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Newsletter - 3 Dec 2012

Most popular new articles
116 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from The Code Project.
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Site News

Are you a serious Rails developer?

We're looking for a serious Rails developer to do some serious heavy lifting in terms of architecting and coding. This is not a junior or intermediate level position - this is a position for someone who wants to push themselves and in the process teach and mentor others. With great power comes great responsibility. Interested in making a difference? Send me an email at Toronto / GTA devs only, no exceptions.

Would you like to post an article?

Are you thinking of posting an article but aren't sure how? You can either take a look at these two links

or send an email to Sean at and he will connect you with a CodeProject Mentor who will help walk you through the process. It's easy, and we'll do everything we can to make your article look great.

Do you already blog?

We have a feature on CodeProject that allows you to share your technical blogs with other developers from the comfort of your very own blog. If you write technical blog posts and want to get those posts out to a wider audience, with an added bonus of getting more visitors to your own blog, then use our Blog feed aggregator.

Chris Maunder

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New Relic, the leader in SaaS-based web app performance monitoring, is giving everyone who tries their software a Nerd Life shirt. Do you code in .NET, Ruby, PHP, Python, or Java? Then you can use New Relic at no cost!
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Weekly Poll Results

Do you code in your spare time?

Survey period: 26 Nov 2012 to 3 Dec 2012

Or does spare time = the time your not coding?

I constantly code in my spare time21512.20215 votes, 12.20%
I often code in my spare time46826.56468 votes, 26.56%
I occasionally code in my spare time49928.32499 votes, 28.32%
I rarely code in my spare time29116.52291 votes, 16.52%
I never code in my spare time1176.64117 votes, 6.64%
I never code. Ever.331.8733 votes, 1.87%
Spare time? I've heard of the concept...1397.89139 votes, 7.89%

This week's survey: Do you customise or upgrade your computer(s)?

Most popular new articles

26 Nov 2012 - 2 Dec 2012

Latest Additions

116 articles overall. 30 new, 86 updated.

New articles added




Hardware Reviews



  • LINQ and dictionaries - Anders Gustafsson, Cureos
    Convenience methods for creating dictionaries with LINQ

Product Showcase


Windows Presentation Foundation

Articles updated

.NET Framework

  • PVS.AVPlayer - Peter Vegter
    MCI wrapper class library for .NET developers


  • HTTP Push from SQL Server — Comet SQL - CoperNick
    This article provides an example solution for presenting data in "real-time" from Microsoft SQL Server in an HTML browser. The article presents how to implement Comet functionality in ASP.NET and how to connect Comet with Query Notification from SQL Server.

Algorithms & Recipes


ASP.NET Controls

  • Editable GridView in ASP.NET 2.0 - Ashrafur Rahaman
    This article will give you an overview of how to use an ASP.NET GridView completely, and how to use RowEditing, RowUpdating, RowDeleting, RowCommand, RowDataBound, RowCancelingEdit, and Pagination in a DataGrid. From this article, you will have a clear view of GridView data inserting, deleting, and

C / C++ Language


Cryptography & Security


  • RaptorDB - the Document Store - Mehdi Gholam
    NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support)

  • Configuring Database Mail in SQL Server - Kareem.S
    This is an enterprise solution for sending mails from the SQL Server database engine to SMTP servers.

Design and Architecture

Desktop Gadgets

Files and Folders

Grid & Data Controls

  • Dynamic Type Description Framework for PropertyGrid - Mizan Rahman
    A framework that allows you to customize your class for PropertyGrid at design-time and/or run-time. Using this framework your can control what properties PropertyGrid shows, how the properties are shown, and when it shows them.

Hardware & System


Internet / Network

Office Development

Product Showcase

  • Secure your Saas applications with Visual Guard - Novalys
    Are you creating a security system for a SaaS application? Visual Guard is here to help! This article will list the important questions to ask during your project and the answers that Visual Guard provides to avoid security breaches or functional limitations that will hold you back.


Threads, Processes & IPC

Tools and IDE

Tree Controls


  • Roller Coaster - Rover2341 - Mark Dickinson
    Build and ride roller coasters on Windows 8. Use your Ultrabook to play the game using touch.

  • Transport Tracker - Joe Brock
    A unified transport tracking application for Windows 8 which utilises sensors and a server-side transport network aggregation component.

  • Engineering Calculator VOLTA-2013 - DrABELL
    Productivity software package VOLTA-2013 developed as HTML5 web application and converted into desktop installable one using Intel’s AppUp encapsulator. Application extension Jobrica-2013 utilizes geolocation/GPS service and Bing map technology to find Job Agencies in search area.

  • Sumerics - Florian Rappl
    Creating a touch enabled sensor numerical application for the latest generation of Ultrabooks.

  • Edumatter M12: School Math Calculators and Equation Solvers - DrABELL
    Educational software package for Microsoft Windows® contains “5-in-1” School Math Calculators and Equation Solvers applications, intended for public/private school (K-12) and college students, educators, and self-paced education/homeschooling

  • Celerity: Sensory Overload - Adam David Hill
    Sensor-controlled XNA Tunnel Game with VR Head-Tracking

  • FloTiles: An Innovative Metro Game - Ratish Philip
    A Windows 8 Metro App showcasing an innovative jigsaw puzzle game while utilising the powerful features of an Ultrabook.

