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Peter Weyzen - Professional Profile


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Software Developer -- modest, but with oodles of experience. Have been working with C++ for 13+ years...

I've worked on:
* BIOS development and reverse engineering
* spreadsheets
* SuperCalc (mid 80s)
* Quattro Pro for Windows (early 90s)
* LDAP stuff
* networking software client & server-side
* memory managers
* adult video chat Smile | :)
* mobile remote access (now!)

I've worked in C++, C#, java, and 80x86 assembly, PASCAL, lisp, scheme, and I tried to use Forth once (hated it).

and now I work for SoonR developing client software for mobile access. ( -- it works on any mobile phone with a browser).

I am one of the lucky 99% telecommuters... The other 1% is spent in Denmark with my co-workers... Smile | :)
I live and work in the middle of the Santa Cruz Mountains (Lompico) California. Once home to Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin.


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