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Mohammad Zahid Hasan - Professional Profile


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I am a Software Testing & Quality Assurance Practitioner from Bangladesh.

I've started my professional career as a Programmer in Oracle & Developer platform at Optimum Solutions Ltd(OSL) & worked more than 3 years at OSL. I’ve implemented "Garments ERP" to some reputed organizations on behalf of OSL. Lastly I was designated as a Sr. Programmer at OSL.

Then I’ve joined to Southtech Limited as a "Consultant" on Software Testing & Release Department. I've performed the UAT of the "CBRM Project" at the Head Office of Standard Chartered Bank on behalf of Southtech. I've implemented some defect tracker, automated test tools & developed a customized defect tracker for Southtech. Lastly, I was a team leader on Southtech.

After that I’ve joined to Bangladesh Internet Press Ltd(BIPL) as a Sr. Executive, Software Testing. I was a team leader at BIPL. Besides of testing work, I was also engaged with the Process improvement work according to CMMi Level 3. I've implemented some automated testing tools for BIPL.

Currently I am working for Data Path Limited as SQA Lead. I've implemented Project Management, Defect Tracking & some automated testing tools here. I need to manage the entire testing & release process at Data Path. Also need to work with developers for impact analysis, software high level & detail design, database design etc.

I am able to follow & prepare entire process according to CMMi level 3.

I am looking forward to achieve something special in Software Testing & Quality Assurance in the Software Industry.


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