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Newsletter - 10 Dec 2012

Most popular new articles
109 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from The Code Project.
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Site News

Our AppInnovation contest draws to a close and our thousands of registered entrants have worked themselves into exhaustion getting over a hundred applications completed. Around 300 Ultrabooks have been sent around the world, the first 50 entrants to get their apps in the AppUp store have been awarded their $1,000 prizes, and Judging is now underway and the final seven $10,000 category prizes and the overall $20,000 grand prize.

Someone's going to have a great Christmas.

Have you ever wanted to know what your fellow developers think about something?

Each week we run a straw poll on the homepage and I'm always after ideas. If there's something you've wanted to ask then email your ideas to Wondering what languages people are using? Their favourite IDE? Whether they too have pair-programming foisted on them? Anything goes!

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

Do you customise or upgrade your computer(s)?

Survey period: 3 Dec 2012 to 10 Dec 2012

Upgrading memory, CPU, adding cards and memory can all prolong the life of your machine. Alternatively you can just grab a younger, shinier model...

I overclock and/or upgrade the CPU23124.50231 votes, 24.50%
I upgrade the memory60363.94603 votes, 63.94%
I upgrade the mainboard23024.39230 votes, 24.39%
I upgrade the graphics35337.43353 votes, 37.43%
I add, upgrade or replace the drives48951.86489 votes, 51.86%
I upgrade the cooling15716.65157 votes, 16.65%
I add racing stripes474.9847 votes, 4.98%
I don't upgrade my machines20521.74205 votes, 21.74%
Other474.9847 votes, 4.98%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

View optional text answers (44 answers)

This week's survey: Is HTML5 a good choice for mobile application development?

Most popular new articles

3 Dec 2012 - 9 Dec 2012

Latest Additions

109 articles overall. 34 new, 75 updated.

New articles added

.NET Framework

Design and Architecture

  • Composable Data Validations. Func delegates everywhere. - Member 3531622
    How to combine type based validation rules with other validations. How to compose them and apply them in different scenarios, adding/removing validations when applied on concrete instances, combining objects of different types and implementing one validation strategy on all.

Edit Controls

  • CueProvider - cigwork
    VB.NET version of Ravi Bhavnani's CueProvider.


Microsoft BizTalk Server

Product Showcase

SharePoint Server

SQL Reporting Services


Windows 8 Design

Articles updated

.NET Framework

  • Get a User's Full Name - jabit
    Use .NET 3.5's DirectoryServices namespace to quickly and easily get at a user's full name.

Algorithms & Recipes



Audio and Video

C / C++ Language


Client side scripting

  • JavaScript Date Format - hector.j.rivas
    A fast VB-like date format function in JavaScript (requires JScript 5.5+).

Cryptography & Security


Dialogs and Windows

General Graphics

Grid & Data Controls

  • Dynamic Type Description Framework for PropertyGrid - Mizan Rahman
    A framework that allows you to customize your class for PropertyGrid at design-time and/or run-time. Using this framework your can control what properties PropertyGrid shows, how the properties are shown, and when it shows them.

Hardware & System


Internet / Network

  • fastJSON - Mehdi Gholam
    Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4 and MonoDroid support)

  • FTP Client Class - otom
    A non-MFC class to encapsulate the FTP protocol.

  • Building a WebServer using C# - rockdino
    How to make a simple web server which supports GZIP compression, applications, and sessions.

Microsoft Exchange

Office Development

SharePoint Server

String handling

Tools and IDE


  • Engineering Calculator VOLTA-2013 - DrABELL
    Productivity software package VOLTA-2013 developed as HTML5 web application and converted into desktop installable one using Intel’s AppUp encapsulator. Application extension Jobrica-2013 utilizes geolocation/GPS service and Bing map technology to find Job Agencies in search area.

  • Celerity: Sensory Overload - Adam David Hill
    Sensor-controlled XNA tunnel game with VR head-tracking.

