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My name is Dipak. I am 28 years old. I was born on January 6, 1978. I was raised in the city of Visnagar near Mehsana, Gujarat. It’s a cool area that has a very dry and cold climate. I lived there for twenty years. I attended M N College. I am fluent in English. The thing that I miss most about living where I was raised is playing in the rain. Although I do miss my home town I enjoy living where I am now. I currently live in Bangalore and have lived here for 1 Year. I like to frequent the Forum mall in my town. I enjoy frequenting there because there are many places to shop and there is a variety of food available. Right now I am trying to perfect my English through courses offered at work. I hope to do well in these courses, even though, I don’t think that I need them. I am currently working for Austin as a Software Engineer. I have been working in this position for 10 Months. I hope to be promoted to the Team lead in the near future. My daily work responsibilities consist of Coding Modules and Unit testing and Implementation. The thing I enjoy most about where I work is the atmosphere and the people. The thing I least enjoy about work is actually having to work. The evening is the most important part of my work because my boss suggests changes in applications when I am almost finished with it and Keerthi gives me all UI in the evening then after I have to start my own work. When I get home after a hard day at work I really like to play with my son because it makes me happy and I feel more relaxed. Although I do enjoy work I look forward to my days off. On my days off I like to sleep. I have a small family which consists of my son, my mother, two brothers, and sister in laws and an overwhelming amount of nephews and nieces I really enjoy playing and watching cricket. I especially enjoy playing cricket with my friends. My favorite food to eat is Hyderabad Biriyani. I really like this dish because I don’t really know how to make it and it tastes very good. I was firs


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