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I am a computer programmer who started his career as a Java programmer in 2000. Wrote a game and several applications like editors, DB apps etc in Java. My fascination for programming went on a high in the following years. I did a post graduate diploma of 2 years because of which I got introduced to a plethora of Languages. My favorite at that time was VB because it was way too easy to program, intelli-sense was too cool.

I joined an NGO in 2002 as part time computer programmer. Primary responsibility was to develop their website and to write apps for them in VB. During this process I got introduced to DHTML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, wow had hell of a time. Learned and learned and learned during this time. I got into Visual C++ because of my post graduation in computer applications. I was forced into this powerful language but how lucky I am. Initially I was scared of CreateFont API Wink | ;) but now its a piece of cake. Smile | :)

As of now I'm working as Visual C++ engineer with Microsoft. My passion for this language never ends. Its the raw power of the language, the kind of performance and flexibility it provides, that keeps me motivated to continue working in this language. Started working in VC6 and all through till the latest version of Visual C++. Smile | :)

I'm part of the Microsoft Developer Support - Programming Languages Team. Enjoying every day.


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GeneralMicrosoft MVP Pin
Nibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 22:06
MemberNibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 22:06 
GeneralRe: Microsoft MVP Pin
Nibu babu thomas6-Oct-09 1:57
MemberNibu babu thomas6-Oct-09 1:57 
GeneralFirst Weekend in Leuven, Belgium Pin
Nibu babu thomas10-Jul-07 23:01
MemberNibu babu thomas10-Jul-07 23:01 
GeneralCongrats Pin
ThatsAlok3-Oct-07 17:28
MemberThatsAlok3-Oct-07 17:28 
GeneralRe: Congrats Pin
Nibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 18:40
MemberNibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 18:40 
GeneralRe: Congrats Pin
ThatsAlok7-Oct-07 18:53
MemberThatsAlok7-Oct-07 18:53 
GeneralRe: Congrats Pin
Nibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 19:17
MemberNibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 19:17 
GeneralRe: Congrats Pin
ThatsAlok7-Oct-07 19:37
MemberThatsAlok7-Oct-07 19:37 
GeneralRe: Congrats Pin
Nibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 19:42
MemberNibu babu thomas7-Oct-07 19:42 
GeneralIn Leuven, Belgium Pin
Nibu babu thomas4-Jul-07 5:22
MemberNibu babu thomas4-Jul-07 5:22 
GeneralLeaving for Belgium!! Pin
Nibu babu thomas28-Jun-07 19:51
MemberNibu babu thomas28-Jun-07 19:51 
GeneralThose little things! Pin
Nibu babu thomas24-May-07 17:51
MemberNibu babu thomas24-May-07 17:51 
GeneralPretty disappointing day for me! Pin
Nibu babu thomas8-May-07 4:26
MemberNibu babu thomas8-May-07 4:26 
GeneralNew Mobile Pin
Nibu babu thomas29-Apr-07 17:17
MemberNibu babu thomas29-Apr-07 17:17 
GeneralNot able to reply to messages in forums... Pin
Nibu babu thomas11-Apr-07 21:24
MemberNibu babu thomas11-Apr-07 21:24 
GeneralRe: Not able to reply to messages in forums... Pin
Nibu babu thomas22-Apr-07 21:44
MemberNibu babu thomas22-Apr-07 21:44 
GeneralHands on Vista :) Pin
Nibu babu thomas2-Apr-07 23:37
MemberNibu babu thomas2-Apr-07 23:37 
GeneralRe: Hands on Vista :) Pin
Naveen5-Apr-07 1:56
MemberNaveen5-Apr-07 1:56 
GeneralRe: Hands on Vista :) Pin
Nibu babu thomas8-Apr-07 17:34
MemberNibu babu thomas8-Apr-07 17:34 
GeneralZero BUGs Pin
Nibu babu thomas6-Mar-07 22:41
MemberNibu babu thomas6-Mar-07 22:41 
GeneralRe: Zero BUGs Pin
ThatsAlok1-Apr-07 19:26
MemberThatsAlok1-Apr-07 19:26 
GeneralRe: Zero BUGs Pin
Nibu babu thomas1-Apr-07 19:28
MemberNibu babu thomas1-Apr-07 19:28 
GeneralHaving eye problems! Pin
Nibu babu thomas2-Mar-06 19:11
MemberNibu babu thomas2-Mar-06 19:11 
GeneralLatest Update Pin
Nibu babu thomas25-Jun-07 2:08
MemberNibu babu thomas25-Jun-07 2:08 

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