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Wade Beasley - Professional Profile


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Professional Enterprise Program / Project Manager with keen software developer acumen with over 25 years of experience. PMP, MCSD, and Six Sigma Green Belt.

Started developing software right out of college back in 1987 for a company no longer in existence, named Capitol Holding, Inc. My first job was developing on the IBM 370 series mainframes using Assembler, Cobol, JCL, and Quickjob. After a year of that, I migrated to another internal team which was doing PC development using tools like: dbase III, C, PC Assembler, and Basic. I continued working in that environment for a little of five years then I changed my career path and went to consulting.

Over the next 20 years, I was contracted and employed to do a variety of jobs, such as:

Oracle DBA
PL/Sql developer
Sql Server DBA
Transact-Sql developer
Client Server Development with Visual Basic, Delphi, and Foxpro
Visual Basic
n-Tier development
Mobile development
Enterprise Architect
Project Manager
Global Software Development Manager leading developers in USA, Mexico, England, and India
Sr. PMO Manager


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