together to remote control PCs across a LAN.

  • Simple HTTP Server in C# - David Jeske
    Threaded synchronous HTTP Server abstract class, to respond to HTTP requests


  • Razor 2.0 template engine, supporting layouts - Jaap Lamfers
    Razor 2.0 template engine that works outside MVC and that supports layouts (masterpages) and _ViewStart, like Asp.Net MVC.

  • SolidWidgets Layout Manager Tutorial - Part 1 - Jake Franta
    A quick tutorial on how to use the SolidWidgets UI framework Layout manager.

  • SolidWidgets PDF - Jake Franta
    Using the PDF functionality in SolidWidgets, I no longer have to think different from what I am used to when laying out a page, whether the page represents a window or a PDF document.



Mobile Development

Parallel Programming

  • Memory Stream Multiplexer–write and read from many threads simultaneously - Omar Al Zabir
    MemoryStreamMultiplexer is a MemoryStream like buffer manager where one thread can write and many threads can read from it simultaneously. It supports blocking reads, so that reader threads can call .Read() and wait for some data to be written. Handy for loading data in one thread that is consumed c


  • Token Manager - VectorX
    The Token Manager allows web developers to program PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript into tokens that can be used throughout WordPress.

Product Showcase

  • Analyze performance from your .NET code through to SQL - Red Gate Software
    Understand the relationship between your .NET code, the database, and HTTP requests, with ANTS Performance Profiler from Red Gate. Access all the performance data you need to solve the problem in a single tool.

Selection Controls


String handling

Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Powershell

Windows Presentation Foundation

Work Issues

  • Time Management Tips for Developers - Alexander Fedorenko
    There is a way to make life better. Really a few time management principles can bring success in our life and improve software and web development to really profitable and fascinating levels.

New Tips and Tricks added

Algorithms & Recipes

  • Faster Bit Rotation - Jacob F. W.
    Here I present an improved version of the Circular Shift Operations.


  • Why is my web application slow? - Sudheer Reddy Battula
    My perspective on “where to begin” to address this issue in a general sense for a Microsoft centric web application.

  • Submit HTML text with page validation turned on - puzsol
    This outlines a method for being able to submit html tags from a particular text box while still using the page validation for the rest of the page.



Design and Architecture




Office Development

SharePoint Server

Windows Phone 7



Tips and Tricks updated

Bugs & Workarounds

Client side scripting

Hardware & System


  • SolidWidgets Report Designer - Jake Franta
    This article introduces the SolidWidgets Report Designer, which is part of the SolidWidgets UI framework library.


New Technical Blogs added


  • Implementing & Consuming ASP.NET WEB API from JQuery (MVC 4) - PratapReddyP
    CodeProjectIn this post we will see how to create a our own WEB API service and will consume it in client using JQuery.This is the UI i am planning to create, which in-turn talk to a ASP.NET WEB API Service for rendering data. We need to create a API Service and an Application consuming it.Lets do i


ATL Server


Other .NET Languages

  • Using Ninject in ASP.NET MVC - After2050
    Ninject MVC extensionI wrote my first post about achieving dependency injection using Ninject right here, there we have discussed about some basic things and even tried a small sample. In this article we are going to explore little more advanced stuff in Ninject. One of the nice thing about Ninject

Progress Controls

  • MVC Razor - In Progress Icon - PratapReddyP
    CodeProject"In Progress Icon" is the best way of intimating a client about server side action, so that he can wait until it is completed.In this post we will see how to display one in a MVC Razor application.Step 1:  Create a MVC Razor application. Add a .gif image which is displayed above or you ca

SQL Reporting Services

  • Merge in SQL 2008 - PratapReddyP
    Many a times we came across situation to merge records between two tables.

Tree Controls

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • MVC DI & Unity with Lifetime Manager - PratapReddyP
    CodeProjectIn this post we will see 2 important things.1. Using Unity Dependency Resolver2. What is Lifetime manager and its significance.Step 1: Create a regular MVC web application. create a new separate class library project. Add a two new interfaces and their concrete classes.Step 2: Now, as per

  • Dependency Injection Using Ninject - After2050
    Ninject"Ninject is a lightweight dependency injection framework for .NET applications. It helps you split your application into a collection of loosely-coupled, highly-cohesive pieces, and then glue them back together in a flexible manner. By using Ninject to support your software's architecture, yo

  • How to change the input parameters using action filters - After2050
    IMPORTANT This article is written to demonstrate how we can change the request parameters passed to an action in action filters. But if the concern is how to customize binding the request values to action parameters then the better way is to go for custom model binders.Action FiltersFilters are


  • Model Validation in ASP.NET MVC - After2050
    In this article we will see how to apply basic validations to a model and also we will see how to create custom validations by implementing the ValidationAttribute class or IValidatableObject interface.

  • Customer KnockoutJS Validation - Rui Inacio
    A KnockoutJS plug-in for model and property validation that is named Knockout validation.

Web Services

  • ASP.NET WEB API Basics (MVC 4) - PratapReddyP
    CodeProjectIn earlier post we read about how WEB API evolved and what are the features that made it as one of the best frameworks to build or consume HTTP Services. While going through the post, keep one thing in mind that WEB API is REST Complaint, so it typically consists of Get(),Put(),Post(),Del

Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Knockout Style Observables in XAML - Daniel Vaughan
    Implementing field level change notification in WPF, and how a Lambda Expression can be used to specify a composite property that raises change notifications automatically whenever an associated property changes.

Technical Blogs updated

.NET Framework



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