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about us

Lumient provides a superior level of quality and value to its customers in all phases of technology-system development.

The difference with Lumient can be summed up in three words: appropriate, free, delivery.


Lumient is able to offer higher quality and superior value through the use of appropriate tools and designs with an appropriate complexity. All business processes and software have different requirements and all programming environments and tools have different strengths.

At Lumient we maintain skills in a broad range of tools and techniques to be able to choose a development process that is appropriate to the needs of our client. Lumient maintains comprehensive code libraries and solution architectures that can be used to facilitate rapid development. However, every problem is different and we strive to balance code reuse with new development to maximise the quality and value of the end product. As Einstein said: "Everything should be as simple as it can be and no simpler".


Many companies are looking to "lock in" their clients and make sure they are not able to move to a competing provider. At Lumient we want you to be free. We don't want you to feel constrained to always use Lumient - our work will ensure that you never want to use anyone else. When we develop a software solution you will have access to all your code and a perpetual license on any in house libraries we supply. Where possible we use open standards and tools to ensure you have the maximum possible freedom for the life of your product.


Lumient has a strong relationship with Paradigm.Icon who specialise in the provision project planning and management services. From this alliance Lumient is able to leverage tools, techniques and practices that encapsulate 17 years of accumulated knowledge in the art of project management. For our clients this means superior visibility of project progress and complete confidence that we will deliver on time and on budget.

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