  • You're gonna go Ballastic! - linkedPIXEL
    A game of ball swinging, elastic snapping chaos.

  • Quizzee! - Tarun Y Mangukiya
    A Quiz game for Windows 8 And Ultrabook

  • Bixi Application Proposal for Windows 8 Ultrabooks - Yani Ioannou
    Bixi app proposal for Windows 8 Ultrabooks.

  • Mobile Pro - chgijk
    Tracking time and resources for onsite consulting

  • Switch To SMS/Text Event Reminders When Your Ultrabook is in Suspend Mode #1 - simsam77
    Send a text/sms message to your phone when your Ultrabook is in Sleep/Standby mode via a service like Twilio or Nexmo by using Smart Connect or an accelerometer/gyroscope

  • All Axis Camera - Windows 8 Desktop App for Ultrabook - Mahendra India
    Adding all axis to panoramic photography with Ultrabook

  • T-Kara Puzzles - thetairon
    New version of touch friendly puzzle game.

  • MoneyBag - An Awesome MoneyManager - hisureshkumarg
    MoneyBag is an elegant money manager which provides simple and easy ways to enter and track all the financial transactions and at the same time empower the user to understand their spending and savings patterns over a period of time, so that they can take corrective actions to improve their financia

  • TasksBox - An Intelligent TaskManager - sarmaghi
    TasksBox is an Intelligent Task Manager which elegantly manages all your tasks and can also sync your tasks across multiples machines by utilizing the power of cloud services.

  • GPS Treasure hunt - PeterFJorgensen
    "GPS Treasure Hunt" is a game played out in the nature using a Ultrabook PC with GPS and other sensors

  • Piano - sarmaghi
    Piano is a awesome musical app that brings the musical instrument to your Ultrabook by leveraging the power of touch in the Ultrabook.

  • Weather - Live Weather for you. - Vj_in
    Weather is a great utility app for everyone who needs a simple and elegant way to keep notified of the weather updates.

  • LocalView - Area-specific desktops - Tim Corey
    A utility to change your desktop background and lock screen automatically based upon where you are currently.

  • Xapp Collaboration Application - Muralidharan Anantharaman
    An application which will enable the user to annotate what they see on their Ultrabook screens using various tools such as freehand drawing

  • Notes - Simple & Elegant - Sarah_G
    Notes is simple app to keep your notes organized in a simple and elegant user interface. Taking Notes becomes a lot easier with Notes app.

  • Amazon Deals - sarmaghi
    Amazon Deals is an awesome app for accessing content, news, articles and other details related to deals.

  • Switch to SMS/Text Event Reminders When Your Ultrabook is in Suspend Mode #2 - simsam77
    This is a follow-on article from my first on the topic of sending text messages as event reminders.

Windows Presentation Foundation

New Tips and Tricks added

C / C++ Language



SharePoint Server

String handling


Tips and Tricks updated

Algorithms & Recipes

  • Math Parser .NET C# - kirnbas
    This is light, fast and simple to understand mathematical parser designed in one class, which receives as input a mathematical expression (System.String) and returns the output value (System.Double)

Applications & Tools


C / C++ Language



Date and Time

Internet / Network


  • Argument Parser - Nagy Vilmos
    A simple method to parse an argument list as a name value pair



Windows Presentation Foundation

New Technical Blogs added

Client side scripting

Mobile Development

Programming Tips

  • Getting console output within a unit test - Vasil Trifonov
    Today I needed to test a method which writes to the Console to validate the ouput. It is not hard to change the default console output and check the result. However you may forget to return the original output at the end. So let's take a look at my solution.Let say we have the following class we wan

  • How to configure local Nuget Repository - Vasil Trifonov
    After my last posts about Nuget packaging I wanted to share another useful experience with Nuget.You can create a local repository to store all the packages you need and not to download those every time.To do this I have created a folder C:\NugetConfig\Repo and I have copied there the Newtonsoft.Jso

Tabs & Property Pages

  • Retrieve the LoaderException property for more information… - Ivan Krivyakov
    Here’s the exception I received today: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException. Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. Isn’t it lovely? Do the authors think I have a little leprechaun sitting on the user machi

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • In GAC we Trust - Ivan Krivyakov
    I am writing a plugin-hosting WPF application. For variety of reasons I have to put plugin-ins into their own app domains. To name just a few: - plugin unload is required - each plugin has its own config file - plugins may be located anywhere on the disk I am having serious troubles due to [...]

Work Issues

Technical Blogs updated



Client side scripting


  • Working with legacy databases in NHibernate Part 1 - Compound foreign keys - Pete Sutcliffe
    If there's anything worse than working with legacy code, it's working with Legacy databases. At least with legacy code if you're lucky you can ring-fence it off and ignore it when not working on it, but poorly designed databases can infect a whole system and create a situation where your new code st

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