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Newsletter - 12 Nov 2012

Most popular new articles
132 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from The Code Project.
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Site News

Our Android At Play competition is done and we're proud to announce the winner of our $25,000 grand prize.

3D Cross-Platform 3rd Person Shooter - To Intel x86 Android by Ashraf Samy Hegab

This entry wasn't just a great app - it was also a great read (anyone who can slip in a video for "We are the world" deserves bonus points in my book). If you've ever thought of trying your hand at Android game development then read this article. Well done, Ashraf, and thanks to everyone who entered, as well as a big thanks to those who voted for the apps and encouraged the authors. Great stuff!

It's Movember again, which means it's time for the gents to grow a mo' and support a topic close to our hearts: Men's health. The team at Dundas Software are throwing away the razor this month so if you wish to support a worthy cause then checkout their Movember page.

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

Will you be changing jobs in the next 6 months?

Survey period: 5 Nov 2012 to 12 Nov 2012

Are you sticking with what you have, looking for a change, looking for greener pastures, or just plain done?

I am changing jobs15710.20157 votes, 10.20%
I am probably changing jobs1157.47115 votes, 7.47%
I would like to change jobs22814.81228 votes, 14.81%
Who knows?27918.13279 votes, 18.13%
I don't think I'll be changing24916.18249 votes, 16.18%
I will not be changing jobs36923.98369 votes, 23.98%
I'll be leaving the workforce120.7812 votes, 0.78%
I'll be (hopefully) entering the workforce634.0963 votes, 4.09%
I don't work and won't be starting work664.2966 votes, 4.29%

This week's survey: Do you prefer working on a single project or multiple projects at any given time?

Most popular new articles

5 Nov 2012 - 11 Nov 2012

Latest Additions

132 articles overall. 46 new, 86 updated.

New articles added

Algorithms & Recipes


Audio and Video

  • Visualizing Sound - HoshiKata
    Listen or playback sound and visualize the frequency spread.


Charts, Graphs and Images

  • ASP .NET Plotter - HTML5 Charting for all - Akram El Assas
    Nowadays, There are a plenty of Javascript charting libraries used in organizations such as NASA, Eutelsat, MongoDB, Google. Justly, this article aims to show you how you can easily integrate Javascript charting libraries in ASP .NET and build your own charting controls depending on your needs.

  • ASP.NET Plotter Toolkit - HTML5 Charting for all - Akram El Assas
    ASP.NET Plotter Toolkit makes the process of creating ASP.NET charting controls much simpler and much easier. The toolkit comes with extendable HTML5 charting controls for plotting time series and dense data sets.

Design and Architecture


  • A Coder Interview With Daniel Jalkut - The Code Project, Daniel Jalkut
    Welcome to our continuing series of Code Project interviews in which we talk to developers about their backgrounds, projects, interests and pet peeves. In this installment we talk to Daniel Jalkut, Mac developer and podcaster.

Product Showcase

Testing and QA


  • Shopping List - GeorgeChris
    Shopping List is a great utility app for maintaining your shopping list.

  • BMI Calculator - Sarah_G
    BMI Calculator is an awesome app to track the BMI of a user and to understand the patterns to make corrections for a healthy life.

  • Intel Ultrabook–Looking Closer - Member 2625930
    Intel Ultrabook–Looking Closer.

  • Travel Book - hisureshkumarg
    Travel Book is a highly useful app which helps you to beautifully organize your Travel pictures.

  • Memories - hisureshkumarg
    Memories is a highly useful app which helps you to beautifully organize your Memorable pictures.

Windows Communication Foundation

  • A Beginners Guide to Duplex WCF - Ger Hayden
    The purpose of this article is to create a service which accepts messages from any client and redistributes those messages to all subscribed clients, and a client that can subscribe to the service, send messages to it and receive unrelated messages from it regardless of how many it sends.


  • XSLT 2.0 in .NET - Akram El Assas
    The .NET Framework provides XslCompiledTransform which is an XSLT processor 1.0. However this doesn't mean that we can’t work with XSLT 2.0 in .NET. This article is for folks who want to use XSLT 2.0 in .NET.

  • XSLT Survival Kit - Akram El Assas
    XSLT Survival Kit provides useful and handy templates for XSLT 1.0 language.

  • Remove space in .NET serialization of empty XML element - Herbert Oppmann
    Shows how to get the .NET XmlWriter class to write empty element tags as instead of

Articles updated

Algorithms & Recipes

Applications & Tools


ASP.NET Controls

  • Effective paging with List View control in ASP.NET - Abdul Quader Mamun
    To develop scalable applications, effective paging is essential. Devoid of smart and effective paging and sorting to handle thousands of thousand data takes extra time and system resources.

Audio and Video

  • A managed FreeFrame host - Jarno Burger
    A managed wrapper around FreeFrame, to give your video frames some cool effects

Author Resources

C / C++ Language


Charts, Graphs and Images

Custom Controls


Design and Architecture

Desktop Gadgets

  • System Information - MehdiNaseri
    How to collect system information from local or remote computer.


Edit Controls

Game Development

General Graphics

Hardware & System


Internet / Network

  • SMTP Client with SSL/TLS - David Johns, John_Tang
    C++ SMTP client, support SSL and TLS encrypted connection to SMTP server

  • WebScraping in CSharpDotNetTech - dot net tech
    Multithreaded Web Scraping with Examples of WebBrowser, WebClient, HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse, Regex, BackgroundWorker.

  • ZeroMQ via C#: Introduction - Manar Ezzadeen
    An Introduction to ZeroMQ, a very lightweight message queuing open source software.Then exploring and testing in a very easy way its main communication patterns using C#.


List Controls

Office Development

SharePoint Server

  • Library and List Size - Jean Paul V.A
    How to solve a real life scenario involving retrieving the size of libraries and lists.


Tools and IDE


User Controls


Windows Presentation Foundation


New Tips and Tricks added


Audio and Video



Grid & Data Controls


Tips and Tricks updated


Client side scripting

Debug Tips

Exception Handling

Grid & Data Controls



Threads, Processes & IPC

Windows Phone 7

Windows Presentation Foundation

New Technical Blogs added

Design and Architecture

Files and Folders

  • Converting DirectX .X files for use in games - Simon Jackson
    While putting together the UnityXNA article I cast aside all warnings and threw caution to the wind and spent a bit of time trying to get my 3D starter XNA sample in to the framework, it should come as no surprise from the tenant of that article that I failed, granted I only spent aboutRead More…


Mobile Development

SharePoint Server

  • Managed Metadata in SP2010 - Simplified - PratapReddyP
    CodeProject                 Metadata is data about data.  Well Now you have to tell me wether answer is correct or not?If you understand above definition, the answer is "Correct".The concept of metadata exists from ages, and we have been using it in .net assemblies and many other stuff.Lets take an

  • Content Organizer / Metadata Routing in SP2010 - PratapReddyP
    Content Organizer / Metadata Routing in SP2010.


Technical Blogs updated

.NET Framework

Applications & Tools



  • Detection of loading an iframe created in Ext JS - morzel
    Suppose that you need to execute a block of code when iframe's content is loaded. In case when iframe is created statically in HTML markup, the solution is really simple. But what if the iframe is created with Ext JS code?

Mobile Development

String handling

Third Party Products and Tools

  • XNA to UnityXNA and Beyond - Simon Jackson
    Continuing on the exploration of XNA future I posted about an interesting new framework that was brewing by Barnaby Smith over at MVINetwork, a curious project aiming to bring the ease of use of XNA into the Unity3D engine. The project itself is fascinating but at its heart basically just a wrapper

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