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I am a software architect by profession, innovator by nature and an artist from the inner essence.

I have been programing from my childhood days. I started my programing life in my high school days, in 6th grade when I was used to write a lot programs in BASIC language.

Then, I learnt Visual Basic-6 language and written hundreds of programs, varying from Graphics (including Direct-x, Open GL), Win 32 API, Database Application, Socket programing and Signaling.

Graphics was my then favorite field of interest. I wrote few award wining graphics applications, one called Magic Brush which won several national and international prizes and praise. Later I got fascinated towards web technologies that encouraged me to write an anti-spam software recognition engine called "Spamocide".

It was the journey of a hobbyist programer. Then, started my academic programing journey which continues. I love to program for research projects specially in the field of computer security, Internet, Ontology, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

In 2007 my software research project called ECIGS was among top 5 softwares in Microsoft Imagine Cup national finals.

One can reach to me at this e-mail address:

My Programing Blog:


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