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Reinhold Ilse 2021 - Professional Profile


I got to know programming in 1981 when I was trained as a computer scientist at a renowned private technical school. The focus of the training was in the mainframe area and included the programming languages Assembler, Cobol, PL / 1 and Basic as well as database systems and planning methods.

From 1983 on I worked as a professional programmer. However, I had to familiarize myself with completely new technology. I now programmed in Z80 assembler as well as in Fortran and developed hardware-related system programs under the CP / M operating system. The highlights were the development of a multi-user operating system and a real-time multi-tasking operating system.

After that I had enough of microprocessor programming and switched to a company for which I programmed with C and Informix SQL under Unix on behalf of their customers. For example, I developed a test automation system for testing new Unix releases for a large company.

During this time building compilers became my hobby and I developed some script languages with yacc / lex and later a special compiler for a data definition language that contained ASN.1 as a subset.

After this project I turned more and more to project management and then worked for many years as a manager in various IT consulting firms. As a manager, I also dealt with the latest technologies again and again and got to know, for example, the programming languages Java and C # as well as web technology with HTML, PHP or JSP.

From 2013 I was drawn back to technology and I mainly worked as a project manager in development projects.

I have now retired since summer 2020 and still work as a freelance IT consultant and programmer.



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