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BA degree in Natural Science (Physics) from Oxford University (Pembroke College).

Did Nuclear Structure research at Manchester University for a PhD, but never got good enough statistics from the experiments to submit my thesis (Excited states in s-d shell nuclei: Oxygen 18 and Neon 24), so I only have Diploma in Science (Nuclear Structure Physics) from Manchester.

Managed the Physics Department's computers for several years while trying to finish my thesis before moving to the commercial world, first as a developer then systems manager, IT manager (including network management), project manager, business and technical analyst and finally back to developer, although my job title is now Head of Development Support, so back to managing (a bit). Currently, nearly 45 years spent working in IT, some of it freelance.

I've been paid to write programs which have been used by others in Algol, Fortran, BBC Basic, 6502 assembly language, VAX Pascal, Macro-11 and Macro-32 assembly languages, Perl, SQL, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, HTML and probably others I've forgotten.

I've mostly worked on Windows systems, but am comfortable with Linux as well. It amuses me that my highest reputation on StackOverflow is in the Ubuntu forum, but I prefer to use Debian Linux.

Outside of work, I tinker with electronics and 3D printing as well as having a reflecting telescope to look at the stars, although I haven't used it seriously for a few years as I usually need to get some sleep!

My home setup includes a microserver running Linux with 24 terabytes of disks configured as a RAID6 ZFS filestore. Since I work from home almost all the time, my (sit/stand) desk setup has 2 laptops and 6 monitors which can switch between them.

Married with 6 cats but no kids.



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