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I am a senior system engineer at DriveHQ ( I have worked there for more than 6 years.

DriveHQ offers Cloud IT service to SMBs since 2003 with over 1.8 million registered users. We offer far more and better features than Dropbox and Amazon's S3 at a much lower price. For example:

"Dropbox for Team" charges $895/year for only 5 user licenses and $125/user for each additional user license. DriveHQ only charges for $6/user/year, not to mention we offer at least 5 times more features.

Amazon's S3 is also very expensive. It charges for storage space, download bandwidth and server requests separately. The download bandwidth is priced at $120/TB/month, which is significantly more expensive than their storage price. The server request can also be very expensive if you need to access the service frequently. For enterprises that need a lot of storage space, DriveHQ's price can be up to 3-6 times lower than S3 if you factor in S3 charges for storage, bandwidth and server requests separately, not to mention S3 is just a raw storage service, whereas DriveHQ offers a whole suite of Cloud IT Service.

DriveHQ also operates service (i.e., Camera for Total Protection), a revolutionary Security and Monitoring service. Compared with other security services such as ADT, CameraFTP service is extremely easy to setup, requires no contract, is more secure as it records data to the cloud. The price starts at only $1.5/month/camera, vs. other security companies usually charge $30 - $100/month and requires additional expensive hardware and installation fees.



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