  • Edumatter M12: School Math Calculators and Equation Solvers - DrABELL
    Educational software package for Microsoft Windows® contains “5-in-1” School Math Calculators and Equation Solvers applications, intended for public/private school (K-12) and college students, educators, and self-paced education/homeschooling

  • Facebook Album Viewer UltraBook App - Roshan D
    Facebook album viewer is a WPF application used to manage facebook albums. The user can view , create or upload pictures. Also can make use of Ultrabook capabilities in this app.

  • Brick Ball Game : WPF C# Game - @AmitGajjar
    This is not a simple brick ball game but we need to concentrate on two balls at a time.

  • Rev Warrior - An automobile performance helper - Jason Gleim
    An application to help gear-heads tune their rides

  • Switch To SMS/Text Event Reminders When Your Ultrabook is in Suspend Mode #1 - simsam77
    Send a text/sms message to your phone when your Ultrabook is in Sleep/Standby mode via a service like Twilio or Nexmo by using Smart Connect or an accelerometer/gyroscope

  • T-Kara Puzzles - thetairon
    New version of touch friendly puzzle game.

  • TasksBox - An Intelligent TaskManager - sarmaghi
    TasksBox is an Intelligent Task Manager which elegantly manages all your tasks and can also sync your tasks across multiples machines by utilizing the power of cloud services.

  • Flick Pong - Steven Holding
    This article details my game entry for the AppInnovation Contest

  • Notes - Simple & Elegant - Sarah_G
    Notes is simple app to keep your notes organized in a simple and elegant user interface. Taking Notes becomes a lot easier with Notes app.

Uncategorised Technical Blogs


Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Runtime


  • XMLFoundation - Brian Aberle
    As the name suggests it provides a foundation for XML support in an application, however this is much more than just another XML parser. It applies a unique approach to handling XML that allows your application code to focus on the application rather than traversing DOM or subscribing to SAX events

New Tips and Tricks added

Algorithms & Recipes




Windows API

Tips and Tricks updated


Client side scripting

  • Perfomance of for loop - Sebastiaan Meijerink
    Lots of for loops are coded wrong causing a potential performance issue.


Date and Time

General Graphics

Programming Tips

Testing and QA

New Technical Blogs added

Applications & Tools


  • Object Factory in Unity 2.x - Ivan Krivyakov
    A couple of days ago I spent some time trying to find how to make Unity call a factory method when user requests an object. Then I forgot about it, and tried to Google it again. This stuff is surprisingly hard to find, especially given the fact that the method used in Unity 1.x (StaticFactoryExtensi

  • Poor Man's IOC - Robert Hoffmann
    No IOC library, no dependencies ..and I'm really really happy now.

  • The lambdas, the anonymous and the events - Leonardo Paneque
    The subscribe/unsubscribe behavior.

Client side scripting

Combo & List Boxes

  • Building Vagrant Boxes with VeeWee on TravisCI - Keyhole Software
    (Pro Tip: you can safely skip the first 3 paragraphs) We’ve all been there: You push some .travis.yml commits and your clone gets parachuted into VM Land – only to find that things don’t go quite as expected. As the credits roll, you can’t help but feel a little anger towards

Custom Controls

Design and Architecture


Web Services

  • SoapExtensions: A Bad Day with HTTP 400 Bad Requests - newkie
    You may have found this post if you were searching for: HTTP 400 Bad Request web service Response is not well-formed XML web service System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing web service SoapExtension impacting all web services

Work Issues

  • The Myth of the Lone Hacker - Ashton Kemerling
    The myth of the lone hacker is a strong faith in the power of individual hackers to affect large scale change.

Technical Blogs updated

.NET Framework

  • Topshelf’s Windows Service and try-finally - Sebastian Solnica
    I recently needed to diagnose an interesting problem with one of our Topshelf’s Windows Services. The service ended in a StopPending state and we needed to kill it in order to make it work again. But before killing the service … Continue reading →

Mobile Development

Programming Tips

Windows Communication Foundation

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