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I first learned programming on an Apple II when I was in 7th grade by reading a mountain of back issues of Byte magazine and spending every possible opportunity in the computer lab. I only got deeper into programming from there.

My first 9 adult years were in service to my country doing my other favorite thing: electronics. After that I started my software career using VB6, classic ASP and SQL Server. Shortly after .NET was introduced I switched to C# and never looked back. These days I'm focused on MVC Core and Entity Framework Core. Along the way I have dabbled in some other languages and frameworks, but I keep coming back to the Microsoft stack as my core platform because nothing else I've tried has come close to matching it for capability and tooling. There are a few excellent non-Microsoft frameworks I use to supplement my work as well, but my root is C# and SQL Server.

For me, developing software is more than just a skill: it is a craft that I am passionate about. I find great satisfaction in finding elegant and efficient ways to solve problems, both in software and in business processes.


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